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New Kid Part 6

“Dam Lil mama I see how it Is” he laughed “2 can play at that game ” he continued rambling on. “I’ll meet you at school” he said hugging me from behind “gross get off of me” I pushed back and he laughed. He left my room and a couple seconds later I heard the door close. “Okay okay okay breath breath ” I told myself. Did that all just happen? Did he really come over last night? Did we really sleep in the same bed? Did he really just hug me from behind? Why am I freaking out so much over this? I got pulled out my thoughts by a text from John

John “Swazz” 😌💕: Goodmorning Beautiful how’d everything go with nate? 😌💕

Me: Goodmorning John 😌💕 & pretty good he came over at 2:30 in the morning with candy and a teddy bear we watched movies and he spent the night he actually just left like 5 minutes ago.

John “Swazz"😌💕: oh. Well glad you guys are okay again. I was wondering if after school you’d wanna go hang out at the beach.? :)

Me: actually can I take a rain check I promised nate we’d go shopping for a outfit for tomorrow.

John “Swazz” 😌💕: oh okay. I’ll text you later finish getting ready for school ok. And have a good day :).

Me: okay, have a good day swazz talk to you later 😊.

I finished getting ready, I put the last finishing touches with 15 minutes to spare and headed out. Boy am I looking great today. I pulled up to the gates of hell, I mean school and headed inside. I looks from so many guys and of course I would I looked bomb. I was currently wearing A long sleeve catsuit with red and black wet look romper details, a high neck with a large keyhole opening, white and black checkered side panels, one red and black checkered pant leg and one white and black checkered pant leg and a black eye mask. I had my hair in two pixy tails and spray painted one red. I had red lipstick and my makeup was bomb. And to top my whole Harley Quinn costume I had black wedges. I sashayed my way to first period and walked in to see nate dressed up exactly as the Joker “OH COME ON how the hell did you manage to match with me” I said throwing my hands at my side. It took him a moment to respond because he was to busy eyeing me in shock “ great minds think alike” he chuckled “I didn’t even know you had a mind” I said throwing myself next to him
After school:
“Yall coming over?” I asked my 3 idiots I mean friends “yes” gilinsky said. Before I could respond, I felt a hand on my ass that made my head turn quickly and sure enough it was sammy “your still trying” I said pulling it away “daddy always gets what he wants” he said pulling me to his chest “well daddy is not getting me ” I said slowly rubbing my hand against his crotch, he let out a light moan “keep on” he said leaning his head towards my kneck “wanna know why daddy isn’t getting me” I said lightly stroking him “why” he moaned in my ear “because” I pushed him hard on his chest and he hit the wall “it’s not daddy’s game, it’s mine” I said turning back to the rest of the boys. Johnson looked at sammy then looked down and noticed sammy was hard “dude look” he said nudging gilinsky “BRO might wanna take care of that” gilinsky said pointing. Sammys face turned red in embarrassment and he fumbled with his pants before awkwardly walking away “did you really just make sammy horny in public” nate asked half mad but he couldn’t stop laughing “yup” I chuckled “you know he has to walk home” nate said out of breath “yup” I laughed “your evil” he said leaning up against gilinsky “he really needs to quit because I could do worse to him” I said messing with my hair. We all dismembered and headed to my house. Upon arrival the boys parked their car, changed and we all squished into mine. I headed twoards the mall and mid car ride I got a phone call, I pulled over to the side and answered the unknown call.

“Yeah that’s me mind me asking who is this? Is this sammy are you mad I gave you a borner because if you are i totally don’t take it back” I chuckled
“Um no its me”
“Me who?”

And with that my breath shortened the voice I thought I’d never hear again is back.

“Matt Is 17”