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Haha Leggo!

I know it’s unfair to ask you to do something like that….

“I am going downstairs.“Said your husband of three years, kissed the fast asleep toddlers on the foreheads and kissed you softly on the lips.
"I’m gonna stay a little longer. Okay?"you whispered as his face was still close to yours.
"Okay. Waiting you in the living room."he smirked, giggling around his arms. You just smiled at this dork, your dork as he exited the room still doing the same move.
The room was beautiful yellow color with white carpet and ceiling. Oh, you painted that because it gave the room so much character and warmth. You still remember how excited Shawn and you were for your first baby. And since you were quite the stubborn girl you are to this day you didn’t want to know the gender of the baby till the last moment. As you were expecting only one, a bonus came. Your little girl. Somehow she got skipped over her brother and she came as everyone’s surprise. They were the sweetest babies that anyone could ask for. Quiet, funny, always smiling and very very beautiful. Probably you only think that they are the most beautiful babies ever born but first they are yours and second of all Shawn and you made then, sooo they will definitely will be somewhat good looking.
They were both so pure and fragile. We both loved them dearly but Shawn was always away from home on tour. That’s why my decision was so hard. I kissed my creations on the forehead as their dad and quietly left the room. Walking down the spiral stair down in the living room where Shawn was sitting on the couch with his legs on the coffee table, watching to something almost silently. I sat next to him and without saying a word I hugged him tightly almost as if I didn’t he would slip away from me and disappear again. He immediately knew something was wrong. So he turned off the TV and looked at me.
"Baby, what’s up?"he asked worried.
"We need to talk."his face had a moment of shock and then if became completely emotionless. I could see the worry in his eyes.
"You are not going to divorce me, are you. I know, I haven’t been in home lately and I leave you all alone at home, and you have to take care of two kids, and you can work your dream job, and everyone is watching every step you take. But we could make it work. You and the kids could travel with me and…."all his worry was let out, the speed of his words was unbelievable. Since he is a Leo, he tended to keep his emotions conserved and bottled up but that’s only until everything overflows and he explodes.
” No, no…..why would I divorce you. I would never in a million years. Probably you would be the one giving me to sign the divorcing papers with a restraining order attached to them. You are the most loving, caring and amazing husband and father, I could dream of. I could never stop you from doing what you love and I would never want to. We will be supporting you no matter what. And I chose to quit my job so I could spend more time with you and the kids, if anything it would only be my fault.

How could you even think of that? You and those two kids are the most important things in my life. I could never take their father away from them nor I want.“he kissed me so softly as if I was fragile enough to brake with only one wrong touch. I was the one who pulled away from the kiss but still stayed close enough that our foreheads were touching.
” I want another kid.“ I slowly but clearly said. He looked at me like it was normal for me to tell him that.
"Don’t you think that we need to wait a little longer. You just had the twins two years ago, your body should have a rest. It’s not that I don’t want another baby with you, it’s just that I don’t know how good for your health in general, since you know."he looked down at me with his deep amber eyes and hugged me tightly.
"Yes, that’s why I want to adopt a kid."I smiled proudly.” A teen exactly.“
"Adopting a teen. Are you sure? I don’t think we can handle that responsibility, yet. I am hardly at home and who will help you with him or her? Teens need much more care than babies and toddlers. I think we won’t we capable enough for such huge move, I mean you are just 23 and I’m 26. We are not ready for teenagers yet, we were ones a few years ago.”
“That’s why I think we would be good parents for her or him. If I really need extra help, I could always call a nanny to look after the twins for a few hours. We don’t know what we are capable of doing before try it.
The older kids never get adopted because people think they are too hard to be dealt with, bad charactered and overall they don’t want them because they think they are harder to take care of and love.
We have a big house and plenty of rooms, with a spacious backyard and everything. Our monthly income is bigger than some people’s year one.
I know it’s unfair to ask you to do something like this but it was also unfair for them to be in there. But please, Shawn. Please.

I’m sorry, if I’m bugging you. I know we can’t help everyone but at least, we can change one’s life."You looked up to him with all the hope you had in you.
"You are not bugging me."he stopped for a second.” I think you are most caring person, I know. And it’s hard for you to not help when you see someone struggling. Your heart is so big and ready to love. You always find the good in the moment and try to enjoy it as much as you can. You will always be there for me if something happens and I will always be there for you. The amount of love I have for you and those two kids, our little family, is expanding each day. And I think our family can grow a just little bit bigger. It’s even unbelievable to think what would I be doing right now if I wasn’t here with you.“
"What?….Really?"those where the only two words that you were able to break through the shock that has enfold your body.
"If you think we can handle it.” You squeaked in excitement and he shushed so you don’t wake the babies up, as you embrace him tightly and giggle softly in his shoulder.
“I love you till the end of the end.” He said before kissing you.
“I love you till the end of the end."You said as you separated your lips for air.