Cameron Dallas/Jack G fanfic- “It was Always You” (sequel to Stuck in the Middle) CHAPTER 8

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SONG FOR THE CHAPTER: When I’m Small - Phantogram

           I sat up and put a blanket over top of my half naked body. Cameron looked out of the window and refused to look at me. After waiting in silence, I finally said “Cameron.” “No Lauren, just please, leave me alone.” Cameron snapped at me. I looked at him across the room. “it was an accident. You know that. I’m used to… saying his name… considering it was only like a month ago that him and I were…” I said. “Don’t remind me.” Cameron said firmly. I stood up, still holding the blanket around my body and walked over to him. “Cam… come on. You know I only have feelings for you.” I said softly. “Do I? Do I really know that?! Because this whole day you seemed to be thinking about him. I knew you’d never be able to get over him. I mean hell, you guys were about to get married!” Cameron screamed. “Until I called it off. For you.” I interrupted him. Cameron sighed and rolled his eyes. “I’ll never compare to Jack.” He mumbled. “Are you serious?” I asked. “When I was dating him, he always said he’d never compare to you. You’ve got to stop being so self-conscious!” I shouted. “What, is it wrong for me to feel bad when the girl I just asked to be my girlfriend shouts her ex fiance’s name when we’re about to have sex?!” Cameron screamed. It hit me. I was a horrible person. Nothing would ever be okay. The second I thought things were going okay with Cameron, I scream my ex’s name? What was wrong with me! Tears slipped out of my eyes. “Cameron…” I whispered and put my hand on his upper arm. “No. Leave me alone please.” Cameron said, pushing my hand off of him and walking out of the room.

           I collapsed onto the huge bed. There was no way I was sleeping tonight. I laid there, alone for half of the night. Now, it wasn’t only my sleeping problems themselves keeping me up, but my thoughts. I suddenly felt hungry and looked at my phone. 1:45am. I shrugged my shoulders and got out of bed in only my bra and panties since I hadn’t brought any other clothes. I walked down the stairs and tried to make my way through the dark house to find the kitchen. Suddenly, the water in the sink started running. I screamed at the top of my lungs and reached my hands against the wall until I found the light switch. Cameron was standing there in his boxers. He turned to look at me slowly. “Oh my god you scared the shit out of me…” I whispered. I was breathing heavily. Cameron put his hand on my bare back and rubbed it slowly. “Sorry,” He whispered. “No, I am.” I said. “What are you doing up at this hour?” Cameron asked. “You know I can never sleep.” I said. Cameron sighed and nodded. “Right,” He whispered. I nodded and grabbed a glass of water. I sat up on the counter, waiting for Cameron to go back upstairs and end this awkward moment. But he didn’t. He stood there quietly.

           After about 15 minutes passed, I got up. “I’m gonna head back up now…” I said. “Me too.” Cameron said, following behind me up the stairs. I walked into the master bedroom and to my surprise, Cameron walked in behind me. “I thought you were still mad?” I asked slowly. “I am. But if we’re both gonna be laying in bed unable to sleep, why not just lay together? And I hate it when you can’t sleep.” Cameron said. I cracked a small smile and fell back onto the bed. Cameron got in next to me and wrapped his arms around me.  He started tracing small circles into my skin, causing me to slowly doze off to sleep.


           I woke up in Cameron’s arms and smiled. I got up carefully and grabbed Cameron’s shirt from last night, pulling it on to cover myself. I walked over to the large French doors that led out to a balcony. I stepped out and was hit with the amazing ocean breeze. Only a few minutes later I heard the door open behind me and Cameron stood next to me leaning on the railing. “I’m really sorry. I know how hard everything with Jack has been on you.” I said. Cameron looked at me and nodded. “It’s okay. I’m willing to deal with all of that if it means I get to be with you.” Cameron said. I smiled as he pulled me close to him. He kissed my forehead and said “Now I don’t know about you but I’m ready to tell the world. Even though everyone probably knows by the photos from last night. They should hear it from me.” Cameron said. I nodded, as he pulled out his phone and selected a photo of us. He went on Instagram and typed a pretty lengthy caption before clicking “post.” Now everyone would know. All of the guys, all of the fans, everyone. I heard my phone start dinging constantly from inside. I turned to go get it but Cameron stopped me and put his hands on my waist. He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter what they say.” He said calmly. I smiled and nodded before kissing his lips softly.

           As bad as it sounded, I had already gone through the “hate” phase 2 times before. Once, when all of the guys would post photos with me and the fans didn’t like that I hung out with them a lot. Then of course, when jack and I actually started dating. Third time’s a charm, at least that’s what I was hoping.

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I'm not a fan of yours Cameron Dallas part 3

Two days have passed since the incident with Cameron and I haven’t said one peep to anyone, not even my best friend. I know if I told Lia she would tear me a new one. Luckily for me since I had school I haven’t seen Cameron or Lia so it was easy to keep this secret. And even though I didn’t want to for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened between us. I just couldn’t believe that I had sex with him. He was so annoying and a fucking jerk but as much as I hated Cameron, he was good, like really good. I honestly would go back if it was anybody else besides him.

“Y/N?” I was shaken from my thoughts by Ryan, a guy I went to school with. Who I kinda had a major crush on. But no way in a million years would he find me attractive. Cause A) he was a Greek god and B) he was 25 and I was 19. “You okay? The pass couple days you’ve seem distracted,” he said sitting next to me during my lunch.

I looked down and realized I hadn’t even touched my salad. “Oh I’m fine, just have a lot going on.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” He offered. “You know I am studying to be a therapist,” he adds wiggling his eyebrows.

I shook my head, “No Ryan. Thank you. It’s just a guy I don’t necessarily like is back in town.”

“Want me to beat him up?” He asked looking dead serious. I’m pretty sure he could tear Cameron in half. Cameron was buff but Ryan was a 6"2 MMA fighter.

I laughed and smiled, “I don’t think that’s needed.”

He smiled at me, “there’s that beautiful smile.” I blushed looking away, “well, I’m late to class now, I just wanted to see if you were okay, I’ll see you around girl,” he said rubbing my back before getting up and leaving.

As creepy as it sounds I watched him walk away. He was really cute and sweet and nice. If I actually had a chance I would totally go for him. But what about Cameron? What the hell did that come from? Me actually liking Cameron. Yeah right.

Later that day after school I was tired so I went straight to my room to take a little nap. Luckily for me my parents weren’t home. When I walked into my room I almost screamed when I saw Cameron laying on my bed. “What the hell are you doing here!?” I asked dropping my backpack.

He didn’t say a word as he just got up. Walked towards me and pushed me against the wall kissing me hard. My insides immediately tightened. Did I push him off? No, I kissed him back. Quickly he picked me up by my legs and walked me towards the bed before throwing me on it.

That split second no contact gave me the chance to say, “Whoa whoa whoa, hold up,” stopping him from trying to pull my shirt off.

He groaned, “don’t ruin this by fucking talking.”

I sat up looking at him as he stood in front of front of me with an annoyed look. “No, what are you doing?”

“Trying to have sex,” he said as if it was the most obvious thing on earth.

“I thought you just wanted to do a one time thing,” I said clearly.

“Yeah but then I got horny so I came here,” he said trying to kiss me again.

I dodge him and he groaned. “Then go find a girl to have sex with,” I argued.

“All girls fucking want to be in relationships or to use me to get famous. It’s annoying, all I want is sex from time to time again,” he confesses.

“So you want to use me for sex?” I said eyebrow raised.

“Finally you get the damn picture!” He said in relief throwing his hands up to emphasize.

“Why would you even think for a second I would agree to something like this?” I asked in disbelief. Was he on something? Like crack?

“Because for one, you get all this,” he said lifting his shirt to show his abs, I just rolled my eyes. “And second, we’re both not getting it so why not use each other. The great thing about it is we find each other annoying so there’s no way in hell we’ll start liking each other; it’s the perfect situation.”

When did he start making sense? As weird as it sounded he was kinda right. We could use each other. “Fine.”

“Fuck finally,” he said trying to get at me again.

“Wait! There are some rules,” I said putting my hands up to keep a distance. He was so god damn persistent.

He groaned again, “no wonder you’re single, you’re such a boner killer.”

I slapped his chest before naming off the rules. “First, no pet names.”

“Aw but I love called you babe and boner killer,” he comments.

“Second, no cuddling before or after sex,” he nodded. “No head,” I state.

“What!? Come on! You can’t have sex without head!” He argued.

I shook my head, “heads too intimate and I ain’t about that,” I state waving it off.

“Fine,” he grumbled crossing his arms.

“And lastly, we can use each other anytime we want,” I said.

He smirked, “now that’s a rule I can get down with,” and that’s when he pounced on me. What the hell was I getting myself into?

Hayes Grier Imagine

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Pairing: Hayes x Reader

WC: 949

Your favorite part of summer was the fact that it meant Hayes was in town. He lived in North Carolina during the school year with his family so that he could attend school but during the summer he would come out and stay in LA with his brother Nash and Nash’s friend Cameron.

You’d grown up in California with your parents and your older brother who was Cameron’s age. He lived on the east coast for school though so you didn’t get to see him much and your parents worked everyday so you spent a majority of your summer at Cam and Nash’s. You’d met Hayes when he was here two summers ago and you guys kind of clicked and hung out constantly when he was in town.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard your phone ringing. You rolled over in bed and grabbed it from your nightstand to see Nash showing up on you caller ID. You swiped your finger to answer the call and held the phone to your ear.


“Hey, Y/N, we’re going to pick Hayes up at the airport, want to come?”

“Sure,” you squealed, throwing the covers off yourself and rushing towards your closet to pick out some clothes.

“Alright we’ll be there in like twenty.”

You agreed and hung up the phone. You pulled out a pair of jean cutoff shorts and a white tank with pink floral decals on it and tossed it on your bed while you hurried into the shower. When you got out you brushed out your hair quickly and put it in a braid before pulling on the clothes you’d picked out. You toss a swimsuit in your purse. You put some light makeup on before grabbing your flip flops, your phone and your purse and waited in your living room for Nash and Cam to arrive.

Your phone buzzed a few minutes later with a text from Nash saying they’re in the driveway. You hurried outside, locking the door behind you and crawl into the backseat of Cam’s car. Although they were older than you, you got along with both boys really well.

“What’s up, Y/N, long time no see.” Nash gave you a goofy grin and holds up his hand for a high five. You roll your eyes and give him one before fist bumping Cam.

The drive to LAX is short and before you know it, you’re standing outside of baggage claim craning your head in attempts to find Hayes’ head in the crowd of people. All of a sudden you saw his familiar face coming towards you. When he made eye contact with you a huge smile breaks out onto his face and he rushed towards you, throwing his arms around you in a tight hug.

“Holy shit I missed you.” Hayes said.

“I missed you too.” you giggled. You two pulled apart so he can greet Cam and Nash. You help Hayes drag his bags to the car and then the two of you climbed into the backseat. You all make idle chatter on the way back, asking Hayes how North Carolina was.

In the middle of him talking, Hayes grabbed your hands and intertwined your fingers. Butterflies surfaced in your stomach. You looked up at him and he gave you a wink.

“Let’s go to the beach.” Hayes begged as soon as you pulled up to Nash and Cam’s house.

“Cam and I have to go do some work but you guys go ahead and we’ll catch up with you later.” Nash said, him and Cam heading into the living room to get their laptops.

Hayes looked at you. “You down for the beach?”

“Yeah totally, let’s go.” you pulled your swimsuit out of your purse and headed towards the bathroom to change. Hayes dragged his suitcase into his bedroom and began to rummage through it to find his swim trunks.

Eventually you both emerged and headed towards the beach. It was only a ten minute walk but by the time you got there beads of sweat had formed on your forehead. It was a hot day and you couldn’t wait to get into the ocean. You two found a spot on the crowded beach to leave your stuff and laid down on your towels.

“So, truthfully, how was North Carolina?” you asked.

Hayes shrugs. “Kinda boring. Sure I have friends there but a lot of the ones I’m close to are out here and it sucks having to be away from them nine months out of the year. Plus Nash is out here and it kinda sucks not having him around.”

“Yeah I miss having you around during the school year.” You said, laying back on your towel and closing your eyes, soaking in the sun.

“Really?” You opened one eye and saw Hayes smirking at you.

“What’s that look for?”

“Did you miss me, or did you miss-miss me?” Hayes asked.

“What’s the difference.”

“Did you miss me,” Hayes bent down and pressed his lips on yours. “Or did you miss-miss me?”

“Definitely miss-missed you.” you replied, propping yourself up on your elbows and pulling his mouth to yours again.

Hayes pulled away from smirking a few minutes later. “Race you to the ocean.” Hayes dashed towards the water leaving you stunned. You bolted after him once your mind registered the challenge.

All of a sudden he stopped just in front of you. He scooped you up bridal style and dumped you in the cold water before you could even object.

“Hayes.” you screeched, your teeth chattering from the shock of the cool water.
He hovered over you, kissing you again. “Whoops, my bad.”

Dating Cameron would involve
  • cuddling
  • kisses
  • blushing
  • cute little convos
  • fights who loves whom more
  • jealousy
  • vines of him sleeping
  • vines of you sleeping
  • visting family
  • traveling
  • lots and lots of sex
  • holding hands in public
  • him teasing you
  • him being overprotective
  • cute little videos
  • matching outfits
  • dancing around
  • you wearing his shirt
  • you being the luckiest fuckin bitch alive

my brotps - jack gilinsky + sam wilkinson

Dating Shawn would involve
  • singing
  • him teasing you because you are so small
  • kissing your forhead
  • holding your hand
  • teaching you how to play the guitar
  • writing songs for you
  • him kissing your cheek everytime you blush
  • him pecking your lips as much as he can
  • him being rough in the bed to show you that you are his
  • jaw clenching whenever a boy tries to flirt with you
  • accents
  • going to fucking award shows because he is not a secret anymore
  • lovebites
  • him calling you beautiful everytime he sees you smile
  • sitting on his lap
  • him carrying you into bed when you fall asleep somwhere
  • you being a fucking lucky bitch

Au/imagine: your best friend, jack Johnson and your boyfriend, jack gilinsky talking about you…

Johnson: I could take y/n from jack any day.
Gilinsky: *laughs Oh yeah sure buddy

*not my gif


Dating Hayes would involve
  • Cute little kisses
  • Holding hands
  • Dirty jokes
  • Watching him play
  • Sitting on his lap a lot
  • Making out in school
  • Having fun in the school toilets
  • First time together
  • Jealousy
  • Walks on the beach
  • Long phone convos
  • Him calling you princess
  • Him showing you that he is not a little boy

Matt’s cute even when he’s sleeping


He’s a gem 💕