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Nash Grier Imagine; requested by anon

I am probably going to cry while writing this..

You were in Cameron’s car, catching up with each other. He picked you up from the airport so you could surprise, your boyfriend Nash, for your guys 8 month anniversary. 

The car pulled up to the hotel they were staying at for Magcon NJ. Cameron carried your bags for you until you got the boy’s floor.

The first two people you saw were Matt and Taylor. “Y/N!!” they both screamed at the top of their lungs, running full speed towards you. You had known Matthew for 7 years, and known Taylor for 6. You met them both at school, because at one point you transferred twice a year for 3 years. 

“Matthew! Taylor!” You yelled dropping your bags clinging into a hug. “Can we carry your bags for you?” Taylor asked. You nodded, smiling at them. They each picked up 2 bags, and led you to Nash’s room so you could surprise him. As you opened the door, with Matt and Taylor walking behind you. You seen Nash’s feet, and ran towards the bed. As you got to the end of the bed to surprise him, your heart stopped beating. 

You couldn’t take in what you were seeing. On the bed, layed Nash, and a blonde girl straddling on him, making out. “Nash?” you spoke out. Still not believing what you were seeing. He automatically threw the girl off of him, and stood up. “Y/N!! I can explain!!" 

You ran out of the room as quickly as you could tears rolling down your face. You could barely breathe. Taylor and Matt ran after you calling your name, you stopped in the lobby letting them catch up with you. They hugged you at the same time. "Y/N calm down, please..” Taylor whispered in you ear. “Taylor, the three of us need to go on a drive.” Matt suggested. Taylor nodded, and we all went out to his Range Rover.“Where to chico?” Tay looked at you and asked, he had called you chico since he first met you. You shrugged, “Anywhere.” Matt looked at you with a sad smug on, feeling super bad. Taylor on the other hand, look severely pissed off. You could tell he wanted to give Nash a piece of his mind.

You guys pulled up to a beach, it was right before sunset, so it looked 100 times more beautiful. The view raised your mood just a little. But, thinking about Nash kissing that random girl lowered it ten thousand times lower. Taylor kept his arm around you keeping you company. Matthew was on the phone.

All of a sudden Matthew jogged over to you guys. Right when he got to you his phone rang, it was Carter. He answered, and put it on speaker. 

M; hello?

C; omg, finally someone answers! are you with y/n?

M; me, and Taylor are. why?

C; we NEED you guys to bring her back, like ASAP.

You spoke out.

YOU; why should I come back?

You heard Hayes run into the room, and grab the phone.

H; y/n?!

YOU; yes?

H; please come back, please please please, we need you!

YOU; why? you have Nash’s new girlfriend..

CAMERON; y/n immediately after the three of you left, Nash freaked out and started to throw shit all around his room. he locked himself in, and won’t open for anyone, even security can’t get to him. right after you left, he threw the girl out of his room, and told her to never even try to talk to him again.. he said the only way he will come out, is if it’s you..

Taylor suddenly speaks for you..

T; cameron, were on our way!

*Taylor hung up the phone*

“What the fuck Taylor!?” You scream vigorously at him. He grabs your arms, “Y/N I am not letting you make a mistake like this, you have to at least talk to Nash, no matter how much I want to kick his ass right now, you NEED to talk to him! I am not going to let you make a mistake, like I made with Cleo..” (Cleo is his ex gf). “Fine” you muttered, looking at your feet, tears still sorrowing down your face.

Matt hugs you while in the backseat of Taylor’s car, “Don’t worry.. I’m gonna be on the other side of the door.” He repeated about three times, trying to calm you down. Which slightly did. As you arrived, back at the hotel, you got in the elevator to go to Nash’s room. Taylor wasn’t being himself, you could tell he was trying not to tear up, which was what he did every time he brought up Cleo, he was pumping his chest in and out very quickly. From personal experience you automatically knew what that meant.

You got to Nash’s door, and knocked. No answer. You knocked again louder, you heard Nash yell, “WHATT!!?” you could practically hear the tears in his voice. He took a deep breath, “Nash? It’s me.. Y/N..” You heard foot steps trample through the room, until they were in front of the door.

Right when he opened the door, he hugged me super tightly, closing the door behind him. I honestly did hug back, even though I didn’t want to, it was a habit, whenever you were sad like this, he was the only one who’s hugs could make you feel better. But, you quickly pulled away, and sat on the couch, avoiding the bed that the incident happened in. He sat next to you.

“Y/N? I-I-” He tried to blurt something out but you cut him off.

“Why Nash? Why? Why, would you hurt me like that!?” You yelled, you could feel tears, about to start out again, but you forced yourself to hold them back.

“I-I-I don’t know.. I saw her tonight, and she l-looked exactly like you.. S-she reminded me of you, and n-not seeing you for f-four weeks, has gotten to me..” He pushed out of his mouth, he could barely speak.

“Well, I bet there is going to be someone at every Magcon that looks like me, Nash.” You crossed your arms, getting annoyed.

He didn’t respond, he stared down at his feet. You wanted to look him in the eyes so bad. But, he refused to look up.

“Well, if your not going to say anything, maybe 8 months has been enough..” You mutter, taking deep breaths, short tears started to stream down your face. “If this is the new Nash, that cheats on his girlfriend, I want no part of it. You can lose my number while your at it.” You stood up headed for the door.

But, as your hand reached out for the handle, you felt a hand grip lightly around your wrist pulling you back towards him. He leaned you on a wall. Seeming his bright blue eyes into yours, which was your biggest weakness. He instantly connected your lips.

But, you didn’t kiss him back, you pushed him away. “Nash, you were JUST kissing a different girl an hour ago..” You muttered looking at the ground, trying the best you could to try and not make eye contact.

“That was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life. She came on to me very strong, and I missed you so much, I missed feeling your lips against mine, as she kissed me in the spree of the moment I pretended it was you, and had completely forgotten what was happening.. And next thing I know you were standing at the door..” He confessed.

That sort of won you over, but you still weren’t completely convinced. “And? What if this happens again!? Would you not be able to stop yourself like tonight!?” You yelled at him.

You could see the guilt written all over his face. “Well, I can’t let that happen now can I? Maybe, i’ll just take you with me to every single Magcon, maybe we can move in together. Maybe that will solve our problems. Because, i for one am not ready to let you go, EVER." 

"B-but Nash what about school, an-” you were trying to squeeze words in, but he cut you off.

“Take online school with me! And, its not like you and your family couldn’t see each other, you live 40 minutes from them. And your parents even said, they didn’t care if you moved in with me. Lets take them up on that offer!” He was doing everything he could to convince you. It was working.

“Yeah I know were only 16, but you know were both turning 17 this year, there are plenty of jobs, and you could even babysit for money!” “Like Skylynn, my mom would pay you a lot of money to watch her!" 

You looked up at him, ” Well then, since you’ve got this all figured out, when we get back to North Carolina, your helping me get my stuff, you blue eyed cutie.“ You admitted to him kissing him on the nose.

"Y/N, I swear you will NOT regret this, were gonna be together forever, and I am NOT going to lose you!” He assured you, kissing your lips with great passion. 

On the other side of the door, you heard the boys cheering, “Yes! Their back together!!” You heard Cameron scream down the hallways. Everyone was cheering and falling, as you heard loud thuds on the floor. You and Nash couldn’t help, but laugh. 

It was about 5 in the morning after you both stopped talking about future plans, that you both layed down on the bed, to cuddle. He was brushing his thumb over your ear repeatedly, while whispering in your ear fo two hours until you had to get up, “i’ll never let you go Y/N.." 

Nash you remember when Cameron was your best friend? How to spend every moment together? Together? He was your everything.You remember how he could make you laugh? He gave you so much joy and was there for you when you needed. This boy has changed a lot in your life and don’t pretend that he does for you now does not mean anything. The truth is different, I know. You miss him, as he did for you. I hope to see more of your shared photos, your smiles and joy that is present when you are next to each other. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT HIM! 💜

Hayes Grier Imagine - Meeting on the plane

-Imagine this… your grandma got really sick and no one can take care of her, so you volunteered. She lives in far away so your going by plane, but what you don’t know is what’s happening on that plane…

My ticket says Seat 36 but I can’t find it. 33… 34… 35… 36. There it is. But there’s a guy sitting over it. He’s on his cellphone. “Excuse me, this is my seat, see - When he turns around and I see for the first time his big and crystal blue eyes. I get distracted watching them for a few seconds but then I show him my ticket - see, my seat is 36”. “You’re really pretty” He says, and I get a little bit blushed. “Thanks” I say. “You’re welcome” He replies. “But this is my seat” I repeat, a little bit more determinated. “No, look at my ticket, it says 36” He says, but when he shows me the ticket, it says 37. “Your seat is by mine, see? 37” I laugh a bit. “Sorry, I’ll seat there then” He says and smiles to me, then he grabs his backpack and seat in the other seat. Before I can seat, he asks “What’s your name?” “Y/N” I reply “Hayes, nice to meet you” He says. “Nice to meet you too”

I seat, and then I put on my earphone so I can listen to my music. After that I grab my book, “The Fault In Our Stars” ,and open it in the page that was marked. He was looking at me the whole time. I couldn’t get focused, but I was trying my best, he smiled me, and I did the same back. Then I continued trying to read, but he couldn’t stop looking at me. I took my earphones out and then I asked him “Why are you looking at me” “Because you are beautiful. I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence” He says, citing a line from TFIOS. I smiled and then asked “Did you really memorized that?” “I was looking forward to say it to the right girl- He says, then takes a breath, and continues- Did you know they have TFIOS movie right here?” I look at the little screen that is sticked to the seat that’s in front of me. “Really?” I ask. “Yeah” He answers. “We should watch it then” I say a little bit shy, being flirty it’s totally not my thing. “Sure”

He searches for the movie in the screen, and after we play it, I connect my earphones. Then I give one to him and I put on the other one. Just in the moment when the movie it’s going to start,, tha plane begins to take off. He holds the armrest really hard. “Are you scared?” I ask “No… no, I mean, I don’t know, maybe a little bit” He says, lowing his voice. I hold his hand and softly say “Look, we’re in the air, like floating. Watch the clouds, pretty cool, huh?” “Yeah, it is” He replies, as he’s watching the clouds, really excited. “Should we continue watching the movie?” I ask “Sure” He says, as his fingers interlace with mine. I smile him, and he does the same back. 

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Cameron’s book club broadcast on YouNow :3 :3 :3

Magcon Preference #7

His Favourite Picture of you

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Magcon Preference; Baby Names <3


(Boy) Noah William Dallas

(Girl) Desiree Kristine Dallas 


(Girl) Alyssia Rae Grier

(Boy) Kayden Liam Grier

(Girl) Lilly Marianna Grier 


(Boy) Tyler Dylan Espinosa

(Boy) Zachary Alijah Espinosa


(Girl) Mayah Renne Mendes


(Girl) Cassandra Leighton Reynolds

(Boy) Dalton William Reynolds

(Boy) Luke Isaiah Reynolds


(Girl) Ava Marilyn Johnson 

(Girl) Catalina Olivia Johnson


(Twin boys)

Jase Lee Gilinsky

Josiah Bradyn Gilinsky


(Boy) Gaige Owen Carpenter


(Boy) Travis Eli Caniff

(Girl) Savannah Marie Caniff

(Boy) Jordyn Isaac Caniff


(Boy) Zane Nathaniel Grier

(Girl) Audrey Olivia Grier


(Girl) Cassity Victoria Whitesides

(Boy) Blake Anthony Whitesides 

I was running out of ideas, sorry some of them are sucky-ish. But, it was requested awhile ago, and I complete forgot to do it. Whoops. Hope you guys liked it.. Anyways, i’m gonna be doing an imagine tonight, EVERYONE message me on which boy to write about. (: 

Magcon Preference #13

His lock screen

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Matt: “I’m licking you Nash *laughs*” :3 :3 :3