magcon family forever

Imagine if the Jacks never wore the same shirt, on that first day of kindergarden……..

Nash you remember when Cameron was your best friend? How to spend every moment together? Together? He was your everything.You remember how he could make you laugh? He gave you so much joy and was there for you when you needed. This boy has changed a lot in your life and don’t pretend that he does for you now does not mean anything. The truth is different, I know. You miss him, as he did for you. I hope to see more of your shared photos, your smiles and joy that is present when you are next to each other. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT HIM! 💜

Cause I'm so hurt...


the day my heart split in two cause some boys I’m in love with are leaving… Why is this happening? We love you guys so much to let this go. No one should be leaving. You guys are so important to us. You guys taught us to ignore the haters, that I am worth it, to love myself, to sing my heart out, to not take myself seriously, to smile, to laugh, and how important friendship is. See you guys taught me a lot. I can’t stand seeing members missing. The saddest thing is that we can’t meet 12/12 at the same time anymore.. Hope that everyone is okay though. Cause what just happen can tear you open and you can’t find the time to put yourself together. 


Kim xx