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Not now (Nash Grier Imagine)

Requested: Hello sunshine! Can you write an imagine where Nash and Nate are fighting about you cause one of them is your boyfriend but the other found him’s cheating on you? Thanks babe

AN: Thanks for the request Anon, hope you like it! Sorry the ending kinda sucks.. Anyone can feel free to request anything!! Love you lovelies

Here I was on another Saturday night staying up late waiting for Nate. It was 2:35 a.m and Nate had left at 10 a.m this morning. Was he going to come home this time? Who knew. Either he wouldn’t come home or he would come home completely drunk off his ass. I was getting tired of this.

My thoughts were soon interrupted by a text. Hoping it was Nate I quickly grabbed my phone off the coffee table and looked at it. It was a text from Nash, my best friend.

“Hey y/n, are you still awake.”

“Yeah, just waiting up for Nate again.”

“Don’t bother. I’m coming over.”

What the fuck? Why would Nash come over at 3 in the morning?

“What? Why are you coming over?” I quickly replied. Starting to feel panicked.

“No questions. Leave the door unlocked. I’ll be there in a couple minutes.”

I didn’t know what the hell was going on but I decided to listen to Nash.

I got up from the couch and walked to the front door unlocking it. I made my way to my room and sat on the bed trying to calm myself down. Before long I heard the front door open and slam shut.


“I’m in here Nash.” I yelled back

He quickly walked into the room. I could already tell something was bothering him.

“Nash what the hell is going on?”

“Y/n.. um.. there’s something I need to tell you..”

“Okay.. Well could you go on with it? Your scaring me.”

“I really don’t want to be the one to tell you this. I c-can’t, I just.” He seemed nervous now.

“Nash would you just come out and say it already?”

“Okay.. Um.. what has Nate been telling you? About where he’s been late all these nights?”

“Well with you guys, partying. Either he comes home drunk, or he stays at one of your houses.”

“He’s lying to you.”

I couldn’t even process what Nash had just said.

“He’s what?”

“Y/n, he’s.. um.. he’s cheating on you..”

And that’s when my world collapsed. I just sat there staring at Nash in shock. It didn’t seem real.

He came and sat next to me, engulfing me in a hug, and I just broke down.

“Shhh y/n, please don’t cry, everything’s going to be okay.” Nash said while caressing my hair.

“N-no, no it’s not-t. He did the worst t-thing he could possibly do-o to me.”

“Here come on.” Nash moved up the bed so he was laying down and I laid my head on his chest.

“Everything will work out y/n.”

*    *   *

“What the fuck is going on here?” I was awoken by the sound of Nate’s voice.

“Hello, you little fucks deaf or something?” That’s when I realized Nash and I had fallen asleep on my bed. I quickly sat up.

“Nate, it’s not what it looks like.” I said, suddenly scared of Nate.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right now Y/n.”

“Dude, we just fell asleep talking.” Nash budded in.

“Now is not the time to be talking Nash.”

“Hey I wouldn’t blame her. You were the one who cheated on her in the first place.” Nash replied.

“Oh that’s it.”

Nate lunged forward, grabbing Nash and punching him. Nash started punching back and soon they were in a full out first fight.

“Guy stop!”


“Please Nate just let him go.”


“Both of you guys need to stop! Please!”

They wouldn’t listen to me. I was starting to panic. They just kept hitting each other.

Everything seemed so hazy. I couldn’t stop them. It was too late. Punch after punch their fists started to get covered in more blood. My eyes wouldn’t stay open and before long I was blacked out.

“Y/n? Y/n? Wake up.” Nate was shaking me trying to get me to open my eyes. I sat up.

“Nate, I want you and all your stuff out by tomorrow.”

I got up and started walking out the door.

“Come on Nash.”

“Wait, y/n. We can work this out.” Nate sounded desperate for me but it didn’t matter anymore.

“It’s too late Nate.”

Nash and I walked to his car and got in. Before we took off Nash looked at me.

“You going to be okay?”

“Now I am.” I smiled. What would I do without Nash?

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Hayes Grier Imagine - Meeting on the plane

-Imagine this… your grandma got really sick and no one can take care of her, so you volunteered. She lives in far away so your going by plane, but what you don’t know is what’s happening on that plane…

My ticket says Seat 36 but I can’t find it. 33… 34… 35… 36. There it is. But there’s a guy sitting over it. He’s on his cellphone. “Excuse me, this is my seat, see - When he turns around and I see for the first time his big and crystal blue eyes. I get distracted watching them for a few seconds but then I show him my ticket - see, my seat is 36”. “You’re really pretty” He says, and I get a little bit blushed. “Thanks” I say. “You’re welcome” He replies. “But this is my seat” I repeat, a little bit more determinated. “No, look at my ticket, it says 36” He says, but when he shows me the ticket, it says 37. “Your seat is by mine, see? 37” I laugh a bit. “Sorry, I’ll seat there then” He says and smiles to me, then he grabs his backpack and seat in the other seat. Before I can seat, he asks “What’s your name?” “Y/N” I reply “Hayes, nice to meet you” He says. “Nice to meet you too”

I seat, and then I put on my earphone so I can listen to my music. After that I grab my book, “The Fault In Our Stars” ,and open it in the page that was marked. He was looking at me the whole time. I couldn’t get focused, but I was trying my best, he smiled me, and I did the same back. Then I continued trying to read, but he couldn’t stop looking at me. I took my earphones out and then I asked him “Why are you looking at me” “Because you are beautiful. I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence” He says, citing a line from TFIOS. I smiled and then asked “Did you really memorized that?” “I was looking forward to say it to the right girl- He says, then takes a breath, and continues- Did you know they have TFIOS movie right here?” I look at the little screen that is sticked to the seat that’s in front of me. “Really?” I ask. “Yeah” He answers. “We should watch it then” I say a little bit shy, being flirty it’s totally not my thing. “Sure”

He searches for the movie in the screen, and after we play it, I connect my earphones. Then I give one to him and I put on the other one. Just in the moment when the movie it’s going to start,, tha plane begins to take off. He holds the armrest really hard. “Are you scared?” I ask “No… no, I mean, I don’t know, maybe a little bit” He says, lowing his voice. I hold his hand and softly say “Look, we’re in the air, like floating. Watch the clouds, pretty cool, huh?” “Yeah, it is” He replies, as he’s watching the clouds, really excited. “Should we continue watching the movie?” I ask “Sure” He says, as his fingers interlace with mine. I smile him, and he does the same back. 

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Preference #2 You have a mixed child together-Black

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-1- Only Street Lights Notice me (Glass house)

      I sat on my bed trying to be quiet, drowning out the sound of my crying by biting my hand as hard as I could. He did it again, my dad. His voice rang in my head as a memory,

       “Honestly, you’re such a disappointment. I want you gone, I can’t afford a basket case anymore.” He told me, not a trace of regret in his voice. I squeezed my eyes shut, allowing tears to roll down my cheeks. He does this all the time, and I let him. My mom died a few years ago, he blames me. She used to defend me, but now she can’t and I’m wide open for him to hit and yell at. A sudden surge of anger hit me. I angrily threw a bag on my bed, throwing all my clothes inside it. My dad barged into my room.

       “What do you think you’re doing!?” He screamed, lurching to stop me from packing.

       “Leaving!” I screamed, grabbing all the clothes I could get before he practiacally laid down on my bed.”

       “Conor Claire Mabry you are not going anywhere!” He sternly spat.

       “Wanna bet?” I yelled, running out the door with my clothes in my hand. I made it down the stairs before I heard his loud footsteps close behind me. Quickly, I ran to the counter and picked up my car keys.

       “Conor you better fucking stop or I’ll-“ He began. I stopped, my hand on the doorknob.

       “you’ll what? Hit me? Already done that one dad! I’m not scared of you. Goodbye.” I spat, opening the door and running to my car. I quickly got in, started it, and drove away from my house where my dad still stoof screaming at the street. The L.A summer sun hit my eyes as I drove, making it even harder to se through my tears. Still, I kept driving, praying I didn’t hit anyone.

       After a few hours of driving, I reached my destination, Grandma’s. I walked up the cobbler stone stairs to her porch and rang the doorbell. My grandfather answered the door, shock plastering her face as I tearfully asked if I could come in.

       “Please do come in Conor, What’s wrong?” He asked, his hands on my shoulders. He lead me to the couch and got me some tissues.

       “Thank you.” I said, accepting the tissue box. I took a tissue and blew my nose as he sat in the rocking chair in front of the couch.

       “He kicked me out.” I blankly stated.

       “He what?” My grandfather screamed, standing up.

       “He told me he couldn’t afford a ‘basket case’ anymore and that I was a dissapointment.” I told him, tears brimming my eyes once again.

       “Oh baby girl.” My grandpa sadly cooed, coming over to hug me.

       “What am I going to do?” I asked him, hugging him.

       “You can stay here until you figure it out.” He comforted me.

       “No, I know Grandma is sick. You need to be with her in the hospital.” I reminded him. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks after my mom died, things weren’t looking good.

       “Then what are you going to do?” He asked.

       “I can’t go to his side of the family. I love them, but they’d probably call him.” I thought out loud. “I can call foster care.” I uncertainly suggested.

       “Just cause I’m not here doesn’t mean you can’t stay here.” My grandpa suggested.

       “You really want me to stay here?” I asked, tears of gratitude shining through my eyes.

       “Of course Conor bear.” He smiled, hugging me. “Now I’m gonna pack a bag. I’m staying at the hospital for a few days, she has a surgery coming up and I want to be there every second I can.” He kissed my head, walking to his room. I looked down to my phone to check what shift I’m working tomorrow. Mid-day and closing. So basically, I’ll be getting home at 1 am. At least they let me close by myself though. To be honest I find the silence of the store relaxing, it’s a good place to think.

       As night came I decided to go to bed at around midnight after dropping off my Grandpa at the hospital. I fell asleep almost instantly after putting my head on the pillow of my grandpas pillow, dreaming about everything that’s happened and what’s to come.

♔ So there’s part 1! We meet Nash in the next part (i’m pretty sure). so don’t get completely turned off yet! thank you all so much for your support ! ♔

Cameron Dallas Imagine - Disneyland Prince

- Imagine this… You live in Orlando, and you need a lot of extra cash to pay a concert. You find a job that is perfect for you: being a princess in disneyland. They give the job, and you’ll never guess what’ll happen when you meet the prince…-

-Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity, again, but I’m so gratefull I literally cannot express…- I’m saying for the 10th time to your new boss while your walking through Disneyland, but he interrupts. He’s holding a box.
-Listen girl, I guess you know how this is done. You just have to smile all the time, hug the kids, act like a princess, etcetera. Here’s your costume - He gives you the box- The dressers are inside that bulding, in the second floor- He says as he points a bulding near to you- Get dressed and when you get out, your prince should be downstairs waiting for you to start.- I get a little confused.
-Excuse me, a prince?- I asked.- I thought I was going to work by myself.
-No, girl. You’re too young for that. People from 16 to 22 work in pairs, so they don’t screw it.
-All right… What’s his name?- I asked. -Flynn Rider - He said. -No, no, I mean the guy- I respond. -Oh, he’s Cameron Dallas.

I took really long on my makeup, because I couldn’t stay quiet thinking about this guy. He’s name was so familiar, and honestly, working with a man would make me really nervous. Before I got out, I looked myself in the mirror one last time. I had never realized my similarity to Rapunzel. I opened the door, and as I got out, he yelled at me.-YOU DUMB SHIT!- I screamed. He was laughing out loud. His smile was… was just perfect. I laughed a bit. -Stop it!- I said between laughs. -Oh God, I should have recorded that - He said, drying his eyes, like if he had cried. -Yeah, haha.- I said, and started walking outside the building. -Wait a minute! - He yelled and runner at me.- Sorry, I got nervous, they never told me I was going to work whit such a pretty girl.- I must have blushed. I smiled, but then I got, a little bit more serious. Just before we got to the door, I stopped and realized we were starting to work, so we must be on character. -I’m not a “girl”, I’m Rapunzel.- I said, shaking his hand. -Flynn Rider.- He said, and smiled. I turned arround and started opening the door, but he stopped me, putting his hand on my shoulder and turning me arround. -No, but, seriously Rapunzel, what your real name? I’m Cameron - He coughed a bit - Cameron Dallas. I smiled and turned arround, then I opened the door, and started walking. I looked at my phone, we were supposed to be in front of Cinderella’s castle in 5 minutes, so I started walking faster. -Hey Rapunzel! Are you going to run away all day? - Cameron shouted from behind. I stopped, so he could reach me, and then started to walk fast again. He laughed and followed my steps.

We were outside Cinderella’s castle in about 2 minutes, and before Cameron could say a word, two little girls were running towards us, yelling “Rapunzel, Rapunzel!”. I smiled and walked their way. I opened my arms to hug them.-How are you girls!- I said - Let me introduce you to my prince, Flynn Rider- and I extended the hand so he could hold it. When he did, I pulled him to the floor so he could greet the little girls. -Hey girls, are you enjoying Disneyland?- He said, with a tender voice. -It’s really fun- said one of the girls, really shy. -I’m glad! Would you like to take a picture with Rapunzel and I?- He said to the little girls. Her mom was in front of us, and she took her camera. We stand up, and I hugged a girl, while Cameron lifted her up in his arms. The woman took the picture and gave us thanks. Then Cameron looked at me, smiling. -I love kids- I said. -I’d love to know your name.- He answered - What about some ice-cream after out shift is over?-. I heard a girl yelling “Mommy, look, Rapunzel!” - Sure- I said, and I hugged the little girl.


Nash Imagine - Keep it a Secret Part 3

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

After what felt like an eternity Nash finally replied. I didn’t know whether to see the txt or not. I was so scared to find out what he wanted to tell me. I finally decided to grow some balls and open it. I was so scared, my hands began to sweat..

I opened the txt from Nash that said “Hey (Y/N) I need to talk to you about something very important but there is no actual words that can describe this situation.” “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN,” I screamed out loud, but not loud enough for someone to hear me from the other room. I replied “Um ok so what is it just tell me, you know you can trust me Nash.” I was very skeptical towards everything now I mean at this point it could mean anything. I now absolutely had no clue.

I see that he is typing, and I just stay there waiting for his reply. He replied saying “Don’t get me wrong from what I’m about to say, but at one point I did like Stacey.” He kept typing so I didn’t reply just yet. He continued “Yet the only reason why I ever dated her was to get closer to.. well.. you..”

My heart stopped as I read those words on my phone. Nash the boy I had a crush on since forever, wanted me. I couldn’t believe it I was so happy at that moment, but then I got sort of mad I mean if he wanted to get closer to me why would he date Stacey, why didn’t he just befriend her and ask about me, why did he have to date her, I just don’t get it. I began to think about it so much that I forgot to reply, and I decided to take a shower, and just try to avoid him tomorrow, because I seriously thought that the second I saw him I would push him inside the nearest empty room and just let the moment take us away.

The next day.

Why did first period have to be the one class that I had with Nash? Why did I have a class with him? LIFE IS COMPLICATED. As I entered math I noticed that Nash’s desk was empty. “Did he not show up because I never replied last night,” I thought to myself. 5 minutes pass by and lover boy comes in the room, my stomach collapsed, it just happened when we made eye contact. He usually sat in the front but he didn’t stop at his seat he kept walking towards me in the back of the classroom. I didn’t know why he was coming over here if there were no available seats by my desk, but he asked the slutty girl that sat right next to me if he could sit there just for today. She didn’t even think twice before getting up and giving him her seat.

Before I realized it he was sitting next to me. “SHIT,” I whispered to myself. Nash was clearly staring at me and the second I decided to turn over to make eye contact he gave me a confused look with a small smirk beginning to emerge. He said “Thanks for replying, did I take your breath away that bad?”

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