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Heartbreak - Nate Maloley (Part 3)

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Break Up - Taylor Caniff Imagine (Part 2)

Break Up - Taylor Caniff Imagine

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Heartbreak? - Nate MaloleyHeartbreak? - Nate Maloley (Part 2)

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Taylor Caniff Imagine for Anonymous

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Preference #1 // Your prom dress: (Magcon) Part 1

Preference #1 // Your prom dress: (Magcon) Part 2

Preference #2 // Type of girl the boys would go for: (Magcon)

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MagCon Boys Blurbs: What Type of Girl They Would Like


I feel like Shawn would like dominance. He’d probably go for someone who has an alpha personality, someone who has her own strong opinions and walls built around her. I think he’d go for the type of girl that’s sarcastic and could be just as a little mean as the boys are when they’re insulting each other so she won’t get offended when the boys say something but like Shawn would have to be that one person she lets in so behind closed doors she’d be all vulnerable and cuddly. 

N A S H 

I feel like Nash would totally go for an old fashioned innocent girl. I mean, of course she’d understand dirty jokes and push around people playfully but I feel like she wouldn’t be a part of those shenanigans. Nash’s pretty mischievous and likes to play pranks on people but I feel like he wouldn’t wan’t to do that to his girl. He’d be protective of her and open doors for her and take out chairs for her and whenever a boy makes a ‘he’s so whipped’ joke, Nash just ignore them and give her his full attention while she talks but then afterwards he’d kick the boy’s ass by pranking him or something. 


A lot of the girls that Carter hangs out with is labeled as a “slut” cause they wear low cut tops and wear lots of make up but I actually think he’d go for the opposite. Yeah, he’ll play around with some of those girls but I think once he finds the girl he’d just realize that all this time, the type of girl he’s needed is the laid back kind that wears sweats and watches a lot of Star Wars. A girl with her own problems and when she’s broken she wouldn’t cry, she’d just call him up and they’d have an intense game on his x-box or go for a mile run around the town or something because she has a huge temper. I feel like she’d be spontaneous but also very laid back. I do think she’d definitely be a dancer or does some type of sport that makes the other boys go googoo for her. 

M A T T 

Ugh I always have such internal debates when it comes to Matt’s girl. But overall, I think she’d be incredibly wacky. I think she’d be incredibly pretty with or without make up (but she prefers to wear it) and she’d have a very summer-y tumblr fashion style. She’d be in the know with Pop culture instead of like a hipster or a grunge girl and she’d be totally in on the pranking and making fun of people and she wouldn’t be afraid to make ugly faces and say what’s on her mind (but I also have this thing in my head where Matt wold totalllyyy be attracted to a hardcore punk rock girl idk)


Ayy Cameron’s girl would be perfect. I just feel like she’d be a mixture of everything and she’d be so friendly and the person everyone would go to for advice but at the same time she’d be moody and sarcastic. I think she’d kinda be the 'mama’ of the family. She’d be incredibly attractive but she wouldn’t know it so she’d be completely oblivious when all the boys stare at her as she walks (but of course jealous Cameron wouldn’t so he’d tell the boys to stop). I think she’d definitely have a love-hate relationship with the fans cause she’s so nice and beautiful, making them even more jealous and not to mention she’s so grounded because of her insecurities. I definitely think she’d have everyone’s respect and she’d be the only one that could boss around the boys. 


Aaron’s girl would be made out of sugar and spice and everything nice. She’d be just plain lovely, somehow always looking amazing no matter what she’s in, even if it’s ugly pajamas with her hair all over the place. But of course, there’s the spice part and I feel like she would be easily annoyed by people like a grumbly (hot) older sister but when it comes to Aaron she’d just literally stick to him and be all cuddly and needy and the boys would have been so confused when Aaron announced their relationship because they know how snappy she can get but then they see them together and she’s literally the nicest person on the planet and yeah. 


She’d be soooo full of sass. If you’re telling me she wouldn’t be the least bit hispanic or hispanic looking, you’re wrong. She’d be a genuine person but I feel like she wouldn’t take anyone’s bullshit. She’d just be an overall bad ass person. She’d get hate, as expected, but I think it wouldn’t bother her. She’d just shrug if a fan has the guts to say it to her face but behind closed doors, she’d have a lot of insecurities and she’s probably battled depression once or something but you know what they say, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. And Hayes’s girl is hella strong. 


Oh my god Taylor. I think people would expect him to go with a typical tumblr girl (by typical I mean typically basic like Acacia or something) but I feel like Taylor would go with a girl that likes a little darkness. She’d be that typical punk grunge girl from the 90’s. She’d skateboard. Like, real skateboarding, not penny boarding. She’d have the holes on the knees in her jeans and she’d listen to Blink 182 and she’d have a lot street cred with the guys and they have a lot of respect for her bad assery.

J A C K - G

I could totally see Gilinsky with a little book worm. She would carry books around and have her headphones in wherever she goes. Especially at MagCon to pass the time and I feel like he’d be very content with just coming back from MagCon, all satisfied and feeling incredible and he’d just be even more happy to come back to her all cuddled up on the hotel bed as he holds her while she reads and he’d just love the way she reads some of the words out loud subconsciously. She’d be small in height and not as filled up as other girls and Gilinsky would think she has insecurities but she wouldn’t have any and she’d be this little ball of fire when she’s pissed off like she’d be naturally poised but when she’s ticked her mouth would be so fierce and she’d be so scary omg he’d love that. 

J A C K - J

I feel like Johnson would totally score a babe. She’d have fiery red hair (not light red like Mahogany, though. Actual shocking red). I feel like she’d have a rocking figure like not too va va voom but enough to make you whistle if she’s in a bikini. I feel like she’d have that party girl thing about her and she can be incredibly wild, all for the dangerous challenges and pranks but I feel like she’d have a very intelligent side to her like she’d write poetry, like really really good poetry and she might even help with song writing for the Jacks and she’d be the smartest girl in her class idk she’d just be perfect. 

Aaron the type of nigga who feels bad for the bird on flappy bird cause it can’t fly