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Monster (Remix)
  • Monster (Remix)
  • Alessandro Visintainer

Monster- Matt Imagine Inspired by okay espinosa ♡ and hooked on espinosa on Vine! 

AN: listen to this song while reading and look at the vines before reading, you’ll get what its about! 

It was 8:30pm on a Friday night, you and your boyfriend of 3 years were cuddling on the couch watching The Vow. Normally you guys would be out with the guys on Friday nights but tonight you wanted it to be just you two. Spending alone time with Matt was hard to do these days because of all the tours and non stop travelling.  

“Babe can you pass my glass of orange juice?” you ask. “What’s the magic word?” He smirks. “Just give my damn juice, Espinosa.” I grunt back. “Fine here, sassy pants."  

The movie was half way finished and I could tell he was starting to fall asleep. I got up to go refill the popcorn bowl while Matt was still laying on the couch like a cute little puppy. It was just about finished when Matt woke up and saw that I wasn’t in his arms. 

 "Y/N?” He screams. “Matt, its okay, I’m right here. I’m fine, calm down, breath.” I say running back to him, forgetting about the popcorn. “I thought you were gone for a second, you scared me.” “I’m right here, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” “I love you, y/n.” “I love you, Matt.” You both hug each other tightly before focusing back on the movie.  

A while back, you and Matt were on a late night walk talking about everything and anything. You wanted to take the long way, but he didn’t think it would be safe, but he gave in, because he knew that’s what you wanted. There was a dark alley way you had to pass and Matt wasn’t getting any good vibes from it. Next thing you know, a tall man with a mask came running out of the alley and almost jumped you two. Thankfully, there had been a man walking behind you guys that frightened the mugger. You and Matt thank the man kindly and race back to your guys’ shared apartment. Ever since then, Matt has been over protective of you and is scared you’re going to get hurt. He doesn’t want to lose you. That’s why he got startled when he didn’t see you on the couch. 

“Hey Matt, what would life be like if we never met?” You question. “I don’t even want to think about that, y/n. All I know is it would be hell not having you here with me."  

Matt always knew what to say, how to make you happy, everything. He was perfect, and you knew he was the one. The promise ring he gave you three months ago still shines as bright as it did when you first got it. The ring gave you butterflies every time you thought about it. You were just about to kiss Matt until his phone rang.  

"Hello?” “Hey, Matt! Its Nash, I was wondering if you wanted to go to this sick party with Cam and the rest of us!” “I’m kind of busy right now, bro, sorry.” Come on, I’m sure whatever you’re doing isn’t that important.“ Nash laughs. "Actually, I’m with y/n right now so, yeah, it is important.” Matt says, putting his arms around you. “Dude, you can hang with her tomorrow night, this is a once in a lifetime party. Ariana Grande is going to be there! Come on! I know you want to meet her!” “Is she actually going to be there?” Matt says, getting a little excited. “Yeah man, she tweeted about it and everything, we’re invited, you got to come!” “Let me ask y/n."  

Before he could say anything you crashed your lips into his, making sure you had his attention. “Y/n! What was that for?” He asks, smiling. “Go. You’ve earned it. I know you’ve wanted to meet Ariana since the day you came out of your moms womb.” You both chuckled. “But I cant leave you here all by yourself.” “Yes you can. ill be fine. Nothing is going to happen, I swear.” “Not after what happened, I cant just leave you here knowing that some maniac is running around out there!” He said started to get worried. “Matthew, listen, I’m going to be safe, ill lock the doors and stay in the room until you get back. Don’t be so worried all the time. I should be the one worried about you. What if you get into an accident?” You bicker. “Good point. Alright, Ill go, but please make sure you don’t unlock the door for anyone, not even the pizza man.” “I got it!” You giggle and start cleaning up the living room while Matt gets ready.  

Matt comes down the stairs and you can help but do a double-take. He was perfect. You were so lucky to call him yours. “You look sexy.” you smirk. “Why thank you, beautiful!” he says, placing a soft kiss on your cheek. “You all ready to go?” you ask him. “Yeah I just have to call Nash and let him know I’m on my way.” “Alright, stay safe and don’t get too drunk please, last thing I need is you waking up with a hangover.” “Gotcha! You make sure you keep this door locked at all times and all the windows. Ill call you every hour so you better pick up. I love you, y/n.” “I love you, too.” You gave him a kiss and with that he left.  

You locked the door just like he asked and heading for your room. It sucked being on the first floor because it was easy for someone to break in. I’m not surprised he’s worried about you.  

After about an hour, you were bored our of your mind. Matt called as soon as he got to the party and you could already tell he was extremely happy. “God I love him.” you think to yourself. Not knowing what to do, you turn on Netflix, looking for a good movie to watch. “That’s My Boy looks like a good movie!” You press play and get a bowl of popcorn. As you go back to your room, you lock the door as well, to be extra cautious.  

Half an hour into the movie and you’re practically pissing yourself it was so hilarious. You check your phone to see if Matt had called. It was one text from him. It read: 

Macchew😘❤️: Hey babe! Nash was right, Ariana is here! I’m going to go see if I can get a selfie with her, maybe even ask her if she’ll sign my left butt cheek. LOL jk. stay safe, love ya! 

You couldn’t help yourself but to laugh. He was such a goof. After about 2 hours, you were bored out of your mind, so you decided to go downstairs and bake some cookies for when Matt got home. Suddenly, the phone rang, it was an unknown number so you decided to leave it, thinking it was probably just a fan who found your number. After the phone rang about four times, you decided to answer it.  

"Hello?” No one replied. “Hello who is this? Why do you keep calling” Still no reply. “Okay well I’m hanging up and not picking up again, bye!” You say. It was strange that someone was calling at 11:30 at night. You when to the couch and turned on the TV, waiting for the cookies to be done. You jumped as you heard movement outside your apartment door. Could it be the guys? Did they come home early? You didn’t really care you turned the TV off and went upstairs, not even caring about the cookies right now. You grabbed your phone and called Matt. No answer. He’s probably too busy with the guys.  

Panicking, you lock your bedroom door and decide to get a knife from the bathroom in case anything were to happen. Five minutes later, you hear the timer go off for the cookies. “Fuck.” you say. You grab the knife and unlock your door, going downstairs. You’re extra careful, making sure no one is there. You let out a sigh of relief when all you see is an empty kitchen. You get oven mitts and take the cookies out and place them on the counter to cool. The phone rang again so you decided to pick it up in anger. “I don’t know who the fuck you are but if you call here again I’m going to call the police!” You shout. “Whoa y/n, calm down its just me, I’m just calling to tell you I’m going out to eat and I should be back in an hour or so. What’s wrong?” “Oh, Matt hi, nothing. There was just some fan who kept calling the house and it was really annoying.” You lied. “Oh alright, ill see you soon then, love you!” He said and hung up.  

Getting a plate for the cookies, you see a dark shadow behind you. There he was. The man from the alley. In your living room. “What the fuck a-are you d-doing here? How did you get in?” “I’ve been here for a while! Here’s a tip, make sure you have a security system, because people like me know how to pick locks.” “I’m calling the police.” You say as you reach out for the phone. The man runs up to you and slams him fist into your face. You’re pushed back and hit the plate of cookies and they fall to the ground. There’s shattered glass everywhere. You’re frightened and all you can think about is Matt. You need Matt.  

“What do you want from me?” you ask. “What I wanted the last time. You. Where’s that little boyfriend of yours? Out of town?” “He’s at a party but will be here any minute so I suggest you just please leave and no harm done.” You look to the right and on the floor, you see the knife you brought down. You slowly make your way to it but its too late. The man saw it and took it. “This is going to be fun” He chuckles. “W-what do you mean?!” No plEASE! STOP! PLEASE DON’T!” You scream. You run trying to get to the door and run away. You didn’t notice he had a gun and by the time you were at the door, a shot went straight through your head. He grabbed the knife and stabbed you in the back multiple times. By now, you were gone. The man grabbed you and started dragging you, bringing you to the backyard. Trying to hide your body.  

The police were called by some neighbors in the building who heard noises and thankfully, found your body.  

-Matt’s POV- 

“Come on, drive faster, I need to see y/n!” Matt says, turning the corner to the apartment. “Matt calm down, she’s fine bro” Nash says. The guys are  in shock when they see police cars and ambulances. Matt runs out of the car and straight to the police. “WHATS GOING ON HERE? WHERES MY GIRLFRIEND? IS SHE OKAY?” “Sir, I’m going to need to ask you to please calm down, we have the situation under control.” “Where’s my girlfriend? WHERES Y/N?” “Sir please stay calm, it will make this a lot quicker. We found a dead body in the back parking lot, a young female, looks about your age. she had a ring on.” “Oh my god, please don’t be her. Well uhm, officer, what happened to her?” “It looks like she’s been shot in the head and stabbed several times.” “Oh my fucKING GOD.” Matt screams and he runs to the apartment. Officers trying to stop him. He stops in his tracks when he sees the door open and blood everywhere in the entrance. The guys run after you and look and they all are shocked. “She’s.. shes.. shes.. gone.” Matt says, tears starting to form in his eyes.  

One of the officers comes up to Matt and asks the guys to step back as he has to talk to him. “Was she yours?” The officers asks. “Yeah, she was.” “I’m truly sorry, son. I cant imagine what you’re going through right now.” “No, you cant. I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE LEFT HER HERE. AND I KNOW EXACTLY WHO DID THIS. I KNEW IT. THIS IS ALL MY FAULT.” Matt screams in anger. “NO WAIT. NASH, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, IF YOU HADNT INVITED ME TO GO, THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. I HOPE YOURE HAPPY NASH.” He exclaims, turning to Nash. “Sir, please calm down, this was nobody’s fault. The evidence shows that the killer picked the lock and broke in. It could have happened to anyone. So please don’t go blaming your friends or yourself.” Matt cant help but throw a kitchen chair across the room. It hits the wall and smashes to pieces. He goes to the fridge to get a drink and sees the shattered cookies on the ground. He cant help but fall to the ground and burst into tears.  

"Matt, what is it?!” Nash asks. “Look, she made cookies. I’m guessing they we’re for when I got back. Nash, she was the one. SHE WAS THE FUCKNG ONE. I’m going to kill that man.” “I know you’re upset, but you should come stay at mine and Cams place for a while, until things settle down a bit.” “Sure, whatever.” Being said, Matt goes to your guys’ room and packs a few things and grabs the popcorn bowl you were using and brings it downstairs. “Ill never forget our movie nights, y/n.” He whines. He puts the bowl in the sink and locks the door. “The last thing I said to her was I love you.” He says, thinking someone would be there to listen. “At least it wasn’t something bad, right?” Nash said. They get to the apartment and Matt passes out on the couch right away.  

Days went by and Matt was getting worse and worse. He wasn’t eating, he didn’t go out and he would lie on the couch all day. The only time he would go out was to get things from the apartment but that would only make it worse. Weeks went past and slowly, Matt was losing emotion. The will to do anything. His fans were worried about him and so were Nash and the rest of the guys. “She was my everything, and now, she’s gone…”







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