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anon requests:

Can you do an imagine where Cameron kisses you and is really touchy/clingy with you all the time and the guys tease him about it but you love it and think it’s cute? Thank you ilysm 💕💖

Hey love, Wondering if it was possible for you to write an imagine where you and Cameron have a heavy make out session where you give each other hickies, grind etc?

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The setting sun cast a golden glow across your eyes as the end of the day drew near. You sat on the edge of the pool, swishing your toes into the cool water as you watched Cameron mess around with the guys. He’d invited a bunch of them over;  the Jack’s, Nash, and Aaron. The guys were tangled in the grass in a wrestling match that you couldn’t help but laugh at, and as they rolled through the greenery, you saw Cam’s head poke up to look at you. His big goofy grin spread across his face as he cheesed at you happily from across the garden, so you reciprocated the gesture. You heard him say something, and then untangle himself from the boys to come jog over to your side. He plopped down on the warm stone beside you, and dipped his own feet into the water.

“Hey gorgeous,” he said happily.

“Hey Cam,” you grinned, “having fun?”

“Mm,” he shrugged, “I think it’s more fun when I’m with you.”

He kicked his foot up, sending water droplets all over your legs, and looking pleased about it, too.

“Cameron!” you pouted and gave him a shove whilst you scooted away from him.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity,” he chortled.”Now come back here, I wanna hold you.”

You raised your head and threw him a glare, trying not to break your angry facade.

“I know you can’t stay angry at me,” he teased.

Your face melted into a smile as you scooted back to his side, “Well, you’re right.”

You put your feet back in the water, bending your head down to stare at the crystal ripples across the surface of the pool. You saw Cameron’s wavering reflection in the water, his eyes on you as he noticed a stray hair in your face that he tucked gently away behind your ear.

“You’re really beautiful, but I like you better when you’re not just a reflection,” he said, signalling that he wanted your attention.

You giggled and raised your head, turning to lock eyes with Cameron. His big brown eyes held yours, his bronzed skin glowing under the light of the sun as he wrapped a warm arm around your waist. He bit at his round lower lip, his thumb gently caressing your back, but he only brought himself close enough to you that small gap lay between your mouth and his.

“Fine well if you’re not gonna kiss me,” you joked and pretended to pull away, causing Cameron to pull you forward and laugh into your lips. You brought your arms into a lock around his neck, Cameron’s hands holding your face to his as he molded his warm and soft lips gently into yours. He smelled like the freshly cut grass and he tasted like heaven, so much so that you found your chests pressed together, your nails digging into his skin as you urged him for more.

Suddenly, you were interrupted by a loud whistle, and out of nowhere a huge wave of water crashed over you and Cam. You stuttered and pulled your lips from his, wiping the water out of your eyes and turning to face four smug faced boys in the pool. The Jack’s, Aaron and Nash whooped at you from the water, “Sorry, did we interrupt you?” they called sarcastically.

You stuck your tongue out at them and folded your arms, “At least I have someone to kiss right now.”

Johnson shook out his blonde hair like a dog and swam at you, his hands grabbing at your exposed legs, “Say it again,” he dared.

Cameron kicked at Johnson’s shoulder with his own foot, “C’mon, give it a rest.”

Jack raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Can’t keep your hands off her for five minutes can you?”

“Don’t you get sick of him?” laughed Gilinsky.

Nash swam to the poolside and plopped down right between you and Cam, forcing you apart.

“Guys,” you smiled, eyeing Cameron, who’s cheeks were flared in embarrassment.

“I wonder what would’ve happened if we’d left Cameron for one more minute,” said Johnson.

“He was all over you, (Y/N),” Aaron added.

“I like him like that,” you smirked and extended your hand to Cam, who stared at it questioningly.

Nash grabbed your hand before he could take it, and laced his fingers right into yours. “Awh, look, we’re holding hands,” he sung out at Cameron.

Aaron and the others began swimming towards Cameron at the same time.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” you asked them.

“Stop,” Cameron hissed as Nash pushed him towards the water, the other boys dragging him down.

“Ca-” you started, but he just shook his head at you and let himself be tossed into the water with his shirt on.

When he came up, all the boys had exploded into laughter.

You threw them a glare and kicked Nash back into the water to shut him up.

Cameron hoisted himself out of the water, and began to slink away.

“Babe, wait up,” you called, offering him your dry towel. You were in your bikini, but you’d dried off a while ago, so you stuck your hand out, and Cameron took it halfheartedly. 

He tossed off his soaked shirt and looked himself over, “at least I had my swim shorts on.”

You pursed your lips and nodded, sighing a bit, “Sorry Cam.”

Cameron wrapped the plush white towel around himself, “Not your fault.”

He ran a hand through his brown-golden hair until he had it in place again, his deep brown eyes resting back on yours.

You smiled a bit and ran your fingers through his wet locks, “stray hair,” you smiled.

Cam chuckled sadly, his smile forced.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you asked. “Please tell me those guys aren’t getting to you.”

Cameron flicked his tongue across his lips, his eyes flickering back to the guys, who were all watching you both.

“Oh come on, babe,” you laughed.

“They won’t stop getting on me being like this about you,” he sighed in frustration.

“I don’t mind, it’s cute” you said.

“But they piss me off so much,” he glared at them.

Your fingers grasped his jaw, making him look at you, “I love you so much,” you smiled wide.

“Am I too clingy?” he responded quietly, his eyes searching your face.

“I could never get enough of you,” you breathed seriously.

His lips twitched, “Your like a drug, (Y/N)”

You folded yourself into his arms, pecking him once, twice, three times. The water droplets sparkling on Cameron’s rippled chest were snuffed out by your skin on his. You moved your face from his, but his hand snapped up, bringing you back into his sugar sweet lips, his breath hot on your face as he paused for air before swooping back down on your mouth. You nipped at his lower lip, your eyes closing, hands moving to his soft hair and letting the sensation of his smooth lips pressing firmly to yours take you away. Cameron tilted his head, crashing his lips to yours for more, his tongue finding its way into your mouth easily. Your tongue slid between Cam’s lips, both your tongue’s fighting for dominance, a low growl rumbling hungrily within Cameron’s throat. You moaned quietly into him, your nails grabbing at his hair, his grip on you unbreakable.

It was Cameron who let go, his chest rising heavily, his lips satisfyingly raw. He brought his hands down onto your curved hips, a smile growing on his face.

“You know they’re all watching us?” you asked.

“Of course,” he smiled and turned you away from the boys, his lips finding your jaw. You bent into him, aware that every second he satisfied you, his eyes were right on the embarrassed boys in the pool. He groaned into your skin, sucking and nibbling at your jaw until he’d left his mark. You let the primal instinct in you take over, your back hitting the wall of the house and closing the space between your bodies. He wasn’t done with you yet, though. You bent your head to the side, Cameron’s hot lips back at your exposed neck and drawing noises of satisfaction from you. His body glued to yours, he held you pinned there, and began to grind his body gently into you, the rhythm of his body on yours matching the pace at which he worked his mouth on your skin.  Flustered and aroused, he detached his lips from your neck, leaving noticeable purple marks across your flesh.  You sighed in satisfaction, nuzzling your head into the crook of Cameron’s neck, one of his hands wrapped tight around your waist, the other holding your head to his sun kissed skin. Cameron ran his fingers through your tangles, dropping a kiss on the top of your head and lifting his head to the distanced boys, who stared dumbfounded at him, drool practically hanging from their open mouths. He threw them a smug expression and momentarily raised his hand to give them all the finger.

“We should go inside,” Cam mumbled faintly into your skin.

“Why?” you asked, raising your eyes to his mischievous ones.

“Because what I’m about to do to you would not be appropriate for the guys to see,” he chuckled.


- Helping him making some Music;

- Hanging out with the squad;

- Cheek kisses;

- Late night drives;

- Long talks;

- Passionate sex;

- Cuddling a lot;

- Spending time whenever you can;

- Calming him down whenever he’s nervous for the tour;

- Playing with his hair because he loves it;

- Johnson being always sweet with you;

- Supporting each other no matter what;

- Tight hugs;

- Hugs from behind;

- Whenever you wear his shirts, he confesses you, they look better on you;



Request:  Hi! i saw ur post today :) Can i still request? If yes, uhm…. a Cam Dallas fanfic where he’s a werewolf or a vampire tnx :)))

photo creds: vebston-rose

author’s note: sorry this is so cheesy, it was inevitable since this was a vampire fic, hehe. 


Cameron had always been quite sensitive around you, but you’d had no problem until tonight. You were pulled up at a drive in movie, the seats in your car pushed back, the floor soft with thick woolen blankets and cushy pillows that you both lay across. A horror movie flickered across the big screen, and the crowd at the movie drew a collective gasp as a lurking actor with fake vampire fangs pounced onto a young woman, who let out the typical & cheesy “I’m being attacked in a movie” scream. You were a little scared, but you laughed it off and nudged Cameron, who stared rigidly at the screen, his jaw firmly clenched.

“Scared?” you teased and wriggled closer to him, turning your head so you could rest it on his chest. He noticed and grunted softly, edging your head onto his shoulder instead, and turning back to the screen, his eyes steely.

“You okay?” you asked, looking up into his big brown eyes.

“I don’t like this movie,” he sighed heavily.

“Oh, well, no need to stare daggers at it, Cam.”

He pursed his lips and brought his eyes away from the screen, lifting you gently and then scooting away from you.

You weren’t sure if you should be angry or confused, so you were both.

When the movie ended, every car pulled out, but you took your time, wanting to face Cameron before getting on the road. The moon glimmered across his stern features, the grass soft between your bare toes as you tiptoes across the grass and to the car door, where Cameron was leaning with his eyes closed.

“Hey,” you tried.

“Hey,” he said, not opening his eyes.

“So, are you going to talk to me about why you were acting like an ass?” you said bluntly.

He ran a hand through his already tousled with brown hair, his eyes opening slowly, “You wouldn’t get it.”

“You haven’t even given me a chance to,” you said, hurt.

“I just want to keep you safe, (y/n).”

“Cam,” you begged, wrapping your arms around his neck. He turned his head away from yours, so you took your chance and brought your lips to his neck. His throat rumbled softly, his fists clenched when he cautiously brought them around your waist. You sucked softly on his neck, but his eyelids fluttered, and something came over him, causing him to spin you around and slam you against the car door where he had been only a second ago.

Your eyes grew wide, “C-Cam?” you stuttered, “Open your eyes, babe.”

And he did.

They were the color of fresh blood, and a system of black veins swarmed across his features and under his eyes. He opened his mouth, not to hurt you, just to take a breath in, and you clearly made out fangs protruding in his mouth. He didn’t say a word, he simply looked you over, his crimson eyes flickering over your face for a response.

“How…?” you felt in your chest that you should feel fear, but there was nothing stirring within you except confusion and curiosity.

“I just am,” he murmured barely audibly. You knew there was a story to tell behind this, but you didn’t press him for more on the matter.

Your chest rose heavily, bumping Cameron’s softly.

Looking into his eyes, you knew it was him, but it felt like you were staring at a stranger, this new side of a boy who you thought was the most normal guy out there.

“Are you scared?” he growled quietly.


He raised an eyebrow, then laughed, his mouth stretching wide as he smirked his goofy Cameron smirk you knew all too well. He flicked his tongue across his fangs, gazing at you in disbelief.

“Liar,” he snarled without warning and pinned your hands above your head, his teeth coming down on your flesh but never piercing the skin. You yelped softly and turned your head away from him.

“See?” he smiled, but his smile was twisted cruelly.

You panted softly, eyes watering.

“Every one of my instincts is telling me to rip you apart right now,” he said, “every instinct tells me to sink into your flesh and suck every ounce of your blood until you become a rag doll that I can leave for dead. And I could, and god, do I want to,” he moaned hungrily.

“All I see,” you interrupted sternly, “Is that the love of my life seems to be more scared of himself than I am of him.”

Cameron’s smile vanished, and he released your hands, his breathing faltering as you saw the boy you knew again.


You shushed him and raised your hand gently to his skin, feeling the pattern of his veins with the tips of your fingers, caressing him gently and assuring him he was fine. The veins beneath your touch seemed to sink slowly back down, and you smiled a bit to yourself, bouncing up to your toes to press your lips to Cam’s. He tensed at first, but gently kissed back, unsure. You pulled your lips off his, not wanting to push him too far, and he nuzzled into the edge of your neck, his hot breath right on your skin. His two fangs pressed right into your skin, just enough to leave a faint mark, but not enough to worry you. Cameron raised his head again, his eyes brown, his features molded into a saddened expression.

He opened his mouth, water trickling from his deeply pained eyes.

“I love you,” he managed, as no other words seemed to come out.

“I love you too,” you smiled and kissed his nose.

Cameron flashed a soft smile, “Thank you, (y/n).”

“You are most welcome. But, I think you won’t love me after I ruin this moment with a reeeeeeally shitty pun,” you said.

“Test me,” he smiled playfully.

“Okay, well, I love you too, my Campire,” you snickered loudly and burst into uncontrollable laughter, Cam shaking his head in disgust, but unable to hold back from doing the same.

“I think you’re right,” he snorted.