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He’s a gem 💕

shawn x brown moodboard
-to my dearest, shawn:
shawn peter raul mendes, the most influential and emotionally moving 18 year old in my life ever. ive never been filled with more love for someone who doesnt know i exist. ive never felt so much love from someone who doesnt know i exist. the truth is you wont even see this message, but please take care of yourself. eat all the muffins you want and play guitar until your fingers bleed. dont ever let anyone take that away from you. you are a star that shines indefinitely. you are a talented and unique individual who’s mellifluous voice and lyrics could heal even the sickest of souls. you deserve everything in the universe and more and i wish i could return all of the love and warmth youve showed me. you are so widely and deeply loved and i hope you never forget it.