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Magcon Preference 44:  You And Your Bridesmaids

Aaron Carpenter:

Brent Rivera:

Cameron Dallas:

Carter Reynolds:

Dillon Rupp:

Hayes Grier:

Jack Gilinsky:

Jack Johnson:

Jacob Whitesides:

Kenny Holland:

Matt Espinosa:

Nash Grier:

Nate Maloley:

Sam Wilkinson:

Shawn Mendes:

Taylor Caniff:


Cameron Dallas song:

“Oh how I love his teeth.
Oh his hair, how I love his hair.
His face is so perfect, and I just want him in my bed to tonight. Yeah
Cameron Dallas, he’s my boyfriend, oh I love him so. You can’t have him cause he’s all my own, it’s Cameron Dallas.”



AU: You’ve gotten to the point in your YouTube career where you’re considered “YouTube famous” and a fellow YouTuber, Matthew Espinosa, has a massive crush on you. You eventually find out from the copious amount of videos he’s talked about you in and after watching a few of his vlogs and main channel videos, you’ve decided he’s super likeable and adorable and you want to try to get to know him. Once you both become friends, it takes off from there and goes straight to you both having a collab channel and planning to meet each other at DigiTour. 

Note: THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM GUYS (and I’m starting a YouTube in the next week so you should follow me: Jordan Haley or RatedJTV, it’s gonna have magcon videos and beauty ones as well). Thank you to the beautiful anon that requested this, also sorry it took so long. Credit to the gif makers, I only resized and added text.

i’m dead

look taylor omg


AU: Jack has been traveling with the boys a lot lately, going to events and working on his music with JJ. Since he’s been gone, he’s grown to miss you a ton; therefore he talks about you constantly.

Note: Thank to whoever requested this (anonymous), I hope you like it.