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how he reacts to seeing you dance ~ Magcon preference

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Cameron :  you dancing 

His reaction 

Nash : you dancing 

His reaction 

Matt : you dancing 

His reaction

Aaron : you dancing 

His reaction 

Taylor : you dancing 

His reaction 

Hayes : you dancing 

His reaction 

Shawn : you dancing 

His reaction 

Jack J :  you dancing 

His reaction 

Jack G : you dancing 

His reaction 


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Happy Birthday ~H.G.~*

Summary: it’s your birthday and you’re deaf, your boyfriend surprises you with sex.

Warning: smut

Requested: yes.

Note: the others will be down soon. I have been around children and adults so writing has been a no.

I wake up to Hayes slightly shaking me. I open my eyes and smile at him.

He signs Goodmorning to me and kisses my forehead. See I’m deaf. I lost my hearing when I was 10 so I can speak but don’t do it a lot because I get insecure.

I’ve known Hayes since we where little so he’s always been there for me. When I lost my hearing Hayes went out of his way to learn sign language. He learned it quicker than I did.

Me and Hayes started dating a few years ago. He taught me how to feel music and even let me be in one of his videos for YouTube. He’s made my life happy and complete.

“Happy Birthday babe. I have a lot planned for you.” I read Hayess lips.

“Hayes” I say. Hayes is the only person I will actually speak to.

He comes over to me and kisses my forehead.

He sits across from me and looks at me.

“Y/n I have something very important to talk to you about.”

I nod my head for him to go on.

“So I’ve been talking to your doctor. The one you go to every week. And he said today he can do the surgery to implant the hearing device. You’ll be able to hear baby” he says. It kind of hard to read his lips because he was smiling so hard.

“I-I I’ll be able to hear again?” I ask Hayes.

“Yeah. You’ll be able to hear”

“Let’s go. Why are we still here. We got go to the doctors” I try to shout at Hayes.

He goes back to signing.

“Slow down babe. We have an appointment in an hour. Go get ready”

I run up the stairs to go get dressed. I’ll be able to hear myself. All my favorite songs. Music used to be my life. I’ll be able to hear Hayes. I’m sure his voice has changed. I’ll be able to hear his videos. I’m so excited.


The doctor just got me out of the surgery and the device is off. He signed to ask me if I was ready.

I took a deep breathe and nodded. He let Hayes in and turned on the device. He nodded at Hayes and Hayes took a deep breathe. I closed my eyes and listened.

“Can you hear me y/n?” I hear Hayes voice. It’s really quiet and kind of muffled.

“I can, but it’s quiet.”

The doctor does something and I assume he turned it up. I can hear the cars driving out of the place. I hear the breathe of the people around me. I can hear myself breathe.

“Can you hear me good now?” I snap my eyes open at the deep voice coming from Hayes. I started crying and nodding. I could hear him. I could finally hear him.

“I love you so much.” I heard myself say for the first time in a longtime. My voice sounded foreign and way different than when I heard it last.

The doctor made a few more adjustments and I was good to go.

In the car Hayes played a bunch of songs and I cried listening to them. So far this was the best birthday I’ve ever had.

We got back home and me and Hayes just talked.

“I have one more surprise for you babygirl.” He says taking my hand and leading me into the room.

He sits on the bed and pulls into his lap.

“But only if you’re okay with it, y/n can I make love to you?” He says kissing my cheek.

“Of course Hayes” I say pulling our lips together.

He holds my hips and slowly moves them. I feel his member softly poke my inner thigh.

I move off of his lap and get on my knees. I palm him through his shorts, his head leans back and he lets out a groan. I pull down his shorts and kiss him through his underwear. Once I pull those down I hear him hiss at the air exposed to him. I grab him in one hand and kiss the tip, tasting the precum.

I licked a huge stripe from the bottom up, then took him in my mouth. I began bobing and hearing his moans only encouraged me.

He soon grabbed my head and pulled it up, kissing me with huge force.

He lifted my shirt off and kissed my collar bones. He set me on the bed and kissed all the way down my stomach. He pulled off my shorts and kissed my hips, leaving hickies where ever he went. He tore of his shirt, I took the time to kiss his beautiful chest.

“Hayes you’re so fucking hot.” I said moaning at his kisses.

“You’re hotter babygirl. Fuck I can’t wait to be inside of you.” I moan at his words and unclasp my bra throwing it somewhere on the ground.

He slowly pulls my underwear down and groans at the sight of me.

He hooks his arms around my hips and began kissing around my heat. After me begging him to do something he attached his mouth to my clit and began sucking. It was the most amazing feeling.

Once I was close, Hayes pulled off of me and kissed my lips again.

He lined himself up and looked in my eyes.

“Are you sure babygirl. What if I hurt you?” He says looking in my eyes.

“Hayes please I want this. I need you. Please just fuck me daddy” I begged pushing my hips towards him

That was all it took for him. He slowly pushed in and i moaned at the feeling. He began stretching me out in the most delicious way. Once he was in I nodded telling him to move.

He slowly began thrusting groaning in my ear causing me to pant heavily.

“Faster Hayes please” I begged. He began going at a fast rate causing me to lose my ability to think. I was moaning louder than I ever have and he was almost hitting my g spot.

“Deeper Hayes”

I lifted my legs around his hips. He hooked one leg over his shoulder hitting at a new angle plus his speed. It was enough to almost send me over the edge.

“I’m so close Hayes”

“Me too babe. I’m so close” he starts rubbing my clit which makes me see spots. I scream his name along with profanities. Once I cum I feel Hayes cum inside me. He pulls out of me and I whine at how empty I feel.

“How was that babygirl?” He says pulling me into him.

“That was amazing. Hayes. I love you so much thank you for everything.”

“Oh now I’m Hayes. Could’ve swore you called me daddy earlier.”

“Shut up Benjamin.”

“Hey I thought it was hot.”

“Goodnight Hayes”

“Night babe. Happy birthday.”

19- He Makes You Cry

NASH// “Are you kidding me Nash?” You yelled to him as he walked away from him. He ignored your nagging, jerking away from your touch as he walked passed you. “Excuse me-” “Juts shut up (Y/N)! Shut up!” Nash screamed, fuming as his anger showed all over his face. He was powering over you, and your confidence shrunk, backing up against the counter. He scared you for a second, you knew he would never hurt you, but it still scared you the way he yelled at you. You felt your throat tighten as a tear fell down your cheek. Nash’s eyes softened and his lips parted, sighing. “Baby, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you. I know you were mad at me and I had no right to yell,” he apologized, pulling you into his arms. All you could do was nod into his chest. “You just scared me,” you mumbled, trying to calm down. He picked up your chin with his hand. “But you know I would never lay a finger on you, right? I love you so much,” he told you, his blue eyes watery. “I know,” you nodded, standing in his arms.

CAMERON// You sat down in Cameron’s lap, kissing his lips. He smiled, wrapping his arms around you. “What’s up baby girl?” He asked, rubbing his thumb on your back. “I just wanted to do something together today,” you told him, resting your head in his chest. “I’m going out with the guys today babe. I’m sorry,” he sighed. “Oh,” you replied, your heart sinking. After he left, you couldn’t hold in crying. It seemed stupid, crying over such a little thing, but it really upset you that you and Cameron couldn’t spend as much time as you used to together. You heard the front door open and foot steps following. “Hey babe, I forgot my-” he stopped once he realized your puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. “(Y/N), what happened? Did I upset you?” He walked over to you, pulling you into his embrace. “Tell me.” You shook your head, “it’s stupid.” He finally convinced you to tell him and you did. “Well then I think this calls for a movie day,” he announced, pulling out his phone. “Cam, you don’t have to-” “With you being as hot as you are, the guys will understand,” he told you, causing you to giggle.

TAYLOR// “Taylor please don’t!” You squealed as he threw you over his shoulder, running towards the murky water. His laugh filled the hair as you felt him lunge you into the lake, you screaming as you flew through the air and hit the water. You swam up to the surface, smiling and splashed water at Taylor who stood on the sand smirking. “I hate-” you stopped when you felt something go into your foot as you stood in the water. It felt like a cut, and it hurt really bad. You hoisted yourself up onto the rock, pulling your foot up to see what it was. Blood was gushing out of it, making your heart stop. You felt tears start to mix with the lake water that was on your face. “Oh my god, (Y/N), I’m so sorry,” Taylor began. He scooped you up into his arms once again. “Do you need stitches?” “I don’t know,” you choked out,” swallowing. He brought you to the car, setting you down and wrapping your foot in a towel. He kissed your head, quickly getting in on the other side. “I am so sorry baby.”

JACK J// “I can’t believe you,” you narrowed your eyes, shaking your head at Jack. “What did I do this time, (Y/N,” he responded, annoyed. “You know what you did!” You yelled, and he slammed the door to your shared bedroom. You had just gotten back from dinner, and of corse the waitress happened to be the biggest slut in the place. Jack kept flirting back with her, and on top of that she completely ignored you. “Maybe you should just go back with your friend, you sure seemed to get along with her!” You screamed on the other side of the door. “That is what this is about?” He rolled his eyes. He opened the door, storming past you. “Maybe I will then, she sure wasn’t a bitch,” he fired, and with that he walked out. You felt hot tears come pouring out as soon as you realized what had happened. You laid down, bawling that Jack left. Once you calmed down about an hour later, you started to drift off, you eyes aching from crying. ~~~ “Baby?” You heard Jack ask, rubbing your arm. You opened your eyes, turning over to look at him. “I’m so sorry, you’re right, I shouldn’t of even gave that girl a second glance, she means nothing to me. But you mean everything to me. I am so sorry for calling you a bitch and leaving, I could never leave you for good. I love you so much,” he told you. You sat up, leaning into his chest. He hugged you. “It’s okay Jack. I love you too,” you assured him, leaning up to kiss his lips.

JACK G// “Leave me alone,” you mumbled, jerking away from Jack’s hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N), don’t be so dramatic,” he rolled his eyes. “I’m being over dramatic? Are you serious right now? I’ve been waiting here all night and I’m being dramatic?!” You yelled, standing up and storming away. He got up, following you into the kitchen. “Yes you are. You’re actually being a butch right now,” he shot at you. “SO IT’S ALRIGHT FOR YOU TO-” Jack grabbed your wrist, tugging you so you faced him. He grabbed your jaw in his hand with a tight grip, and you let out a tiny gasp. “Do not yell at me,” he growled, gritting he teeth. You reached up, trying to pry his hand away but he tightened his grip. “Jack, you’re hurting me,” you managed to get out. Once your words left your mouth, Jack let go, his eyes wide. “Baby, I’m so so sorry,” he gulped. You rubbed you wrist and jaw, a tear slipping down your cheek. You backed away from him, his anger really got a hold of him this time. “A-are you scared of me?” He asked you, his voice weak. You couldn’t do anything, just stood there. He turned away, looking down at his hand that was red from squeezing you. “I’m so horrible. I hurt you- out of anger. I promised I would never touch you,” he choked, “you shouldn’t be with me.” You sniffled, grabbing his hand. “You aren’t horrible. It was my fault you got so mad, I was just a little scared,” you told him. He wrapped his arms around you, rocking you back and forth. “I’m so sorry, I will never touch you again,” he promised.

MATT// “I’m going to the bathroom. Can you come with me?” You asked, Matt smirking at you. “Why don’t you go by yourself?” He asked. “Something is going to get me, will you please just wait outside the door?” You were currently watching a scary movie with Matt, latching on to him for dear life. “Fine, but only because I love you,” he smiled, getting up. You hugged onto him, causing him to chuckle. You walked to the bathroom, letting go of him. “Just stay out here and guard the door, okay?” You told Matt. “Alright babe,” he told you, and you went in. After you were done, you opened the door and your heart stopped when Matt wasn’t there. You ran back to the couch, but Matt still wasn’t there. “Matt?” You called, checking the kitchen. “This isn’t funny, please Matt, you know I’m scared to death,” you pleaded, going back into the living room. Something grabbed you from behind, causing you to almost jump out of your skin. You screamed, lashing at the thing until you heard Matt laugh. You realized it was him, but by that time the tears already cascaded down your cheeks. “Oh my god, you-” Matt stopped when he realized your reaction. “Are you crying? Oh my god baby, I’m so sorry. I just though it was cute how you got so scared and I don’t know what I was thinking,” he hugged you, stroking your hair. You hugged him back, your heart still thumping. “I’m here to protect you, I will never scare you again,” he cooed, and you nodded.

AARON// You heard Aaron talking on the phone about you. At first it was all good stuff, but then he said something that really made your heart sink. “Yeah, she’s beautiful but she’s getting on the chunky side. I mean, she’s still in pretty good shape but ever since I’ve been working out so much it seems like she’s getting bigger,” he told one of his friends. A tear ran down your cheek, you knew you weren’t the perfect weight but you always thought when Aaron told you you were perfect he meant it. After he got off the phone, you couldn’t control your tears and he walked in. (Y/N)? What happened?” he asked, walking over to you. “I h-heard what y-you were saying,” you told him the truth, and his face fell. “Baby, I’m so stupid. You’re so gorgeous, I didn’t even know what I was saying,” he told you, grabbing you into his arms. “I know that I’m not skinny, Aaron,” you mumbled. “No baby, it doesn’t matter if you’re eight pounds or 800 pounds. I will still love you because you’re beautiful on the inside and gorgeous on the outside, I love you so much.” “I love you too,” you smiled, and he kissed your lips.

SHAWN// Shawn never yelled, he was always very calm and understanding. But today was a different story. “I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT LISTENING TO ME ONCE IN A WHILE!” He shrieked. “Shawn, please,” you tried. “No, stop it. You’re such a-” he stopped his shout, searching for something to call you. You had enough before he could even finish the sentence, your tears burning in your eyes. “Please don’t even finish that…” You whimpered, turning away from him. “No, (Y/N), I didn’t mean it. I’m just upset, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to take it out on you.” He scooped you into his arms, kissing the top of your head.
have a good day/night gorgeous ♡ love you & just remember I’m always here for you, I’m just a message away

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Do you know where I can find that video of someone calling Shawn daddy and him saying it was weird and asking her not to do that??

I think it was from like 2015 but it was a fan at a meet and greet and she was like “Can I call you daddy?” and he was like “Please don’t say that, it’s weird” and I tried to look for it but it’s probably somewhere in the deep web or on some old magcon account idk, sorry!

Don't Let Me Down ~N.G.~

Summary: well this is emotional. Don’t Let Me Down By The Chainsmokers.

Song Series- #8

Me and Nash had been together for a few years. But now he wanted to break up.

“Nash. I love you. So much.” I say looking at him. I was sitting on our couch trying to process everything.

“I know but I’m not going to be able to be here for you when you need me. I’m going on tour and with all my movies I’m doing. I love you too, but I need you to be with someone who is able to be there.” He says squatting in front of me.

“I could handle all you other tours. Hell I handled Magcon. How is this any different” I say looking him in his eyes.

“Because I don’t want you to have to pull yourself through the days. Trust me you’d be better off without me” he says kissing my forehead. He stands and goes to our room.

I find my phone and start to call my friends.

“Nate? Can you come pick me up? Yeah. Bring everyone. I want to drive. No he’s not coming” I hang up and get ready to leave. When I hear the guys pull up I go around so I can drive.

I loved to drive, it calmed me.

I sit in the drivers seat and turn down the music.

“Nash broke up with me.” I say as I start the car. Everyone was asking me why and if I’m okay.

“No I’m not okay. I love him. I need him” I say pulling out of the neighborhood.

I drop off Hayes, Kyle, and Tez at their car. So it’s just Me, Nate and the Jacks.

I was driving down into the highway discussing where we wanted to go when Nate yells my name.

I slam the brakes but it’s too late. A car hits my side and pushes us. There’s glass everywhere and I hear screaming.

I look over and see Nate trying to get me out of the car. They’re all safe luckily. I look down and see my leg stuck.

My eyes get heavy and the last thing I hear is Nate tells me he got me.


I hear soft talking and beeping. I open my eyes just to shut them back.

It’s way too bright here. I let my eyes adjust and see the jacks and Nate sitting in chairs beside me.

I must be at the hospital. I hated the hospital. The machines beeps he faster as my heart beats faster.

“Nash?” I say worried. Is he okay. Am I okay?

“Y/n. Shhh hey it’s okay breathe.” Gilinsky says grabbing my hand. The beeping slows as I start to breathe deeper.

I pull myself up so I’m sitting.

“What happened?” I say looking at everyone.

“Some bitch hit us. Are you alright?” Johnson says beside G.

“I’m not sure. Who’s all here?” I ask, hopeful Nate was out in the waiting room.

“Us, Hayes, Tez and Kyle and Madison” Nate says.

“What about Nash?” I say looking at everyone.

“We didn’t know if you wanted to see him so I haven’t talked to him.” Nate said.

My heart rate jumps up and this time I’m not sure why. My body starts convulsing and I can’t breathe. The doctors rush in try to stabilize me.

“This girl is gonna need a miracle.” One of the doctors says. How optimistic.

I calm down and sip the water they gave me.

“Can one of you call Nash. I need him.” Everyone else was in the room now. Hayes volunteers and pulls out his phone. He comes to sit beside me.

“Hey bro. Um im at the hospital right now and someone wants you here? It’s y/n. What do you mean you can’t. Dude she loves you and she needs you. I hate to say it but she’s not doing so well.”

“Can I talk to him?” I whisper to Hayes. He nods and tells Nash to hold on.

“Hi Nash. Please. I don’t know what’s happening and I’m really scared. I just really need you right now. You told me you would always be there for me when I needed you so please don’t let me down on that. I know you don’t want me anymore but I still need you.”

I only hear silence on the other side.

“Okay. Y/n I’m on my way. Hang tight” I give the phone back to Hayes and he talks for a little bit longer.

I smile at everyone before slowly falling asleep.

“Oh god.” I hear a voice that I know so well. I’m just beginning to wake up. I open my eyes to see Nash walking towards my bed.

“I’m so sorry y/n. I’m so sorry” he says hugging me while I’m still laying down.

I sit up and look down at my hands.

“You know most of this is just in my head. I’m losing my mind without you Nash. I understand you wanna break up and I get that. But I just hope you’ll be here when I need you the most. I love you Nash Grier. So much.” I say looking at him with tears in my eyes.

“Hey baby. It’s okay. I love you too. This is all my fault. I love you so much. And whenever you need me I’ll be here” he says.“why don’t you get more rest. I’m right here” he kisses my forehead and holds my hand till I fall asleep.


I wake up to see my room empty. I look around for any indication of where people are.

A nurse comes in my room and starts unplugging me.

“Congrats sweetie. You’re going home.” She says

“Do you um do you know where all my friends are?” I ask worried.

“Yeah. Most are in the waiting room with all your stuff. Expect that one boy that was with you last. He ran out shortly after you fell asleep. Said he couldn’t do that to you.” She says not thinking anything about it. I start crying.

“Oh honey. Was that your boyfriend?” She says seeing my face.

All I could do was nod and cry harder. She hugs me and tells me that my friends tried to get him to stay but he left anyway. I get dressed and head out. I see everyone in the chairs.

Nate notices me and stands up with my stuff in a bag. Everyone follows him.

I walk up to them and finally look in their eyes.

“ I know about Nash. He told me he was going to be here whenever I needed him. I don’t get it.” I say as everyone takes their turn hugging me. Nate walks me to his car and takes me to his house.

“Is Nash at his place?” I look at Nate. He shakes his head no.

“No one knows where he went. I think he left LA completely but i can’t be sure.” He says parking the car. He brings my stuff into the guest bedroom where I’ve stayed so many times.

“You can stay with us for as long as you want. Tomorrow we’ll get all your stuff. Night y/n” Nate says hugging me and kissing my forehead.

I lay on the bed and think about Nash.

“You let me down Nash. I needed you. I loved you. And you let me down” I cry as I fall asleep.

One Night to Forever ( Pregnant Jack Gilinsky ) Imagine

“Listen Jack, I can’t just take you back after all that happened. I can’t trust you anymore.”

If you haven’t already guessed it, my boyfriend is Jack Gilinsky. He used to be my everything, I guess you could say he still is. But, while he was back home to Omaha for a show with his best friend Jack Johnson, he cheated on me with one of his old high school friends. He claims it was a ‘high romance’ and that it meant nothing. But deep down I truly believe that he’s tired of me.

“Please y/n. I can’t sleep every night knowing that you’ve just walked out of my life. I love you and I can’t be without.” Jack pleased obviously getting frustrated.

“Who the fuck do you think your talking to? Oh yeah. It’s you fucking girlfriend. Yah know the one you cheated on? You think YOU have it bad Gilinsky? Try falling asleep thinking there’s something wrong with you because the love of their life cheated on them without a reason.” I spat back at with obviously amounts of sarcasm slipping past my lips.

“Listen y/n…” Jack started running his large hands though his hair.

“No Jack! I’m tired of fucking listening to your excuses. You obviously don’t love me enough to keep for fucking hands off another girl. You don’t love me anymore and I’ve accepted that.” You said that last part in quite whisper.

And right then and there Jack snapped. It was like a light switched in his head. Like a bomb went off.


His sudden outburst made me just and transfer my gaze from its spot on my hands to his face, which was full of rage.

‘God he looks so fucking hot when he was mad.’

I felt a wet spot forming in my pants as I admired his chiseled jaw that was clenched as you could almost see the steam pouring from his ears. My core ached thinking about his bulky, muscular arms pinning me up against the wall with a lot of force as his breathe trailed down my neck.

I could have pounced on him right then and there but I didn’t. I regained my composed and stood my ground trying to look as if his words ( and appearance ) didn’t bother me the slightest.

He inched closer. He got close enough to my ear and his hand gently brushed against my arm causing goosebumbs to raise on them. His angry demeanor was changing.

“You know she could fuck as good as you though.” He said whispering in my ear. I tried to not let my knees give out right there and then but I stood my ground.

“Oh great now your comparing her to me.” you said rolling your eyes. My words didn’t seem to phase him at all, instead they encouraged him.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.” He said taunting me. I shuddered a bit when he reached behind me laying a hand on my ass. I reached behind me and pulled his hand off and back to his side still keep a straight face.

“C’mon y/n. You know you’ll never find anyone who can fuck you like I can. I know all the places to kiss that make you moan.” He kissed right behind my ear which was my sweet spot. I tried to hold back moan but I let a few quite ones slip past. “I know all the places I can touch you that will make you shudder.” He reach behind me and grabbed my ass with on large hand kneading it. My legs almost gave out.

“So what do you say baby.” He said nibbling on my ear lobe.

“Fuck it.” I said attacking his lips with mine.

'Fuck I’m going to regret this’ i thought to myself.

• 2 Months Later •

Well just as I would have thought, Jack and I didn’t stay together much longer. One day I woke up and found nothing left of his. No clothes. Non of his belongings. Nothing but his scent and a letter written quickly with black ink laying on our bed side table.

The note read;

Dear y/n ,

I so sorry but I can’t keep living like this. Knowing that I did such a terrible thing to you and then listening to you lie when I ask if your ok when you stare at my blankly. I can’t stand to be the person that causes your pain. I can’t stand to stay around and cause you anymore pain. I will always love you y/n , but this is goodbye….for now.

- Jack

Yeah, I cried for a few days, but I had to come to the realization that he just didn’t love me anymore. I still kept in contact with Sammy & Jack J because they were my friends too. But now, more then ever, I realized I couldn’t avoid Jack anymore.

Because I was pregnant.

With his child obviously.

I decided I need to text Jack J.

Y/N : Jack, I’m in deep shit.

Jack J : y/n?! What’s wrong? What happened?!

Y/N : We need to talk.

Jack J : Please y/n your scaring me what happened?

Y/N : Jack, I’m pregnant and its Gilinsky’s.

Jack J: Oh shit. Don’t freak out y/n. We can try to make this a good thing. Come over and we’ll talk.

Y/N : how is this good? & I can’t because Gilinsky’s over isn’t he?

Jack J : no he’s not , just come over.

I sighed and pulled myself up off the couch and walked over to the foyer in my apartment. I slipped my shoes on and headed out the door. Once I got into the car I started it and just sat there for a minutes.

Holy shit. I’m pregnant.

I threw my head in my hands and started to cry. My life was really fucked now. You’ve don’t it this time y/n.

I eventually pulled myself together and made my way to Jack’s house. I knocked on the door.

“Come in!!” I heard Jack J yell from inside the house.

“Hey Jack -” i stopped when I saw Gilinsky sitting in the living room. Gilinsky was already looking at me. His mouth was wide open, but man did he look…not himself.

His hair was messy, which was unusual for Jack considering he cared about his hair so much. He had obvious bags under his eyes and wore a pair of basketball shorts and a shirt that said ‘Nebraska Basketball’ on it. I just stood there in awe.

“Now you guys are going to talk this out. I’m just gonna leave yall to it.” Jack J said walking to his bedroom. When I tried to turn and leave you were stopped by Gilinsky.

“Y/n wait. Can you please tell me what’s going on?” Jack said with pleading eyes.

“If I would have known you would have been here I would have never came.” I said nothing looking at him and avoiding his gaze at all cost.

“Don’t ignore my question. Please y/n.” He said prying at me to answer.

That’s it. I’ve had enough.

“I don’t owe you anything. I don’t owe you answers. You did my so fucking dirty Gilinsky so don’t start acting like you give a shit now.” I spat at him.

“Y/n , I left you note. I let you know why I did what I did but I’m regretting more then ever now.”

“Boo fucking hoo. I spent too much of my time wondering what I did wrong. Why you left and why you cheated on me but all I got was nothing. I hit a dead end Jack. Now we’re both in the deepest shit of our life’s.” I said that last part quietly. I hoped he wouldn’t question what I just said but of course Jack always knew when something was wrong.

“What did you say?” Jack ask stopping to stare at me. He patted the seat next to him which I hesitantly sat down in. I sat there for a minute when I finally realized that I needed to tell him. There was no way out. I needed me baby’s father there. The mood has changed from hostile to quiet and calm. The build up tension was making the air thick. I felt the walls closing in around me. I didn’t know what to do so I just broke down. Jack immediately reponded and pulled me into his strong chest. I didn’t even care at this point if I was angry at him or if I had feelings I just needed Jack.

“Jack. I’m pregnant.” I finally stated.

Jack froze and I lifted my head up from his chest and looked at his face. He was looking at me with an unreadable expression plastered on his face.

“A-are you serious?” Jack said looking at me.

“Would I lie about something like this?” I said as a matter of factly.

“No… I mean I don’t know, I mean, shit y/n.” He said embracing me stronger.

“Your gonna leave me right?” I said letting out a sigh.

“What?! Y/n no! You the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I can believe I let you slip away from me 2 times.” He said. “We’re gonna raise this baby together. I mean that. I don’t know if you hate me or love me but I know that I’m not going to leave you two alone.”

I just hugged Jack tighter. I pulled away from him. I just stared at him for a minute as another tear dropped down my face. His hand absent mindedly fell to my waist. I was extremely close to his perfect face. I couldn’t find the strength to stop myself. I learned in and gave him a kiss on the lips. It felt as if sparks had gone off. I realize then that Jack really loved me and that I really loved and needed him more then anything. Once I pulled away we both caught our breaths.

“Jack, I love you.” I stated.

“I love you so much more. We’re gonna parent this baby y/n. It will be excited. We cans make it a good thing.”

I couldn’t deny one thing, and that was that I loved Jack more then anything in this world. Well, beside our baby.


27th August – Jack Johnson Day❤️❤️
I luv Johnson so much JJ needs to be appreciated more!! He is wonderful, cute, care and hot. There is no way for the people who ignore JJ!! It just ridiculous ! He mean so much to me I don’t want to see his reaction while the fans just hug Jack G :( He is the best and he deserve the best !!! So please don’t being so mean to him!!!!! Stop keep using JG to compare to JJ. Jack Johnson U are the best I luv u forever 💕 Don’t care wut the haters said :)