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Matt’s cute even when he’s sleeping

Matt feels every time I see this

Getting ready for an award show preferences

Cameron Dallas :

“Cameron how do I look?” You ask analyzing your body in the mirror picking at your imperfections. 

“Come over here Y/N” He commands sitting on the bed with his suit and tie looking sexy as hell.

You walk over to him,in that instant he grabs you gently by your waist and lays you on the bed.

“Your trouble,I don’t think I really want you going to that award show unless you don’t mind me kicking someones ass” He grins unzipping your dress while kissing you intensely 

Matt Espinosa :

“Y/N babe what are you doing at there” Matt asks walking out to the patio where you were sitting.

“Uh I don’t know” You reply picking at the dry leaves besides you.

He walks over to you and sits next to you while grabbing your hands into his.

“You look perfect absolutely perfect,it sometimes amazes me you actually decided to be with me” He breaks the silence look straight into the distance.

“That’s funny I think the same thing’s sometimes, how could you pick someone like me being who you are. I feel as if you might find someone else,someone better then me” You reply looking down at your heels.

“Your perfect don’t ever say anything like that I’ll never find anyone better then you cause this is a good as it get’s baby” He reply’s kissing you.

“Now lets go kick some ass at this award show” He laughs helping you up.

Nate M : 

As you were fixing your dress you feel strong arms wrap around your waist and pull you close.

“Nate” You giggle.

“Y/N” He mumbles back kissing your neck.

“Where gonna be late if you start doing this” You reply with a grin trying to escape his strong grip.

“Fashionably late” He replies with a smirk and pulls you up on the counter tracing his fingers up your skirt.

Sam Wilkinson :

“Sam oh my gosh you need to see this” You say in excitement as he enters the bathroom.

“What’s up?” He asks looking at you confused.

As you pull up your skirt you see the excitement in his eyes, horn dog. 

“Don’t get to excited Daddy I was just gonna show you how my underwear color matches my dress it looks so cute!” You say in excitement smiling.

“Won’t be so cute when there both laying on the floor” He replies with a smirk. 

Nash Grier: 

“Nash stop we need to get ready!” You say giggling while he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck.

“I don’t want tooooooo” He mumbles.

“10 more minutes you dork” You give up kissing his forehead while snuggling back next to him.

Shawn Mendes :

Your sitting on the couch eating cereal and watching MTV when Shawn walks in looking handsome as hell wearing his suite looking sophisticated as hell.

“GIMMIE GIMMIE” You say laughing.

“I’m guessing your enjoying your view at the moment?” He asks with a grin.

“Really enjoying” You reply eye raping him.

Jack Gilinsky :

“You almost done babe” Gilinsky yells from the room to you.

“Yeah I’m just re-curling some of my hair” You yell back.

Moment’s later Gilinsky appears looking at you with awe.

“What?” You ask with a giggle.

“I want to tear that dress right off of you” You replies with a grin.

“Jack!” You yell laughing.

“What I’m just saying the truth” He replies laughing along.

Jack Johnson :

“Award show here we come” You murmur straightening the top of your blue dress.

“What?” Johnson asks confused.

“Nothing just talking to myself like usual” You reply with a laugh.

“I don’t wanna go” Johnson protests.

“Why?” You ask confused looking at him.

“Everyone’s gonna see how good you look and uhhh idk you just look so fucking good” He protests with a huff.

You start laughing “Jack stop I don’t even look that good” You say.

“Yeah that’s not what every guys gonna say” He replies with an eye roll.

“Stop being a baby and show me off. Show them what you have that they don’t” You say with a smirk.

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But Just Imagine

Imagine Alex from Target scanning your groceries. He picked up the cucumber and scans it slowly. He looks up at you and says,

“If you were a vegetable, you’d be a CUTEcumber.”


No, I am not Anti-social. I would just rather be by myself than with people who don’t actually care about my well being.

Messed up inside & out {Omaha boys Fanfic}

Chapter 1:Please mind don’t fuck with me today.

“Today was the day Monica” I told myself. I always kept telling myself i’d never get bad again,I stuck to that promise for a pretty long time but today was the first day of school. The only reason why I did go bad was because of that piece of shit they call “Education”.

I could of been normal, I could of been like those peppy cheerleaders walking around like nothing bothered them with my skirt up my ass but that took a pretty dramatic turn but in a good way I guess.

I went up to my mirror scanning my facial structures. I was different last year but don’t get this messed up with some cliche story of how the girl becomes all popular just cause she gets some new mac bullshit and fake blond hair extensions,but you couldn’t forget the boy cause that’s the biggest part of the story right?. How he pushed her around called her shit and then out of no where when she suddenly becomes “Pretty” He falls head over heals in love with her and begs her for his forgiveness. Yeah this wasn’t that kind of shit,sorry to burst your bubble.

“Monica you have 5 min to get to school or your late hurry up” My clueless mother yells from downstairs.

I ran down stairs quickly enough to get out the door without talking or discussing how big this day was supposed to be.

I started walking to my car,pulling out the key’s to my car,and getting in. 

School was ahead of me while I pulled into to a parking spot scanning the kids surrounding it. As always everyone was in there little stereotypical groups. I wasn’t really about that mostly because if I did the people that would be in mine would be pretty messed up,outside and inside.

I started walking towards the doors till I got stopped by something calling my name so of course I turned around common curtsy.

“Monica Hun why are you at school aren’t you supposed to be at some rehab facility,I think your lost” Candy the school slut/cheerleader snickered at me while her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky was wrapped around her with his little basketball team surrounding them along with the cheerleaders.

“Candy shouldn’t you be fucking one of Gilinskys meat heads” I replied receiving a couple chuckle’s from some of the guys.

“Well that proved me correct” I added walking in to the school.

I received my schedule and headed straight to my first class which was French. As I walked in I went for a seat I would be hidden at.

As the teacher was talking in french a whole bunch of voices trampled inside the classroom which holy shit not surprised had to be Gilinsky,Wilkinson,and Johnson.

They stood there looking like lost puppies while the teacher tried to explain to them what she was saying in french which played a pretty good advantage for me here.

“What shes saying is stop being stupid airheads and get to class in time unless you wanna be living on the streets due to not being intelligent enough to actually come on time on the first day. Well of course unless one of you was banging the STD bag” I explained to them.

“MONICA!” My french teacher exclaimed and of course it ended me up in detention.

All of them walked to a vacant seat and finally started to pay attention.

The class went by pretty fast thankfully but I have 3 more to go. 

I was heading to second period which was study hall.

“Monica!” I heard a voice calling my name.

“Oh my god what the fuck why dose everyone always need me. I’m not fucking Beyonce or Jesus so fuck off” I exclaimed and kept walking towards my class.

You might think I’m a total bitch for acting and having this bad attitude 24/7 but if you knew what happened last year then you would be acting the same way.

The classes went by pretty fast but I still have detention which at the moment I’m heading towards which was taking place at the Library with Mr.Fox.

I casually walked in,sat at a vacant table,and taking out some stupid text book out and reading some historical shit that I have to write a paragraph about. Homework on the first day FUCK YES.

As I was actually getting into my reading without getting distracted someone disrupted my reading well actually someones.

“Look Olsen twins get away from me before I shove one of these freshly sharpened pencils up your dick” I deadpanned targeting Johnson and Wilkinson.

“Someones panties are really up there ass today but were not here to fight we just want to find something out” Sam snickered which turned into a serious amusing sentence I never thought would come out.

“And that is…?” I asked curious while playing around with my pencil.

“Where’s Dannie,why isn’t here…I haven’t seen him in forever” Sam asked.

And in that one sentence my heart got penetrated with a million knives but even that couldn’t explain the pain I have when my thoughts are about him.

“He died” I deadpanned getting up and walking out of the school towards my car.

I didn’t want them to see me miserable they already had that satisfaction before. It’s not happening again.

When I got home I just ran up to my room and studied. I didn’t want my grades to go to crap and I needed to be distracted.


Sam: Look I’m sorry for bringing it up I know he meant a-lot to you.

There he goes disrupting my thoughts and bringing them back to square one I didn’t want to think about him but Sam can’t just let it go.

I didn’t text him back,I’d care less if he was sorry or not.

As I climbed into bed ready to go to sleep I just couldn’t get the thought of Dannie out of my head,I missed him so fucking much words wouldn’t manage to explain,he’s one of the main reasons why I built this brick wall between me and anyone.



P.s Nate will be in the upcoming chapter ;)

Messed up inside & out {Omaha boys Fanfic}

Chapter 10 : It felt so right.

I woke up sweating with a pain in my stomach, clutching it I quickly turned on my night stand light. I stood up trying to go get my home phone when I felt a warm liquid trail down my thigh,I snapped my head down to see blood running down my legs. 

This can’t be right. I freaked out calling 911, telling them about the situation at times choking on my words. This can’t be happening I can’t be losing my baby. I was trying to stand up to open the doors until my legs lost strength and my eye sight went blank.

Waking up I was confused but then everything came flooding back to me.

“Someone please I need help!?” I yelled sitting up on the hospital bed breathing heavy while tears started to pile up.

Finally a Doctor came in with a symptomatic look on his face,right then and there I knew something went wrong.

“What’s going on!? Is the baby okay” I freaked out grabbing a tight hold onto the bed railing.

“Monica something did go wrong, you had a miscarriage I’m sorry to inform you with such devastating news but we have groups of women-” He started rambling on about some stupid group.

The only fucking thing going through my head was my baby just died he’s gone. All of me imaging holding his little hand,cradling him, taking him to his first day of school just disappeared in that one second. 

“Please leave” I snapped annoyed at him which I shouldn’t be but everything was just too much for me.

Hours passed with me sitting on that one hospital bed trying to make sense of everything that happened. I got up, put on my clothes and walked out calling a cab to get me from the hospital.

“Where to miss?” The cab driver asked.

“Nearest bar” I informed sitting back just thinking and thinking.

When he got to the location I payed him and walked towards the almost vacant bar. I sat down in one of the booths looking out the window.

I was confused, I didn’t know how to deal with it ,everything I wanted just left me, I wanted to kill myself because I didn’t think I had anything to live for.

“MONICA?! What the fuck are you doing in a bar” Nate snapped walking towards me.

I shout up finally noticing the tears that escaped my eyes.

“Trying to buy a drink what the fuck dose it look like” I snapped looking away from him.

He sat at the other end of the booth staring at me intensely.

“Hasn’t anyone told you staring’s fucking rude” I looked at him with a smug.

“Hasn’t anyone told you pregnant people aren’t supposed to drink especially if it’s my child” He snapped back staring with a pissed off face.

“I’m not pregnant…” I slowly whispered looking away.

“What you mean your not pregnant” He asked furrowing his eyebrows together.

“Why do you fucking care NATE FUCKING LEAVE YOUR A PIECE OF SHIT YOU KNOW THAT YOU FUCKE-” I kept shouting standing up out of the booth walking towards him while he wrapped me up in a hug.

All my strength was useless I tried to fight him but nothing worked I was a mess of multiple emotions attacking me. 

“Nate let me go!” I exclaimed.

He didn’t he kept his strong hold onto me and wouldn’t budge.

“I don’t want to..” He replied turning me around.

Looking up I saw the emotion, finally something more then anger and frustration.scrunching my lips together I started balling my eyes out. I wanted to look emotionless but I couldn’t that little boy was my soft spot I couldn’t forget it I wouldn’t be able to.

Punching Nate’s chest I started up again like wildfire.


“Monica stop don’t say stupid shit like that” Nate demanded looking at me confused. 

“It’s not very useless if it’s gonna happen” I spoke looking away annoyed at him.

He grabbed a hold of my face,facing it towards his.

“Monica don’t ever fucking say shit like that or think about killing yourself! You right now think you have nothing to live for but you do you have your parent’s,your friends, and me.” He spoke clearly looking at me intense.  

“Okay I won’t but I have to go” I say restless while chewing at my bottom lip.

“Can I come with?” He asks.

“Um yeah okay I guess” I ask raising my brow confused pulling away from him and walking towards the doors of the bar.

As he walked behind I wondered about everything. 

“My cars over here” He states standing by his red BMW .

It reminded me of High school and how everything was so easy back then, complicated a bit but easy.

I walked over to the passenger seat and got in while he started the car up. As I was looking at the window thinking I felt his hand rest on my thigh squeezing it a bit. I should of pulled away cause of how he treated me but It felt good I missed it.

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Messed up inside & out {Omaha boys Fanfic}

Chapter 9: You can do it Monica

*Test message Beep*

Sam and Gilinsky wont stop texting me. They want me to tell Nate so they  gave me the address at where they were staying at.

I decided I was going to tell him, it would be selfish of me not to, just thinking about maybe bumping into him one day when our child’s 9 or 8 and having to admit would kill him and me.

I was putting on my clothes ready to head out because Sam told me they where going out to eat so I was going to meet them up and talk to Nate. I kept over thinking it, I didn’t know what I would tell him or how I was going to try to explain. I wasn’t expecting him to leave his girlfriend or be okay about this. It wasn’t okay how I didn’t tell him when he asked me, I lied.

Grabbing my bag I climbed into my car and drove off to my destination. 

While I was parking I spotted them inside chatting and talking, I saw Nate. I felt like throwing up right at that moment, I had butterflies and everything started coming back. My legs felt like absolute jello,I had no idea how I was going to walk over there if I couldn’t even comprehend what I was about to do.

I slowly opened my car door and started walking over catching Sam’s attention and both of the Jacks. I looked at there face’s with fear I was so scared. I was standing there trying to push my self to keep walking but I couldn’t , my eyes were glued to there’s until suddenly Nate turned around confused on why the guy’s where looking at me with worry. His face dropped, he looked like he saw a ghost. The only thing I could do was walk right in there.

I quickly walked in and took a seat in the middle chair, like a sudden burst of energy came through me. 

“Monica wha-” Nate started until a brunette walked through the doors.

“Nate god I couldn’t find any parking spaces,who’s this?” She asked motioning to me while taking a seat by him and giving Nate a quick peck.

I sucked everything in pretending it didn’t bother me,like I was completely fine.

“This is Monica our old friend from home” Sam stepped in mostly because I didn’t want to speak,terrified they would hear the pain in my voice.

“Oh nice to meet you and who’s the little fellow in there” She asked with a giggle smiling at my bump catching Nate’s attention quickly.

“Oh this is my little boy” I replied with a small smile rubbing my tummy.

Almost instantly Sam’s and the Jacks faces lit up.

“It’s a boy?!” they said in Que.

“Yupp” I simply replied. 

“Who’s the lucky dad” The brunette asked as I suddenly tensed up at the question.

“Oh I don’t um I have t-to leave so many thing’s I have to do and omg I just remembered my friends coming over” I stuttered trying to find a quick excuse to leave.

I was so quick to get up I lost my balance and almost fell until Nate caught me. Are eyes connected again but this time he looked mad, I knew I shouldn’t of come but just the thought made me go insane. 

“We’ll be right back , we just need to talk” Nate exclaimed sternly. 

He still had a firm grip around my arm almost dragging me out. 

“Nate… Nate NATE! stop your hurting my arm” I Yelped rubbing my arm when he let go.

“Sorry but WHAT THE FUCK MONICA” he yelled rubbing the back of his head.

“ What are y-” I started until getting cut off.

“YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT” He said motioning to the bump.

“Is it mine?” He asked in a low voice.

I tried to walk away make a run for it but he wouldn’t let me, he dragged me right back.

“OMG FINE YES IT’S YOUR BABY NATE, I DON’T CARE FUCKING LEAVE IF YOU DON’T WANT HIM I COULD TAKE CARE OF THIS BABY BY MYSELF! I’VE BEEN THIS WHOLE TIME” I exploded sitting down on one of the benches besides the little restaurant taking a deep breath.


“You never even called me back,you started ignoring me, you made me feel like it was all my fault,like you hated me. You made me feel disgusting like a one night stand. Nate you made me feel worthless how was I supposed to tell you when you didn’t even give two shits about me” I rambled crying but looking away so he wouldn’t notice.

He didn’t say a single word, he didn’t do anything, he just walked away. I had some hope in him hoping he’d understand maybe forgive me but the only thing he did was make me feel like shit. Like somehow this was all my fault. It takes two people to tango but I guess in this situation I’m the only one dealing with it.

I watched him walk away, I saw the confusion on the guy’s faces but me I took a deep breath ,got up, got in my car,and drove away. 

I hated feeling worthless, he makes me feel so vulnerable to anything. Today just proved everything I thought,he never wanted me or this baby, he just wanted a good fuck. Sadly I was the one that fell into that stupid trap.

It’s okay,I’ll be okay, i’ll be everything this little baby boy needs and more. 

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Massive iMessage fun

SoOoOo recently I was made apart of a group iMessage with girls from tumblr cause we all love the boys and it’s actually really fun so I was thinking I could make another one but with more people cause I love talking to people 😂

Doesn’t matter where you’re from or anything like that if you wanna be apart of it message me your iMessage details and I’ll start up a group chat :D

Messed up inside & out {Omaha boys Fanfic}

Chapter 3: Insomnia 

I rushed out of my car into my house hoping my mom wouldn’t ask how thing’s went. I went up to my room,shut the door,and sat on the corner of my bed thinking.

Why why would I do that,I should of not done that but he deserved it yeah he deserved it Monica. He treated you like shit you shouldn’t give sympathy to douches.

I was sitting there in silence listening to my thoughts bicker at each other when the sound of my phone ringing snapped me out. I slowly pulled my phone out of my bag to see who was calling me,Nate.

Should I pick up or should I ignore him?.

He’s ignored you all this time!DON’T give him the time of day Monica he’s not worth it!

I pushed the phone back into the bag pretending like the phone call never appeared or happened.

“Monica! how was school” My mom entered enthusiastically which gave me a heart attack.

I clutched my heart out of shock.

“Mom please knock next time” I exclaimed out of breath.

“Sorry I was just to anxious to hear about your school day” She chirped walking towards me.

“Uhh it was okay” I shrugged at her hoping she’d leave.

“Oh alright well I guess I’ll go back to making dinner” She smiled and walked out of my room.

I don’t fucking care.

As I was changing out of my clothes into some comfy clothes someone burst through my doors shutting them quickly.

Dose anyone know the point of knocking?

“Mom,what did I say about knocking” I scolded turning around to face a person that didn’t look like my mom.

“Monica” He started 


“Why did you even come here? I’m not gonna feel sorry or apologize” I replied with attitude in my voice.

“I wasn’t trying to do what you think I was” He pleaded coming closer.

“You could shove that excuse up your ass,not the first time I heard it Nate” I rolled my eyes.

How irrelevant can he get honestly ‘I’m not trying to do this and that blah blah blah’ fuck off such a stereotypical move.

He quickly walked towards me pinning me against my wall while he hovered over me.

Now I’m weak KO. I just sold my soul to Satan thanks.

“Monica baby girl I’m the one in charge not you” He smirked kissing up my neck.

“I-I” I kept stuttering not knowing what to say,jumbled words kept escaping out of my mouth and they weren’t even real words.

“Shh” He placed his finger on my lips and then slid his hand down my Sweats trailing down.

We heard foot steps coming towards my door so Nate quickly backed away giving a decent space between us while I stood there frozen like I just got fucked by a football team.

“Hunny dinners don- Oh Nate!” She exclaimed happily walking over hugging him.

My mom then looked over at me while in the corner of my eye I saw Nate smirking at me.

“Are you alright you look a little pale sweety?” She asked walking towards me.

“I’m a-alright I just,lets go eat” I jumbled up a quick sentence. 

Fuck he really messed up my mental mind state and physical.

“ I just got a text from my mom,I have to get home but it was nice seeing you Mrs.Torres,bye Monica” He replied walking 

out of my room. 

What the fucking hell……


As I was walking inside the school tugging at the rips of my black skinny jeans the only thing that kept racing through my mind was him,everything that happened kept repeating like a broken record. 

A long time ago I would be so happy because I had a humongous crush on Nate I cared deeply for him and if he did that then,I would’ve been wrapped around his finger like a puppy following his commands but now its different.I was more confused and mad then happy about this whole situation.

“Mooonniccaa” I hear some trail on my name so I quickly turn around to be faced with him the one that was on my mind.

Wow that sounded like it came right out of some cheesy movie or some romance teenage song.

“What the fuck was that all about?! Yesterday night?” I commanded an answer out of him anger flowing out of my mouth.

“Oh don’t act like you didn’t like it Monica” He deadpanned smirking leaning towards me.

“I didn’t!” I exclaimed.

Yes you did Monica don’t lie

“You have to be really full of yourself to think you can actually get me Nate” I added pushing past him walking towards French.

God why dose he have to be so fucking attractive but the whole douche persona really throws it off.

School went by pretty fast surprisingly and the twins or anyone didn’t bother me which gave me this lingering weird vibe.

I pulled out my earphones,shoved them into my phone,and turned on my playlist in shuffle.

So much to do, so much to see
So what’s wrong with taking the back streets?

I started humming to All Star - Smash Mouth while walking towards my house.

“MONICA!” I faintly hear someone yelling my name so I pulled out one of my ear buds and looked back reveling Sammy.

“Yeah?” I questioned turning off my music and shoving the earphones into my bag.

“I’m sorry” He let out a big sigh approaching me.

“Look honestly it’s pushed away I don’t care but don’t try to bring it up!” I replied.

“I won’t” He exclaimed.


“Sam I-I’m just gonna go” I sigh and start walking towards my house again.

I instantly get pulled back and then I suddenly feel a burst of static on my lips.

“W-Why?” I stutter looking at him shocked.

“I honestly don’t know I just thought it was the right thing to do” He looked nervous replying but also sincere in a way I guess.

“I’ll see you at school” He quickly spat out walking back towards his car.

Alright way to leave a girl hanging after you mouth raped her.

I was starting to get a headache thinking about everything it was just so confusing!? was this all game did they both just plan it out, maybe they wanted me to go insane. There pushing me to my fucking limits I’m going insane and I hated the fact that I was admitting it.

Monica there’s a party today get your fucking ass up,drink your sorrows,and party your mind away!

I ran upstairs to my room,sliding my bag off in the corner of my bed,and plugged in the Neighborhood in my speaker system.

Running like a maniac around my room I finally pieced together what I was going to wear tonight. A black leather jacket,white plain t-shirt,distressed skinny jeans,and my favorite black buckle boots.

I walked over to my mirror staring at my reflection,straightening my jacket I was satisfied with my appearance but now its time to kick some ass.

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I’m REALLY hoping this New York trip helps Gilinsky… The way he’s been lately is making me dislike him and it hurts because I love him SO much and I hate seeing him change for the worse