Grayson Dolan - Why can’t you move on?

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Request:  Can you do an imagine where Grayson dolan gets jealous of y/n ex bc he keeps checking her out?❤️i understand if your too busy but I love your blog , P.s gray is y/n bff or boyfriend Much love serina❤️😘

With my little niece in my arms I walk out into the backyard that was full with my family and friends. It’s my brother’s graduation and my mom, as always wanted to make a party. Okay, I admit, it was a miracle that he finished high school, but whatever.

“Dada!” My niece screams pointing at her dad.

“You want to go to dad? Okay, come on.” I walk down the stairs and hand her to her dad.

“Thanks for the babysitting,” he smiles at me but I just shrug. I love playing with little children, they are really sweet.

I walk back to the terrace, grab a plate with some food on it that my dad made and then leaning against the wall I just watch the people. My eyes find my ex-boyfriend who is laughing with his friends at the back. He is a friend of my brother and that’s why he is here, otherwise he wouldn’t come anywhere near the house. His ego got hurt when he found out I’m dating Grayson.

Things ended quite… badly between us. I was already talking to Grayson, but just to be clear, I didn’t cheat on him. I broke up with him before I even went on a date with Grayson. He was desperately trying to get me back, texted and called me every day after we broke up and barely stopped when Grayson and I became a couple. Therefore, Grayson hated him. My brother told him to stop and I have a feeling they even had a fight over it, but since then he was totally avoiding me, but that didn’t change Grayson’s opinion on him.

I sigh and put down the plate when I’m done eating and then walk over to Grayson who is talking to my cousins.

“I’ll ask Ethan, but this is a good idea,” I hear him say as I join their little circle. I don’t say anything just hug his waist and he puts his arms around me immediately.

They are talking about some videos and I just listen to them when my eyes shift to my ex. He is staring at us. I raise my eyebrows at him and he realizes that he is looking at us, so he awkwardly turns away.

“Why is he staring at you?” I hear Grayson speaking up next to me.

“I don’t know. Must be weird to see us together,” I shrug.

“He should just forget about you. I bet he watched all the photos and videos of you since we got together,” he growls clearly annoyed that he has to be at the same place as my ex.

“Just calm down, he didn’t even say anything to me yet.”

“He better keep him away from you,” he sighs kissing the top of my head. “Gotta go, I told your dad I would help him at the grill.”

I smile up at him nodding and he kisses me before walking away. I stay there with my cousins for a little while, then help my mom gather the dirty dishes and bring them into the kitchen. I start putting them into the dishwasher when my ex walks in. I turn around look at him and notice that he is looking at my ass.

“Can you stop checking me out? It’s really awkward,” I say rolling my eyes a put two glasses into the washer.

“I can’t even look at you now? Your celebrity boyfriend doesn’t approve it?” he scoffs sarcastically.

“Don’t do the drama. Do you really want to do this when my whole family is here?”

“At least they will see that you are better by my side,” he shrugs and my eyes widen.

“Are you out of your mind? Grayson and I have been together for more than six months. Why can’t you move on?”

“Because I never wanted to break up with you!” he snaps.

“But I did. End of story!”

“What’s going on here?” Grayson walks into the kitchen, his jaws clenches as he sees us alone. He slowly walks over to me putting an arm around my waist and looks at my ex like he is about to kill him.

My ex is two years older than us, but Grayson is definitely stronger than him, and he made sure he noticed it too.

“I was about to go,” my ex mumbles, but Grayson speaks up.

“Why don’t you go home, buddy?”

“Why would I?” he spats raising his eyebrows at my boyfriend.

“Because I’m sure my girlfriend’s parents won’t be happy if I tell them that you can’t leave their daughter alone. And her brother may be your friend, but I’m sure he will get mad is she tells him how you creep on her.”

He is hesitating taking what Grayson said in, and then decide to just walk out of the house through the front door. As much as I hate it when Grayson is being mean, I’m calmer now that he is gone.

“Thanks,” I mumble hugging his waist.

“Did he do something?” he asks putting his arms around me and kissing the top of my head.

“No, he was just talking shit,” I sigh.

“Alright, let’s pretend nothing happened. I want you to have a good time.” He smiles down and taking my hand we head out of the house. I tiptoe and kiss him on the lips getting some lipstick on his mouth. Giggling I wipe it off and he just watched me smiling.

“God, I love you so much,” he sighs.

“And I love you too,” I sing and then we walk out hand in hand.

I'm Sorry (n.m) Part 1

“Are you serious y/n” Nate said sitting up from the chair to face me

“What do you mean am I ‘serious” I reply back putting air quotes around serious “you fucking forgot our 2 year anniversary”

Nate shook his head “babe I told you I am sorry-”

“Well sorry isn’t good enough” I stared into his eyes. My head dropped down when Nate put his hand on my face

“Nate please don’t-”

“Y/n I’m so so so sorry that I forgot, I didn’t mean to forget I was just busy-”

“Yeah by busy you mean being at the club getting drunk and not even thinking about our anniversary” I raised my voice tears forming in my eyes

Looking into Nate’s eyes, taking a deep breath “Nate I don’t know if I can do this anymore”

Nate’s eyes widened “y/n baby-” he came towards me

I shook my head “No Nate I can’t”

He grabbed both of my hands “but I love you”

“and I love you too but Nate you keep forgetting things that are important to me”

Nate’s hands went from my hands to my waist pulling me closer to him “These things are important to me too”

“But you don’t show it”

I looked in his eyes for a good minute then I grabbed his hands pulling them off my waist

I grabbed my purse, keys, and phone “y/n where are you going?” Nate said grabbing my wrist

“I’m going to go my mom’s” gently I pulled my wrist away

I walked towards the door griping the handle

“Please y/n don’t leave”

“I’m not leaving you Nate I’m just going home to think about everything and I hope you think about thing too”

Opening the door I turned back around looking at him “I’ll be back”

One Time- Sam Wilkinson Imagine

A/N: So I went to the bar last night and I had a dream which inspired me to write this Imagine….because this is what happened in my dream lol. Enjoy!

As you stood outside the bar, you watched as Sam talked to another girl. She was ten times prettier than you and would more than likely sleep with him which is probably why he was talking to her. You watched as the conversation became deeper but you weren’t sure if Sam was flirting anymore. The laughing and touching had stopped and the conversation looked more serious than anything else.

You and Sam have always had feelings for each other and neither of you can deny that. You wanted to be with him and he wanted to be with you but it never quite got that far. Sure, you two have gone on dates and kissed and pretty much confirmed to everyone that there were feelings there but becoming an actual couple was a little more difficult that what people lead on.

Sam finally said goodbye to the girl and headed to stand next to you. As Nate and the Jack’s snapchatted away, you two stood in silence. You were far too drunk to have a nice conversation with Sam so staying quiet was the best option for you.

“Are you okay?” He finally asked.

“Fine.” You said, without looking at him. It was pretty clear that you were not fine and you knew Sam would figure it out right away.

“(y/n), I know you. What’s going on?” He said, placing his hand in yours and turning you to face him.

“Sam, I love you.” You’ve never told Sam that before but the alcohol and the emotions in you were letting everything come out. “You know that. So what the hell do you think I feel when I see you with other girls?”


“No,” You said, cutting him off. “I’m not saying you can’t get with girls but it hurts when I see it and it hurts when I hear about it.” Being such good friends with the guys means you get very in-depth descriptions of every part of their lives.

“I know how you feel, okay (y/n)? How do you think I felt when I found out about you and Nate?”

You knew as soon as you woke up next to Nate, the night would never be forgotten but you didn’t think it bothered Sam as much as it does. You and Nate were at a club one night and things got a little heated between you two. There were never any feelings there and you two considered it a one night stand that would never ever have the chance of repeating itself. 

“Picturing you with him, like that, makes me sick. And having both you and Nate tell me about it…I’m not gonna lie, yes I appreciated it but it affected me. That’s why I always pull back when we get too close or too comfortable.” Sam said, looking towards the ground.

“Hey,” You said, placing your hands on his cheek and forcing him to look at you. “It was one time and not a day goes by that I don’t regret it. You are the one I want to be with; in every way.”

“So it’ll never be him?” He asked about Nate.

“No.” You said, without hesitation. “It will always be you. No matter where I go, who I’m with or what I’m doing, it will always be you.”

Sam wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug. You could stay like that forever; you have never felt safer than when you were in his arms. You looked up towards him as he looked down towards you. The look in both of your eyes showed every emotion you two have ever felt towards each other. He leaned down and pressed his lips against yours and you felt as if your world was finally making sense again.

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