“I can tell that people are motivated by my transformations, and that feels really good. But everyone should know when the movie star stuff is over, I might go back to being the fat guy. My wife wants a pizza oven—she’s going to learn how to bake bread, and I’m going to eat it. I love the health benefits of exercising, and I have a kid now. By exercising, you really can add 20, 30 years to your life. But you gotta live too, so hopefully I’ll find a nice balance.”

-Chris Pratt

Nickelodeon Magazine Is Back!

Papercutz will release the very first issue of their brand-new version of Nickelodeon Magazine on Tuesday 23rd June 2015! Every issue of the all-new Nickelodeon Magazine will be chock full of comics, games, comics, puzzles, comics, behind the scenes features, and, of course, comics, starring all your Nick favorites including Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, and Harvey Beaks, plus much more! Full news on NickALive! and order your copy today at Papercutz.com!