So, I just moved into my new home 2 days ago and I found my cupboard to be really weird looking. It is approximately 42 years old and it had th brown colour look, I don’t know how to describe it and it looked a little bizarre for my modernized room. So I got it painted totally into matte black and I stuck up a few black and photographs from old magazines and made it look like this and it suits a lot to my room. In fact, it’s the most stylish thing in my room. I just love it.


Chloë Sevigny on the set of her photoshoot with photographer Tyrone Lebon for UK Vogue May 2015.


“I get a lot of adults who are like, ‘You don’t know shit,’ and it’s like, ‘You don’t know shit. You have no idea what it’s like to be 17 years old.’”  - Maisie Williams for Dazed Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2015 Issue [x]


  For more of her work visit São Paulo-based artist Ana Strumpf is the illustrator behind the series “Re.Cover” in which she customizes magazine covers such as W, Interview, Dazed & Confused, Esquire, Vogue and ID. The covers were illustrated as part of an art exhibition in São Paulo. Strompf uses only Sharpies and DecoColor pens to reinvent the faces of actors, musicians and political icons. Each cover is unique and as creative as the next, allowing viewers to see past normal standards of beauty and advertisement.


Glamour 2012 [½]

“I think some people think it’s just apple pie and sunshine and sprinkles and ponies. Which is just funny. But I never feel the need to go out and make some grand statement that I’m dark and twisty and complicated, because I’m not that either. It’s just not as simple as ponies and rainbows, though I do love ponies and rainbows.”