▲ Star Of The Show / Ross Butler ▲

For the lovely anon who messaged me around a week ago asking for more actor!readers, I’m a little rusty but I hope this is an okay start!

Also-I think about 99% of Thomas Rhett’s songs are about his lovely wife Lauren and I actually can’t deal with how beautiful these two people are together. 

Words: 1628

Song: Star of the Show, Thomas Rhett

Walking down the street hand in mine
It don’t keep them other guys
And their wandering eyes from looking at you
But it’s alright and that’s okay, who can blame ‘em anyway?
You’re so pretty and you ain’t even got a clue

Ross let you pull him down the street, laughing under his breath as you tried to pick up the pace. You were excited; you wanted to show him the cafe you had found-it was only small, owned by a couple that would be celebrating their fortieth anniversary soon.

He loved how compassionate you were, how sweet and kind and strong and how the small things in life could have the biggest impact on you. Most of all, he loved how much love you had in your heart.

He used these brief moments to take you in; to memorise how carefree and beautiful you looked. 

Coming to a halt at the corner, you impatiently pressed the button at the lights and jumped up and down-unable to stay still. Entwining his fingers with your properly, you squeeze his hand gently. 

“I can’t wait for you to meet them,” you insisted. “They’re the most generous people I think I’ve ever met,” you continued.

Nodding, Ross remained quiet-grinning at how your own smile hadn’t wavered since he’d first approached you only minutes ago. 

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