magazine: lisa

rainbows 🌈

What happens when jealousy stands in the way of the friendship with your bestfriend, JungKook, and all that you want is for him to be yours?

Sequel to Storm 

Pairings: Reader x JungKook, Lisa x JungKook
Word count: 2119
Notes: I’ve been saying that I would write a part 2 for this fic for a while and I’ve finally got around to doing it. I’m sorry for taking me so long. enjoy :)

“Because you love me.”

When you had said those words, you hadn’t even been certain in which way you actually meant them. Because you had known that JungKook had only taken them as an innocent banter, something said lightly, just as a joke. But deep inside you, they had felt like more than that, because you still had had that small glimmer of hope that he might actually feel in that certain way for you. It didn’t actually matter, maybe without even knowing.

The rain had stopped for a couple of minutes now, damp ground, wet grass and a fragile rainbow, dangling from your window.

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