magazine: empire

Hiddleston himself is showing no signs of flagging. Ever-chipper, he does jumping jacks between takes and regales us with acting advice from Michael Caine: “Don’t blink, ‘cause they’ll cut away. And pick which eye you look into: if you go from one to the other, it conveys weakness on film.” He also reveals the latest inter-cast craze: texting each other gifs from their films.
“John C. Reilly has instructed me in the way of the gif,” he laughs. “It’s fun, because you can take the piss out of yourself. I’ve been sending people a particularly humiliating dancey one of me. And John recently, when he was disappointed by something, sent a gif of me from The Deep Blue Sea. I said, 'Where did you find that?’ He said, 'I just googled "disappointed gif”.’
—  “Jungle Boogie”, Empire Magazine, March 2017.