“What makes you so late?”

Niko was surprise to be greeted by a cold voice from Maki instead of the usual quick and small kiss. It was a very tiring day for the super idol, drama filming by day and magazine shoot by night, so the last thing Niko need is to have a quarrel over a silliest thing.

“I had filming and magazine shoot, that’s all.” She said while gently putting all her stuff down to the table. Maki shot her with a cold look, as if refusing to believe what Niko just said. Sensing something must be wrong, Niko approached the red-haired girl.

“What’s wrong?” She asked in a confuse tone, trying to touched Maki’s cheeks m. But much to her surprise, the latter harshly brushed her hand.

“Do not fucking touch me.” She said again.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Maki?!” Niko retorted, not wanting to swallow anymore of this crap. She was tired from work already, no need to go through something like this.

“Is this true?” Maki reached out to the table and shoved Niko a gossip magazine to her face. There was an article on the opened page that featured a blurred picture of a young man and girl walking together on a street. The article claimed that it was the super idol Yazawa Niko with her manager going on a date.

Niko’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe Maki found that pesky gossip article. It caused quite a buzz on her office too, but Niko knew she never done anything like that. She wouldn’t want to hurt her fans and more importantly she didn’t want to hurt Maki. It was all a fake article created to bring her down right on the peak of her popularity.

“Is this the reason why you always come home so late??” Maki said angrily, pointing her finger towards the article.

“Oh please Maki you know better than anyone else that it is a goddamn fake article!”

“Oh? Is that so? Then how come it comes with a very detailed description on how your ‘date’ went?!”

Niko couldn’t believe Maki actually fell for that cheap looking article. Maki’s smart, Niko knew that.

“You’re supposed to be smart dammit! Can’t you tell it was photoshopped or something?! Besides the picture is blurred, it could have been anyone else!” Niko shouted back, defending herself in every way possible. But Maki isn’t going to let her guard down anytime soon. She slammed the magazine down to the floor and started to yell again.

“I won’t believe you Niko! I know I’m busy but is this how you repay me? After all I have done for you?! Do you even love me?! Oh right, you love that ‘manager’ on the picture now. Not me.”


Maki was stunned, Niko was slapping her hard on her face. Her cheek redden and a mark can be clearly seen. In front of her Niko was crying, sobbing loudly with tears freely falling from her red orbs.

“Don’t you dare say that I don’t love you.”


“I was already tired from work and now you’re giving me this crap?! What happened to the trust in our relationship?! I said it’s a fake article, me and my agency can prove it if you don’t believe me. But please… please don’t say that I don’t love you.” Sobbing, Niko tried so hard to fight Maki back. She was devastated by the fact Maki said that she didn’t love her. The article really affected Maki and Niko knew that, but still she couldn’t help but to be upset.

“It hurts me you know, if this true… if you’re going out with another person.” Maki finally spoke, her tone had soften a little bit.

“W-we already plan a conference to clarify it next Tuesday… My fans were hurt too, Maki.”

“Niko-chan, I didn’t mean to yell earlier.”

Now Maki had calm down, she tried to reasoned with Niko. She didn’t think there was a possibility about it being fake and all earlier. She was also tired, just came back from her doctor work, when she saw that article. To think Maki just abruptly accused Niko like that….

“Sorry I slapped you… did it hurt?” Niko said, hands gently caressed Maki’s swollen cheek. Maki shook her head.

“Let’s talk this through.” Maki said, eyes locked on the twin tailed girl’s red orbs.

“Please believe me when I said it was all fake….”

“It’s just… I just can’t bear the thought of you slowly slipping away from me… What if I wake up and then the news is true? Can you promise me that it will never happen?” Maki said, her voice was shaky and her body was trembling.

“Maki, do you trust me?”

“I do, Niko-chan.”

“Then trust me, I won’t leave you for all eternity.”

Maki smiled, admitting her mistake for doubting Niko earlier.

“I’m sorry Niko-chan.” Maki said softly, hands toying with Niko’s stranded locks. She then gave her a soft and gentle kiss, as an apology.

“It’s ok, sorry for being busy and makes you worried too.” Niko said again after they broke their kiss.

And then Maki pulled her into a long and warm hug.

Everybody’s like “where’s ikon” after they just had that magazine shoot a week or two ago but I’m just here wondering if Pink Punk still exists.