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Concept: Egos at the library. Chase reads sports magazines every time, Marvin reads anything that deals with magic, Jackaboyman reads comics and fantasy books (claiming it's for research/tactile advantages), Shneeple takes the kid books dealing with sicknesses (claiming to not need the real med. books), and they (plus a few of the Iplier egos) have to force Anti out of the Horror section (Always a challenge to do this: It ends when Anti is carried out by Dark, pouting and glitching up a storm)

This is canon and no one can tell me otherwise - Mod Lily


“My first proper girlfriend, she used to live an hour and a half away on the train, and I worked in a bakery for three years. So I’d finish and sprint to the train station. Later, I’d remember her perfume. Little things. I smell that perfume all the time. I’ll be in a lift or a reception and say to someone, ‘Alien, right?’ And sometimes they’re impressed and sometimes they’re a little creeped out. 'Stop smelling me.’”


The smell of old books and the warm feeling of being inside bookshops. ✨


                                 Starring: Sakata Gintoki In The Cover

          “When people break their old selves they embark a journey to find their new selves.”

                                              ↳ Happy Birthday Kim @mitsutada!

do you ever just want to have a library in your house or is that just me

this is me basking in the beauty of Mt. Cloud✨