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the evolution of hansol vernon chwe in sleeveless shirts, an appreciation post


Vogue article for Sehun’s birthday. 

“Hitting several milestones this year by turning heads during Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 show in Paris and making an appearance on April’s cover of Korean Vogue, Sehun seems poised for greatness, a fact his fans appear to agree.”


These Illustrations were part of a job for Women’s Health Germany I did in November 2012. The article (came out now in February) was about how to handle tricky situations, when you have no clue what’s going on or what the other person is talking about. I just got the situations and they wanted me to illustrate it pretty straight forward, not with too much concept behind it.

1.Going to a party, of which you didn’t know that it was a theme party.

2. You didn’t get what your mother was saying because you didn’t really listen to her.

3.Meeting a person on a street and which seems to know you, but you don’t know who it is.

Things like these.

It was a fun job and working for WH was a pleasure!

Caught In The Eye Of The Storm

It was supposed to be the wedding of the year between Alec Lightwood and Aline Penhallow, the newest star in Hollywood. But out of the blue the whole thing has been canceled. To get away from all the annoying gossip, Alec decides to move to NYC, starting all over and working on his writing career. Simple as that.

Magnus Bane is a freelance photographer at the lifestyle magazine “Pandemonium”. His first job after he’d taken a sabbatical: Find out where Alec Lightwood disappeared to and get pictures. Magnus certainly has no desire to do that. Especially since he is no paparazzo and doesn’t care for some random brat of a famous corporate lawyer.

If only he knew that the tall, shy but so very handsome dark-haired guy he recently met isn’t so unknown to the world as Magnus believes he is …

Chapter 3 of “Caught In The Eye Of The Storm“ is finally up!

Read it on Ao3 here.

Hear me out: The Devil Wears Prada Voltron AU
  • Allura is the editor in chief and fashion industry tycoon of the Voltron Fashion magazine. Her father, Alfor, had been a designer and fashion editor of the original magazine, Altea Style.

  • During the time of Alfor’s leadership, when the magazine was still called Altea Style, a disagreement between Alfor and Zarkon led to Zarkon leaving and starting his own magazine, Couture Galra. Unfortunately, loyalties within Altea Style were divided, and many in the company left with him (such as the famed designer Haggar). The split hit a huge blow to the magazine’s popularity and influence, and to recover they went through a major rebranding, renaming the magazine to Voltron Fashion.
  • Allura has always been a part of the industry. Even as a child, her father would ask for her thoughts on certain styles and looks. As time went by, she became more and more involved: attending run-throughs and charity events with her father, pitching her own ideas in editorial meetings, even designing her own line of clothes for a couple of years. By the time Alfor had decided the best way to save the magazine was to rebrand it, and to retire and let someone new take over, Allura had made a name for herself separate from her father’s. She was the obvious choice to be the new editor of Voltron Fashion, although there were many furious with the decision to choose her, due to her age (note: in this au, they’re aged up to mid-twenties, early thirties). She has high standards for the magazine and for her employees, because she’s working to rebuild the company to it’s former glory, and one wrong move can risk everything. However, despite the high standards, she’s kind to her employees and wants the entire magazine to function as a team.

  • Coran is the oldest and most loyal employee at VFM. He had worked with Alfor since the beginning of Altea Style. He’d been a model (they called him Coran Coran the Gorgeous Man for a reason), then a designer, then an editor for the magazine. Now, he’s one of Allura’s most trusted confidents. He doesn’t really have an official editorial position in the magazine as far as a specific department to lead, but instead dabbles in all of the areas of the magazine as a sort of second-in-command for Allura.

  • Lance is her Personal Assistant  #1, and has always been interested in fashion. He wants to go to Paris so badly, to have a part in all of the glitz and glamour of the fashion world. The job may be stressful af, but the paid trip to Paris and all of the free clothing/shoes/accessories make it worth it all. His goal is to someday be an editor for the magazine, or design his own line of clothing (which he’ll call “Mrs Blue Lion”).

  • Keith ended up as Allura’s PA #2. He’s completely clueless about fashion i mean, he has a mullet, for goodness’ sake  and only applied to the job because it was with a magazine and the salary advertised was crazy high. Shouldn’t be too difficult, and unlike in his previous job at an auto shop, he’d actually be working towards his career. He really wants to someday write for one of the top newspapers.

  • Shiro is the lead fashion stylist for the magazine, choosing what clothes and styles will be shown in the magazine, and how they’re paired. He, like many working at Voltron Fashion, hopes to be a designer someday. In particular, he wants to design for disabled people and people with prosthetics. He lost his arm during the beginning of his career, in a bad car accident. Many thought that was the end of his career, but he came back surprise bitch. He treats his prosthetic as another accessory to add to his look.

  • Hunk works in the photography department. He’s great with the technical process of taking the photos and developing them, etc., but his true talent lies in the more artistic side of the job, in the positioning of the model and background and props to make a statement and really sell the product. He’s rather like a protege, and rose quickly in the ranks of the magazine to become one of the top photographers.

  • Pidge is one of the lead art directors for the magazine, and her job is essentially to put the magazine together. She designs the page spreads, fitting together the photographs and articles and mods to create an integrated whole. She loves working with the different programs like InDesign and Photoshop to create something beautiful.  

  • Lance and Keith naturally clash, and Lance feels like its not fair that Keith just… waltzes in and gets the job, while Lance had worked so hard to even get there. it doesn’t help that Keith looks hella attractive in those chanel boots and godd since when has a mullet looked good. It’s only after Lance gets sick and they need to work together at the charity gala that he starts warming up to Keith. 

  • “To get this job, you have to actually be interested in fashion, you know.” “What makes you think I’m not interested in fashion?” “You have a mullet, to start with.”
  • “They call me the Tailor because of how I thread the needle.” “Lance, literally no one calls you that. The last time you tried to help with the sewing department, Shiro almost killed you.”

I’m planning on writing more of this if there’s enough interest. Also just as a heads up I know nothing about fashion so don’t expect too much accuracy as far as that goes lmao

Picture Perfect Ch. 1

You’re not particularly into BNM, the new rising kpop group, but your best friend has fallen head-over-heels for their adorable maknae, Lee Daehwi. Your days in college are filled with working on your photography portfolio in hopes that a magazine will hire you, while your best friend’s is filled with stalking keeping up with BNM. However, when one day, your best friend decides to attend a fansign with your best camera, your entire world changes.

A multichaptered fic ft. Park Woojin, the trainees of Brand New Music, Yoo Seonho and the pd101 boys. In this story, your best friend’s name is Lee Seonmi; you two have been friends since high school, and you attend university in Seoul and room together. 

Chapter One: Concentrate

“Look,” you stared sternly at your best friend Seonmi over your laptop, “you seriously need to finish your essay instead of blogging about Lee Taehee—“

Lee Daehwi!”

“-or whatever his name is. Seriously, what would your mom say?” You continued scolding Seonmi, who just snickered and continued scrolling on her blog.

“She would say that I should live life to the fullest!” Seonmi defended, sending you a defiant look.

“No, I’m pretty sure that she would say that you’re wasting the money that she’s paying for your college tuition,” you laughed back, throwing a sugar packet at her.

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OK I know I said I wanted to keep reading more than I wanted to flip out on tumblr rn, but fuck it.

Worm is a good story, it’s a great story - but even more than that, it’s effective.

[Cut for moderate spoilers regarding Taylor’s characterization, and the overall worldbuilding. Also, vague discussion of general people-being-horrible sorts of things, but… yeah, this is Worm I’m rambling about here.]

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I’m Young - Part 1

Summary: My boss is Im Jaebum, also known as my childhood best friend that left me without really saying good-bye. Jinyoung works for him; he even went to high school with him. And now I work for Jaebum too. Jinyoung is my sweet boyfriend, but why do I feel so nostalgic toward JB? I really missed him.. but I barely knew him for that long. Only for a year when I was 7. Why do I feel this way?” 

Warning: smut (later chapters), swearing, violence

Song Inspiration: I’m Young by Nam Taehyun 

“In your world, there wasn’t any place for me
Out of sudden, I took a place because of some feelings”

Part 1:

“Hey cutie” Jinyoung said to me as I walked out of  my economics class. That was his favorite pet name for me.  I was so surprised to hear his voice in person again.
“Jinyoung! Oh my God! I thought you had Calculus today?” I had the biggest smile, and I couldn’t believe it was really him.
“I kind of left early to see you.”
Jinyoung and I have been dating since freshman year of college. He just came back from his internship in California at Im Corporation, the most prestigious tech company in America. I didn’t see him last night because he came back a little late, plus we both had class this morning, but now I finally got to see him after 3 months.
I jumped into his arms outside the lecture hall, not caring if anyone was judging. I missed him so much. I don’t think we would ever survive a long distance relationship.
“Woah there!!!” He said and I felt his legs wobbling just a tad. I giggled to myself and landed a big smooch on his left cheek, and hopped out his arms and grabbed his hands. 

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