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the evolution of hansol vernon chwe in sleeveless shirts, an appreciation post


Vogue article for Sehun’s birthday. 

“Hitting several milestones this year by turning heads during Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 show in Paris and making an appearance on April’s cover of Korean Vogue, Sehun seems poised for greatness, a fact his fans appear to agree.”


These Illustrations were part of a job for Women’s Health Germany I did in November 2012. The article (came out now in February) was about how to handle tricky situations, when you have no clue what’s going on or what the other person is talking about. I just got the situations and they wanted me to illustrate it pretty straight forward, not with too much concept behind it.

1.Going to a party, of which you didn’t know that it was a theme party.

2. You didn’t get what your mother was saying because you didn’t really listen to her.

3.Meeting a person on a street and which seems to know you, but you don’t know who it is.

Things like these.

It was a fun job and working for WH was a pleasure!

OK I know I said I wanted to keep reading more than I wanted to flip out on tumblr rn, but fuck it.

Worm is a good story, it’s a great story - but even more than that, it’s effective.

[Cut for moderate spoilers regarding Taylor’s characterization, and the overall worldbuilding. Also, vague discussion of general people-being-horrible sorts of things, but… yeah, this is Worm I’m rambling about here.]

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As I was saying, turns out I’m writing a Twin Peaks fanfiction. It will be short. I hope. It’s about Albert taking care of Dale and Harry. Chickens might be involved.

It’s here : 

@letempsdulilas I blame you. And owls. 

Picture Perfect Ch. 1

You’re not particularly into BNM, the new rising kpop group, but your best friend has fallen head-over-heels for their adorable maknae, Lee Daehwi. Your days in college are filled with working on your photography portfolio in hopes that a magazine will hire you, while your best friend’s is filled with stalking keeping up with BNM. However, when one day, your best friend decides to attend a fansign with your best camera, your entire world changes.

A multichaptered fic ft. Park Woojin, the trainees of Brand New Music, Yoo Seonho and the pd101 boys. In this story, your best friend’s name is Lee Seonmi; you two have been friends since high school, and you attend university in Seoul and room together. 

Chapter One: Concentrate

“Look,” you stared sternly at your best friend Seonmi over your laptop, “you seriously need to finish your essay instead of blogging about Lee Taehee—“

Lee Daehwi!”

“-or whatever his name is. Seriously, what would your mom say?” You continued scolding Seonmi, who just snickered and continued scrolling on her blog.

“She would say that I should live life to the fullest!” Seonmi defended, sending you a defiant look.

“No, I’m pretty sure that she would say that you’re wasting the money that she’s paying for your college tuition,” you laughed back, throwing a sugar packet at her.

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Dear body, you were never a problem. There is nothing wrong with your size, your curves, your scars, your flaws, your stretch marks, or you. It's not your job to look like the people in magazines. It's not your job to look "pretty." You're good enough already.
Jobs reduce people. One of our lines goes ‘I’ve never had a job, because I don’t want one’ : jobs reduce people to absolute stupidity, they forget to think about themselves. There’s something so positive about unemployment. It’s like, Now We Can Think About Ourselves. You won’t get trapped into materialism, you won’t buy things you don’t really want…
—  Morrissey, Sounds (1983)