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“I don’t depend on my work to make me feel good about myself. When people invest their ego and their self-image in their work, and one day someone doesn’t look at it in the same way they do, or you grow up and your eyebrows get bushy and you don’t get parts, you fall so heavily and you hurt so bad.” 

- River Phoenix (US Magazine, Sept 1991)


Snk Interview on Animage Magazine June 2017 

Image from @fuku-shuu 

OP Part:

Again, Revo-San (Linked Horizon) hit “home run” for us. But this time it is different from our experience when working on the compilation film. During that time, Revo had already finished the composition when we were at discussion meeting– “Actually, I already finished writing the music” as he said (laugh). In the case of season 2, while Isayama-San, Revo-San and I were together talking about the appropriate images for OP at the beginning, Revo-San first mentioned a phrase “Dedicate your heart (Shinzou wo sasageyo)”, and everyone decided unanimously “that’s it!” Then (I/we) started to construct the OP animation according to that phrase. We created OP with the theme “not only human beings are dedicating their hearts”. I feel that perhaps I was able to properly raise the feelings initially shared by Isayama-San, Revo-San and me into a higher level with films. This OP shows a lot of positive signs.

ED Part:

It was already fortunate enough for me to have the opportunity to be present at the first meeting between Isayama-San and Shinsei Kamatte Chan (laugh). Although we credited “Story Board-Isayama Hajime” in the ED, in fact what we received from him were several photos of his draft drawings and detailed memos about the world history in SnK universe. These materials include secrets regarding the SnK world with much information not yet mentioned in the manga… That means, they assume “not to explain things” as the right choice to make. So this ED is made to pose “mysteries” to the audience. Keeping this idea in mind, I took charge of giving design directions to staff members, thinking over how to handle the animation and making photographic elements to edit animation drawings. This ED clip also gives many positive signs but in a disparate way from the OP.

Sunset Imagined (second isolated image from the triptych Sunset Light in Three Movements) © Russell Tomlin :

“You know, I think I’m finally getting the hang of the British crossword.”

Pet Peeve of the Day

When games, books, stories, or other media featuring guns call them “clips”.  The vast majority of the time it’s not a “clip”, it’s a “magazine”.

THIS is a clip, specifically from a mosin nagant rifle:

What you’re usually talking about is this:

THAT is a magazine (from a 9mm Beretta PX4 Storm, in particular).  

The take-away here, the rule of thumb?  If it ENCLOSES the cartridge, it’s probably a magazine.  Even if it goes inside the weapon like that 9mm mag, it’s probably a magazine.  If it does NOT enclose the cartridges, it may be a clip.

Please please please get it right.