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Flote M2 Tablet Floor Stand

If you are an avid user of iPads, tablets and e-readers, wouldn’t you be interested in knowing which tablet stand was voted “the best tablet stand ever”? After all, stands are an incredibly practical addition if you are using your tablet in bed, on your favourite chair or a sofa or while watching TV. So, “the world’s most elegant / best tablet stand” is Flote M2 Adjustable Floor and Bed Stand.

…is life beautiful or brutal?

“You come into contact with both,” he says. “You just have to respond the best way you can. Sometimes the brutality is humbling, and sometimes the beauty is surprising. It’s impossible to go through life without experiencing its random cruelty. But then, every day, there are so many things that are delightful. I’m not closed to any of it.”

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“Maybe it’s just getting older, you become so palpably aware this is not a dress rehearsal. There’s a big sign in blazing neon that says ‘You Haven’t Got Long.’ But I think it takes a beat to learn that. Life has to knock you down in order for you to realize it, because when you’re a kid you think you’re immortal.“

-Tom Hiddleston

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