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Kai - 161118 1st Look Instagram update: “에르메스 <파리지앵의 산책>  전시. 여유롭게 거니는 #엑소 #카이 를 포착했어요! 카이가 들고있는 돋보기로 전시 곳곳에 숨겨진 영상을 볼 수 있답니다 👀 #hermes #dmuseum #exo #kai #1stlook”

Translation: “Hermès ‘Parisiennes’ Promenade exhibition. Captured #EXO #Kai leisurely strolling about! You can see Kai exhibition with a magnifying glass in the video 👀 #hermes #dmuseum #exo #kai #1stlook”

Credit: 1st Look.

161116 1stlookmag ig update:

[1st Look] Vol.123 the CUT #timelessLOVE
Kang Seungyoon is a trustworthy boy who always carries out his responsibilities- no, goes beyond his responsibilities with intelligence in worrisome situations. Even in the midst of a competitive survival show he smoothly passed his missions without strains in his facial expressions and even after entering the more cruel world of “professionals”, he hasn’t lost his smile and walks his path diligently and calmly.

trans by: chrissy96_  

anonymous asked:

hi! i have been very busy for school lately and wasnt able to keep up with SHINee's schedule, can you briefly tell what happened this past month? thank you so much ♥

ot5: ongoing tour in japan (shinee world 2017). attended the 2017 one k global peace concert (march 2nd). rumored to be having a comeback in the third quarter of the year.

onew: appearance on order and cook (aired march 13th).

jonghyun: nightly blue night radio schedules. confirmed that he’s leaving the show on april 2nd. frequent talk about preparing a new album (rumored and likely to be story op. 2).

key: officially released charms fashion collaboration with irene kim, also appeared in an editorial for 1st look magazine with her. cast as a supporting character in upcoming mbc drama lookout (to begin airing in mid-may).

minho: hwarang finished airing. attended fashion week in milan late last month. participated in another basketball game for the korea celebrity basketball league (on march 5th). drew for the 2017 fifa u-20 world cup korea republic yesterday (march 15th).

taemin: doing his thing.