[TRANSLATION] Lay - 150529 MIX Magazine: “Exclusive behind the scenes | Zhang Yixing: His first reaction to being called a male god is to fix his hair”

“Last week MIX had an exclusive visit with EXO member Lay - Zhang Yixing - who was shooting for a magazine cover.

This big child who was born in 1991 displayed a shocking determination at the shoot’s venue. After undergoing a Korean entertainment company’s grueling training, the current Zhang Yixing seems to lack the typical feel of Changsha youth; natural, relaxed and acting with confidence before the camera.

On the day of the shoot, Zhang Yixing arrived to the set very early, then immediately made his way to the make-up room, and did not resurface. The stylists followed, one by one, but the shoot wasn’t starting for quite some time. After asking what was happening, we found out that his waist injury was acting up again this morning.

At noon, Zhang Yixing gritted his teeth and bore the pain of his injury, in order to appear in front of the cameras with his refined hair and make-up. Although unable to hide his fatigue in front under the lights, his eyes shone into the fast clicking camera shutter.

As for the matching of his clothes, Zhang Yixing has his own set of ideas. Normally he likes to wear a more comfortable attire, and when there are no promotions, he chooses his own outfit each day. He says:

‘With the t-shirts that I wear, I like to cut off their collars, because I feel like it clings to my neck and chokes me and generally isn’t comfortable. I don’t like clothes that give off a feeling of being trapped.’

When he is in Korea, Zhang Yixing often exchanges opinions on how to coordinate clothes with the team’s stylists.

To him, the most important thing about clothing is for the entirety of the outfit to match. Out of all the outfits worn during the photoshoot, his favourite was the blue sweater, because it is very similar to what he usually wears!

(It’s this one!↓↓)

He frankly shared that he is a Libra, with a phobia of making choices, so his closet is filled with the two colours black and white, in nearly equal proportion. What makes him different from a usual boy, is that he doesn’t usually have much time to shop. If he goes out privately, he may just wear a hat. He says that, in the past, he felt that it was okay as long as he feels comfortable, but that he’s recently started to pay more attention to his image. And when called a male god, his first reaction is to fix his hair, saying, while laughing:

To not disappoint other people, right! Me saying; does it seem like the burden of being an idol is too great ha ha ha!’

He lightly yawns as the hairstylist tidies his hair, and naughtily pulls funny faces in the short break between shoots, like a little child, but when he looks at photos, his 'dormant mood’ reappears; no longer appearing as though willing to jump down from the table, but instead bearing the pain and bending at the waist to look at the them.

It’s this Zhang Yixing, who this year opened his own studio in Beijing, and for whom his peers all say he is too lucky. Actually, he isn’t lucky, although this can all be seen as fortunate, because this is a product of his hard work. Just like his weibo username, he has always been striving and fighting, so the future Zhang Yixing will naturally be even more exceptional.

Credit: translation, dailyexo.tumblr.com, Source: Mix搭配师.