EY! Magateen calls upon Steven Klein to shoot bad boys of New York for its biggest ever issue!Models including Bobby Rake, Jason Perry, Jeremy Matos, Matt Ardell, Matt Logos, Liam Dean, Jason Cox take to the mean streets of the city that never sleeps in the 160 page mag. Watch the video here.

Nicola Formichetti continues his quest to get Diesel in key publications by offering his styling expertise whilst Luis Venegas handles creative direction.

The bumper issue comes with a special ‘Stripper Kit‘ – a pair of Diesel underwear briefs and 24 fake EY! dollars. All you EY! readers are then encouraged to take selfies in the pants and do your best stripper poses with the hashtags #eystripper and #eymagateen!There are also souvenir posters and postcards.


Spanish new face Sergio Carvajal is a tad shorter than your catwalk male model, but he more than compensates for the camera loves this boy and his beauty is mesmerising!

Modelling since the summer of 2012, Sergio has shot editorials for magazines including Fiasco Homme, EY! Magateen, Fucking Young and Adon.

His boyish good looks have also seen him amass a dedicated and growing social media following on Twitter and Instagram!

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Age: 19
Full Name: Sergio Carvajal Roger
Birth date: 27.11.93
Birthplace: Tarragona (Spain)
Ethnic Origin: Spanish
What’s your best feature: My lips?
Hobbies: Skateboarding
Fitness Regime: I don’t… I just eat as healthy as possible!
Favourite movie: Raid Redemption
What was the last track you listened to…? Drake – The Motion
Do you have any guilty pleasures? Enjoying myself at the odd party
What is your biggest fear? Bees hat is your dream place to visit? NYC
If you were not modeling, what would you be doing? Studying photography
If you could be on the cover of any magazine, it would be: Italian Vogue or Rolling Stone
What is your favourite fashion city and why: I think it’s LA because of the weather and I love California!
Who are your idols: Nyjah Houston, Bam Margera, Simon Nessman…
One word to describe yourself: Humble
Twitter: @7SergioCarvajal
Instagram: sergiocarvajal7
How much money would u need to shave your hair off? £50.000 would be enough

oh sebastian *blush* if this means that the next EY! is from england i don’t care how expensive it is i’m buying it! 


EY! MAGATEEN by Luca Finotti