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もしも、一つ屋根の下に住む、家族だったら? メンバーにアンケート!

If you all lived under one roof, if you were a family?

Hina: A severe, but kind father. Although Maruyama stated passionately “Murakami-kun is forever ∞’s mother!! That is set in stone!”, with 5 votes against, he (hina) joyously(!?) takes his place as father.

Subaru: A gentle, tolerant grandfather. Without competition, Shibutani is ∞’s grandfather! It’s not strictness, he’s a substantial existence we couldn’t do without.

Maru: A caring mother who’s easily moved to tears. He can sympathise with the other’s happiness as if it is his own and cry of happiness. The members can sense the maternal figure in him and dubbed him ∞’s new mum.

Yasu: The older sister who watches over and protects everyone. The Yasuda who acquired first place in the older sister ranking pitched in “…If you ask me, I’m probably the most like an older sister~”.

Yoko: Mischievous little brother. Rather than mischievous the general opinion is that he is really ‘my-pace’, so he’s in the little brother position. By the way, Ohkura voted him as the little sister.

Ohkura: The air-headed, cute little sister. The youngest and apparently air-headed(!?) Ohkura was cast as the little sister. “He used to get chased around by yankee’s, so I worry about him” said Yasu.

Ryo: An older brother who leads the family. Nishikido wrote about Maruyama that he’s like an older sister. Maruyama wrote that he thought of Nishikido as a younger sister. Are they two sisters who have mutual love for each other and get along really well!?

The arrows

Hina to Yasu: Baseball friends.

Yasu to Hina: will go sleep over (at his place).

Yasu/Yoko: Can understand each other without using words.

Yasu/Ohkura: Often go out drinking together.

Yoko to Ohkura: You’re cute❤

Sanbaka: Heavily rely on each other.

Hina/Subaru: Really strict towards each other.

Hina/Maru: The new ∞’s husband and wife.

Subaru to Maru: Thinks about the member’s the most!

Subaru to Ryo: Grew up the most.

Ohkura to Subaru: Reverance!

Ohkura to Ryo: Lead!

Ryo to Ohkura: He’s the healing type.

Ryo/Maru: In fact really sisterly?

Maru to Yoko: You’re really someone who perseveres despite difficult circumstances aren’t you.