Good Morning Followers!

EDIT: Requests are closed! Thank you all! :)

Today is my birthday! It is also Femslash February! There are also over 1k of you following me now!

Due to these three awesome and fabulous facts I have decided to dedicate this day to doing exactly what I love, and what most of you follow me for, and what FemFeb was started for: I’m just gonna spend the day drawing all the femslash I can!

So as thank you to all of you for being here (be you new or old,) send in requests! Request anything you like! Fandoms I know, fandoms I don’t know, old fandoms, new fandoms, crack pairs, crossovers, NSFW, your OCs, I’ll make up some OCs, send me a long prompt, a one word prompt, send a picture for inspiration, whatever! And you can submit as many requests as you want!

I of course reserve the right to not do a request, should I choose not to, but I’m going to try to do as many as I can. I’ll stop around 6PM PST (or maybe later, we’ll see how the day goes!) so request all you like until then!

Let’s make this birthday/follower count/FemFeb celebration the best ever!


(To those wishing to be spared from the femslash spam, the tag today will be Mag’s Birthday Request Party of 2014)

Requests are closed!

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It’s been a really great, fun day! My butt hurts, my back is sore and my wrist stings but it’s aaaall been worth it! I was surprised by the number of requests too, I didn’t even get to ¼ of them! I might do some more during the week (I believe in the birthday week, not just the day! XD) if time allows.

Once again, thank you all! You’ve been wonderful. <3