mag wheel

  • Goro: I need to keep my bike from being stolen. I figure if I think like a thief, I can figure outhow to protect it. So, how would you try to steal my bike?
  • Morgana: Well first off, how do you know your crappy bike is even worth stealing? How many pegs you got? Mag wheels? White tires? Worthless baseball card in the spokes?
  • Morgana: If not, then you got nothing to worry about. What self-respecting bicycle thief would steal a (shudder) ten-speed? Or a (shudder, shudder) mounTAIN bike? The only thing those bikes gets you is tired. Any bike with a water bottle holder is a complete waste of bike.

Steve McQueen in his Dune Buggy from The Thomas Crown Affair. I helped them design it, so I’m kind of proud of that. It’s set on a VW chassis with great old wide weenies - big wide tires on it with mag wheels. Corvair engine stuffed in the back,