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Mags talks Tarot: Turning of the Year spread

I created this spread to provide insight into what the outgoing year brought to my life, where I stand now, and what the coming year will bring.

I do mine on 31st October each year but it works equally as well as a New Year’s Eve spread, or a birthday spread, or at a personally significant point of the year. A proviso of mine is that I will not do this reading twice for one person within the same twelve months and personally feel that it would lose something if it was used more often, however YMMV.

This is a large spread and it usually takes me at least an hour to complete a reading, so you’ll want to make sure you’ll not be interrupted for a while if you choose to do it.

1. Where I am now in respect of my professional life.
2. Where I am now in respect of my personal life.
3. Where I am now in respect of my inner life.
4. What the past year can teach me about my professional life.
5. What the past year can teach me about my personal life.
6. What the past year can teach me about my inner life.
7. What the coming year will bring me in respect of my professional life.
8. What the coming year will bring me in respect of my personal life.
9. What the coming year will bring me in respect of my inner life.
10. Month 1 (starting with the month following the day of the reading – so for a New Year’s reading, this would be January)
11. Month 2
12. Month 3
13. Month 4
14. Month 5
15. Month 6
16. Month 7
17. Month 8
18. Month 9
19. Month 10
20. Month 11
21. Month 12

The first nine cards need no explanation as to what they are there to do, however I would say that you are at perfect liberty to change the focus of this spread if the professional/personal/inner life is not the best fit for you.  I’ve also read this spread using emotionally/physically/spiritually, financially/physically/intellectually, and body/mind/spirit – it’s all about what’s important to you. Use it to look into the three things that what you want to focus on in the coming year.

The final twelve cards are intended to elucidate on the themes provided by cards 7, 8 & 9 and to give a flavour of what each month may hold. They benefit from being looked at as a group rather than taking each card in isolation. Read them as a story about your journey through the coming year!

I also recommend taking into account the balance of the spread as you read:

Major vs Minor arcana; which are there more of?

If it’s major, then the coming year is going to be a very significant one. If they are clustered in one part of the year, then it’s giving you a much more specific timeline pointer, if they are spread evenly then it may be that the whole year will be important.

In relation to the minor arcana alone …

Which suit appears the most? Which suit appears the least? Is there a suit that doesn’t appear at all?

This will give you an indication of the theme of your year and indicate which areas of your life might be neglected unless you make an effort to focus on them.

Number wise, are you getting mostly low numbers, mostly high numbers or a mix?

These can give an indication of the stage you’re at with whatever element of your life is being highlighted by the cards and give you pointers as to where you need to grow.

Are there more court cards than number cards?

If so, it may be that your life is being strongly influenced by specific people, or it might be that these represent elements of yourself that will come into play at that time, or elements that you need to focus on.

If you have a card you use as a significator* ….

Did it appear? If so where?

One interpretation is that this is the point in the year (or element of the year past/ present/ to come if it turns up in cards 1 to 9) that is going to be particularly pertinent to you. When my significator turns up in this spread I usually draw an additional clarifier card (after I’ve finished drawing the rest of the spread) for that position to identify what it is about that point in the reading that is so personal.

On that note, please don’t be afraid to pull a clarifier card if there is an area of the spread that doesn’t make sense. However do make sure that you’ve thoroughly thought about the cards you’ve drawn before you start doing so. If you look at the spread and your gut reaction is to pull a host of clarifiers please be honest with yourself as to why you’re doing it. If it isn’t that you don’t understand what the cards mean but instead that you don’t like what they’re saying, it’s better to face up to that element of the reading (and possibly set aside some time to do a separate, focused reading specifically to work through that issue) than to draw another card in the hope that it will make the problem go away.

And finally … please also remember that this reading a snapshot of the year ahead at the moment you pull the cards – not a set in stone prediction that cannot be changed. This is going to give you an idea of what may happen so that you can get ready to meet it, allowing you to seize opportunities the year may bring and prepare/guard against the not-so-good things (forewarned is forearmed, after all!). It’s a spread to help you make the best of whatever comes your way and is not supposed to create anxiety or become something to beat yourself up about.

If you use the spread, please do let me know if it helped and if you tweak it (which you’re obviously more than welcome to do) please share that too!

*A significator is a card chosen from the deck that represents either you (if you’re reading for yourself) or the questioner (if you’re reading for someone else). Some people, myself included, have a card they identify with most and thus the appearance of it can be used as an additional element in readings. If you don’t have a significator, please don’t feel that you need to choose one!

anonymous asked:

*referring to your tags on shawn's flaunt mag spread* is anyone truly over it tho

like can i just say…that im offended that he just came out of nowhere??? like i literally was like ‘fuck this kid’ and avoided his face, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN THE FIRST PICS THAT ARE FORCED ON ME ARE THOSE??? like i didnt even get to dip my toes in, yall through me in the deep end so thanks for ruining me….

also…i still feel so wrong cuz hes a baby whos been legal for literally five minutes like i CANT

i’m gonna be talking about this forever but harrys shoot could have been something so…..different and i’m so glad it wasnt. like the fact that there are topless photos of him and with any other guy that could have been so over masculinised and hyper sexual/aggressive like your typical mainstream mag spread but with harry’s…it’s like, he’s topless but it’s so different? and it’s sexual, but it isn’t sexual in that uncomfortable forced way. like it still manages to be soft and have this almost feminine energy and vulnerability, like the long hair and the collar and the unconventional outfit and the nail polish and the low angles. theres no LOOK AT ME I’M A MAN WITH MUSCLES it’s all just understated and gentle and so so soooo harry and i couldnt be more proud

Charles was busy grading papers when Erik walked into the office, carrying an oversized fishing net on a long stick. “Charles, I found this downstairs in one of the storage rooms. Why do you have this?”

“Oh I’ve had that for sometime now. I plan to use it next time I have to stop you from doing something stupid darling. I call it a Mag-net.” Charles smile spread into a grin.

Erik looked at him for a moment. “I’m divorcing you.” He said flatly before he turned and walked out of the office.

“Erik, come back! You know I think you’re Mag-neato.” Charles called out to him. Despite Erik being down the hall, the office door slammed closed and Charles just laughed. /I love you too darling./ Charles sent telepathically and while Erik didn’t reply, he sent enough warmth back for Charles to know that he wasn’t really all that angry.

Showsie on the Cumberspawn waning and BC back at work

Hey Ballsy! Showsie here.

So the hullabaloo over the announcement of the fortuitously timed arrival of the Cumberspawn died down rather quickly, didn’t it?

And our intrepid ‘new father’ is straight into work on Hamlet rehearsals immediately afterwards. That’s some dedication to his craft, right there.

The question is… Will they go the Enterprise Pram pap op, or will they go straight into a two page gossip mag spread photo shoot about their (rent-a-)‘baby joy’? After all, BC’s parents have set somewhat of a precedent there.

I’m too pragmatic not to think there will not be any further showmance shill now that the 'miracle baby’ has arrived. I am just hoping against hope, given the prior form they have displayed with this, that they keep it relatively low key. Not holding my breath on that though. They seem to be exceptionally keen to mine a rich vein of fuckery with this whole shitshow.

Let’s take a moment to fondly recall how BC used to be respected for his integrity. How he used to be admired for keeping his personal life private and for not being typically 'Hollywood’. How he refrained from using a shoddy not so 'private’ life narrative to plug his career. How his talent used to be enough on its own to generate buzz about his future prospects in the industry.

I remember when I used to eagerly anticipate news of any future projects he was involved in. Which I could previously easily find out about without having to shovel through all the 'twoo wuv 5eva, no homo here, GAG notice, spot the baby bump, Oscar-nominated live-tweeted oh-so-private wedding, well timed birth announcement of SomebodyBatch’ shit.

Mmmm, Good times… Sigh!

Hey BC and your PR, I would be genuinely delighted if the purely work related type of publicity for Brand BC could make a comeback. Let’s leave Commander BeigeBatch on the shelf, where he belongs, hmmm?

 Just a thought.