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Armie and Timmy on stubble rash and kissing

[Timothée] said that Armie gave him stubble rash… Armie laughs hard. “Yeah right! I don’t know, I was shaving pretty closely! I hope I didn’t, but hey man, anything’s possible, I guess!” Still in good spirits, he chuckles again when asked if Timothée’s a good kisser. 

“We never actually kissed outside of rehearsals and making the movie, so I couldn’t tell you what Timmy actually kisses like,” he cleverly replies with a smile. “But I can tell you that Elio as a kisser is so much about sort of unbridled and borderline unexperienced passion. Not Timmy, but it’s very much Elio. I’m sure Timmy is a better kisser than Elio!” 


Talking of ‘that kind of stuff’, did filming also see [Timothée] experience that gay man rite of passage – stubble rash? 

“I don’t know what that is!” We explain. “Oh, very interesting, hmmm, hmmm,” he considers. “I guess now that you bring it up, yeah, I mean he’s not clean shaven in the movie…”


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hey! here to deliver the fluff! So how would the tfp bots react if their human crush asked them "hey, can you hold this?" and put their closed hand out as if to give them something, and when the bot extended their hand the human just wraps their hand around one of their fingers. It was a trap. What they wanted them to hold was their hand (saw this in a vine!)

It was a good trap.  The best trap.  >:3  Add this to the ever growing list of cute things I’ll do when I finally get a girlfriend.  XD

Optimus:  His hands are quite large.  You might need to wrap both your arms around his servo in order to make it clear what you were doing.  He blinks down at you in surprise as you grin up at him while hugging his hand.  “It’s me.  You can hold me.”  His face softens into a tender smile and he lifts you in his hands to bring you close to his face.  “Anytime,” he says fondly, gently tracing a finger over your head.

Ratchet:  He lets out a breathy huff of laughter and playfully rolls his optics. Okay, you got him.  That was actually kind of cute.  He’ll lift you up afterwards and let you sit on his shoulder while he works so he’ll have some company.  He really appreciates those small gestures of affection, even if he’s really bad about communicating it.

Bumblebee and Smokescreen both think that’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen! Bumblebee lets out happy little chirps and buzzes when you take his hand, his optics spiraling outward in delight. Smokescreen immediately becomes flustered.  (Ohmygodohmygod, we’re holding hands!  What do I do?!?!)  The more times you do it however, the less nervous he’ll become.  Both of them like to try to initiate the surprise hand holding with you as well at frequent intervals (even though you already know to expect it)

Arcee:  When you curl your hand around hers, she stops and glances down in surprise for a moment.  Then her face blooms into one of those beautiful, soft smiles of hers, and she looks at you with optics full of tenderness.  You can’t help but break into a smile yourself.  (She’s so pretty when she smiles, OMG!)

Bulkhead:  The poor guy gets all flustered when you hold his hand.  He can’t help it.  The energon rushes to his face and he tries to cover up his embarrassment with an awkward cough.  He averts his gaze with an awkward chuckle.  “Heh, you’re really cute, you know that?”

Wheeljack:  He will not be outdone in the affectionate gestures department!  As soon as your hand folds into his, he gently leans down to place a small kiss to the back of it, all the while maintaining steamy, sensual eye contact.  He chuckles when you pull away to bury your now beet red face in both hands.

Ultra Magnus:  “Hold this, Mags,” you say playfully, placing your hand in his outstretched palm. You gaze up at him with a soft, affectionate smile.  Ultra Magnus glances down at you with an unreadable expression.  He says nothing.  You continue to stare up at him expectantly.  Neither of you move for several seconds.  “Are you going to hand it to me or not?” he asks finally.

Did I hear someone say 'Big Daddy Mags'?

Erik is late. Even with his powers, meandering through Friday night traffic is a nightmare. He couldn’t have helped it though. Wanda had wanted her braid redone and Peter had been adamant on finding his silver jacket. At least they look docile now, sprawled on the back seat of the car- Wanda clutching her teddy bear to her chest and Peter ogling at his new goggles. He can only pray that they don’t start a fuss.

Erik thinks that this all too early. But Charles had insisted that he wanted to meet the kids. What was the hurry? They had known each other for only three months and been only on a couple of dates. He had not voiced any of his concerns at the time. But now, he’s sure that this is a very bad idea. He really likes Charles. Genius, smart, kind, mutant and gorgeous Charles. And his kids have a tendency of scaring away his potential partners. The last time it had happened, Emma had ran away like she’d seen wildfire.

It’s not that his children are monsters. No. Never that. But sometimes, they are unruly and unpredictable with strangers. Especially Peter. They had talked about it and the children had promised to be on their best behaviour for the entirety of the night.

Finding it difficult to shake off his building nerves, Erik pulls his shields up and decides to keep it that way for the rest of the night; lest he scares away Charles with his feelings instead of his children.

Introductions go swimmingly well. His five year olds seem timid at first but quickly warm up to Charles. A waiter takes their order of soup. When Charles enquires them about their mutations, Peter dashes off around their corner of the restaurant in quick laps and Wanda levitates her teddy bear a few feat up in the air, red sparks flying with it. Erik can’t help the proud smile that threatens to split his face every time the children display their powers. Charles- who is now wedged between Wanda and Peter on the other side of their round table- seems equally enthralled by the little show, laughing and commending them on their control.

A few minutes after soup is served, Wanda turns towards Charles and says innocently, ‘I like your mind. It’s warm. I didn’t like Ms. Frost’s. I was sharp and cold.’

‘Well, thank you sweetheart. I like your mind too,’ Charles replies with a genuine smile.

With his shields still intact, Erik reaches out to Charles telepathically. I’m sorry. She still doesn’t have control over her telepathy.

Charles looks up at him and smiles. It’s fine Erik. She’s just curious. No harm done.

Wanda senses the exchange between the two and continues, ‘I love my Daddy’s mind too. It’s my favourite minds after Nana’s.’

Erik should be disappointed that his daughter would pick his Mother’s mind over his, but he’s not. Probably he would do the same.

Charles laughs warmly and says, 'I like your Daddy’s mind too.’

Erik gets too busy arranging his square cloth on his lap to hide the flush on his face.

That is when his treacherous son opens his treacherous mouth.

'You’re very good looking,’ Peter starts. 'Is that why my Daddy loves you?’

Erik chokes around the first sip of soup. It’s bloody fucking hot. His tongue might have burnt for good. He hears Charles stuttering across him but he doesn’t lift his head from where he has bent down to sip on the soup.

'Does he now? I didn’t know that,’ Charles says recovering. His voice still catches on 'know’.

'Yes, yes! he does,’ Wanda says, motivated by Peter’s brevity. ‘He even keeps looking at your photo on his phone.’

Dammit. Telepath. Wanda’s use of her telepathy so erratic that Erik has to remind himself to keep his thoughts behind shields.

Suddenly, the constituents of his soup become very important to Erik. There’s coriander… pepper. There’s salt. Definitely salt.

He catches Peter’s voice again. 'Mr. Charles, did you know that my Daddy can control metal? Even big ones?’

'Yes dear, I do. Your Daddy has a very unique mutation.’ Charles says. There’s a hint of a smile in his voice.

‘He had dressed as Magneto- the metal bender of our birthday,’ Peter continues, not wiser of his father’s mortification. 'Our friends loved it very much.’

Wanda adds cheerfully, 'Daddy danced with me on Ballet class Annual day. He even wore a pink cape.’

Erik lifts his head up on instinct and corrects, 'It was Maroon Wanda.’

It's​ a mistake. He catches Charles’ eye. It’s bright with a undecipherable emotion in it.

Erik ducks his head again, concentrating on adjusting the cloth on his lap.

'Remy and Kitty love Daddy’s Magneto very much,’ Peter says. He’s never this talkative with strangers. ‘They call him Daddy Mags!’

This time, Erik coughs around his mouthful of water. Droplets of water go flying across the table. He quickly recovers and apologises, dabbing down his shirt and then the table.

Wanda continues, ignoring his presence, ‘Even the Mommies in my Ballet class love my Daddy a lot.’

This was new information to Erik; but at this moment, he doesn’t know if he should be proud or alarmed.

When Erik looks up again, Charles is looking at him with the same expression in his eyes. There’s even a smile on his face. But a smile could mean anything- from a friendly greeting to passive derision. Hell, he knows it by personal experience. He uses his to scare away people.

Erik wants to reprimand the children and tell them to start on their dinner. But they carry on relentlessly, Daddy this… Daddy that… Charles’ responses encourage​ them even more. His children never spoke like this to strangers. Erik doesn’t know what’s gotten into them.

He wishes he could hear Charles’ thoughts now. It’s unnerving to not know what Charles is thinking. Whether he wants to run away like Emma or not. He wouldn’t blame Charles if he wants to distance himself.

He sighs, gazing into his now cold soup.

Erik is startled by a hand on his arm. Charles is on his side, sliding into the chair next to him. The twins have vanished to admire at fishes on the other side of the restaurant.

'Don’t be so embarrassed Erik,’ Charles tells him smiling. 'They were only telling me things they love about you, hoping that it will get me to love you.’

And is it working? Erik has the mad urge to ask.

Charles scoots closer to him, ducks his head, tracing a fingertip from his wrist to forearm, says in a sultry voice: 'Too bad. They didn’t have to take the trouble.’ He looks up at Erik through lowered lashes. ‘Because, I already love you… Daddy.’

Everything that happens after is a complete blur. The bowls of soup fall over both Charles and him. Erik supposes that it has something to do with his hands falling limp on the table on hearing Charles’ words. The commotion pulls the children’s attention. Peter zooms past them causing several glass plates to shatter in his wake. Wanda’s teddy bear goes missing in the confusion. It takes them forever to find Mr. Bear and soothe a crying Wanda. By the time they pay for the damages and reach home, it’s way past the twins’ bedtime. Charles volunteers to help clean the children and put them to bed. It’s way past midnight when they sleep themselves. But in the morning, when Charles plods into the kitchen in nothing but his cape draped around his body, Erik realises that the previous night was worth enduring. Completely worth. Over and again.

Ya. I got carried away with this one. Couldn’t help myself. Sorry. And I had to repost this because Tumblr stopped working!


Fan art of @maphix and her adorable gf Riss’s (tumblr??) Blupjeans cosplay!
…I didn’t know how much I liked this ship or how much sappy music existed until I colored this 

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I was going through your blog and that post where some bots hear a human heartbeat for the first time is so cute, it made my evening!! Do you have any headcanons for MTMTE Ultra Magnus, Misfire, and Swerve hearing their human s/o's heartbeat for the first time? Thanks for your time!

Aww!  Thank you!  I’m so glad it made your evening!  ^___^  (Here is the other post)  I don’t know what happened, but these were supposed to be headcanons!  They just decided they really wanted to be scenarios instead.  XD

Misfire:  It’s an unusually calm afternoon on the WAP.  You, Misfire, and Grimlock are all sprawled out lazily on top of one another after a particularly exhausting game of shoot shoot bang bang.  You roll over onto your stomach with a contented sigh so that you lie flat against Misfire’s chestplate.  After a while, one of the bright red optics cracks open.  “Hey, what is that?”  “What is what?” you ask.  “That weird pumping noise.  I think it’s coming from inside you.”  He sits up to playfully poke you in the stomach.  “Is that the sound humans make when they’re hungry?  That’s super weird.”  You roll your eyes.  “That’s my heart, not my stomach, moron.  And I can’t help it.  That’s just what human heartbeats sound like.”  “Heh, loser,” Grimlock chuckles at the Decepticon under his breath. Misfire cocks his head in interest. “So that’s the thing keeping you alive right?  Your human spark?”  “Something like that,” you smirk.  “Man, you humans have the weirdest fraggin’ biology,” Misfire snorts, drawing his hand back over you and settling back down for a nap.

Swerve:  You can tell something’s up by the way Swerve keeps eyeballing you all day.  At first you think there must be something out of place about you, but the truth is actually far weirder.  “You want to what now?” you say dumfounded, watching as the minibot shifts his weight excitedly from foot to foot.  “To listen to what your heartbeat sounds like,” Swerve replies eagerly.  “Sorry, that sounds weird.  How ‘bout ‘can I put my face to your chest and listen to your insides’?  Wait, that’s worse.”  You raise an incredulous eyebrow at him.  “Sorry,” he mutters, rubbing the back of his neck.  “It’s just…  I’ve seen every movie ever made, yeah?  And I can’t help but feel like I’m missing certain things sometimes.  Like the heartbeat thing, for instance.  I keep seeing it crop up time and again, but I’ve never really… you know…  Nevermind. Forget it.  Stupid idea anyway…”  “Swerve,” you say with a soft smirk, catching him by surprise.  “Do you wanna stick your face in my chest or not?” Swerve grins, laying his head down to press his audial receptors against your rib cage.  Both of you are quiet for a moment, the only sound being the steady pulse of blood gently coursing through your body.  Swerve lifts his gaze back up to you after a while with a shy, nervous grin on his face.  “Way better than the movies,” he mutters softly.  

Ultra Magnus:  It’s sort of funny seeing Magnus without his armor after the incident on Luna 1. You’re used to him being able to scoop you up without a problem and place you on his shoulder, but in his irreducible form he’s barely taller than you are.  Well, at least you think he’s still taller.  It could be that the plating makes him seem bigger…  This of course calls for a test, which mainly involves the two of you standing nose to nose and you waving your hand at approximately the same height over your heads.  You lean up against him slightly as you try to get a more accurate measurement, causing him to momentarily flush and avert his optics.  “What was that?” you grin playfully, noticing his sudden nervousness. “I- your- your um…” he mutters awkwardly.  “I can feel your heartbeat through my plating,” he mumbles shyly, the enegon rushing to his faceplates, “I never noticed it in my armor before.  It’s… nice…”  Your face softens as you give him a warm smile.  “Do you- do you want to hear it?”  Any thoughts of finding out who’s taller are immediately thrown out the window as Magnus gently rests his helm against your chest in silent contentment.


The Cullens Reimagined

Simonas Pham as Edward Cullen » Soo Joo Park as Alice Cullen » Willy Cartier as Jasper Hale » Sabina Karlsson as Bella Swan » Tyson Beckford as Emmett Cullen » Marquita Pring as Esme Cullen » Idris Elba as Carlisle Cullen » Shanina Shaik as Rosalie Hale

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The hot wheels thing is Just so hilarious. Imagine Raf bringing some of his own hot wheels toys and gets questions about them from the rest of the bots (and knockout, if he joined the winning team) "oh, these are hot wheels" cue gobsmacked prime team, including a laughing bumblebee (knockout secretly snags a red one,lawl)

Oh my god!  That’s hilarious!!!  It’d be like the equivalent of the Autobots having a perfectly normal and innocent gadget that they call “a sweet piece of ass”!  XD XD XD

Smokescreen and Bee would by DYING of laughter, while Ultra Magnus’s entire face burns bright blue, like, Raf, plz stahp…

I love the idea of Knock Out playing cars with Raf!  That’s so cute!  The two of them plus Bee and Smokey would all get together to build one of those massive hot wheels tracks to race on!  (They end up having to move it to the back of the base when Ratchet nearly trips over it and yells at them.)


there’s a gooooood scene in this new taagnus fic where magnus is down to offer immediate, unconditional silent comfort. now i want a bear hug too

Starstruck - Tom Holland au

Originally posted by chacecrawford

I’m back with another shitty au but I love to write those so DEAL WITH IT

I already named some of the characters but nothing stops you from naming them differently

again, sorry about my english. I try

let’s get starteeeeed

  • ok it starts with you living in a small town in England with your family
  • you have a sister older than you (let’s just establish that Tom’s 21, your sister is 20 and you’re 19)
  • Mags, your sis, is obsessed with this actor Tom Holland and watches E V E R Y one of his interviews
  • sometimes you think your eyes will fall from your head from rolling so much
  • Dude, can you stop drooling all over him? You don’t even know him”
    We have a connection, Y/N. You wouldn’t understand”
  • it’s not that you’re a bad person, you just know that people might be different off the cameras
  • what if this Tom is just a prick?
  • One day your parents plan a trip to London to visit your grandmother and your sister flps ‘cause Tom lives there
  • It’s not like you’re going to bump into him”
  • then Mags opens a big pink book that you’ve already seen sometimes but never wanted to know about
  • and gosh
  • each page contains things of his routine
  • where he works, lives, drinks, shops
  • she might even know where he shits for god’s sake
  • while Mags jumping around the house looking for missing piece of clothes to put on her bag you’re just thinking about how much you miss your grandma
  • your parents have been absent for most of the time and she was the one who raised you
  • then she had to move to London ‘cause of her husband’s death and you only got to see her once a year
  • so let’s just say you were very excited
  • the car trip was awful
  • it wasn’t long but your sister made it look like an eternity 
  • I can’t wait to go to the Onyx club and see Tom!”
    I hope I can meet him at the Sunset Park”
    I swear I will jump at him if I see him in Miguel’s Gym”
  • when you got there and saw your grandmother doing gardening you just flipped and hug her
  • you’ve always felt so comfortable in her arms
  • it was good until Mags started to complain that you were taking too long and she needed to follow Tom’s routine
  • your parents said that they would only let her go if you came with her
  • Fuck no”
    Y/N, language!”
  • after watching your sister almost kneeling to beg for you to come you agreed rolling your eyes while doing so
  • don’t worry, Mags, it runs like a Ferrari”
    a super ugly Ferrari, you mean”
  • it was starting to get dark and you just put on a hoodie and your sneakers to go 
  • you went to your sisters room to find her going crazy about something that you couldn’t really understand
  • I found out that Tom Holland is making an appearence at Onyx club tonight and will meet his fans! I can’t believe the Universe is compensating me”
    “Take a breath, Mags. He’s not all that”
  • she almost threw you at the window
  • she asked for your family car but your parents said that they had to use it so your grandma let her use her car
  • PS: it was a VERY pink car
  • like really pink
  • but Mags wanted to see her so called love and hopped right into the front seat
  • when you got there after almost getting deaf from Mags singing skills you told her that you would stay in the car
  • she didn’t care and jumped out, walking across the street in her very high heels
  • I need those heels to be taller than everyone, then Tom can see me in the crowd”
    Dude, what”
  • so you have been in the car alone for what it felt like hours just watching the city lights and the cars in movement and got bored
  • you tried to call her but she never answered
  • you jumped out of the car and crossed the street to see a big ass line of people trying to get into the club
  • frustrated, you turned around trying to find the back exit
  • when you found it you walked to the door 
  • and bam
  • you were knocked off
  • your head was now pounding and you couldn’t see straight for a moment
  • “ouch”
    “oh fuck, did I just hit you?”
    no, the door hit me by itself”
  • your vision was returning to normal and you started to recognize him
  • those brown curls, sharp jaw and chocolate eyes
  • oh no
  • “wait… you’re Tom…”
  • then suddenly his hand was covering your mouth
  • okay, you need to see a doctor”
  • he literally pushed you to his car
  • you started to feel dizzy the moment he helped you to get on your feet
  • the same door that hit you opened again revealing another familiar face
  • the blonde guy was Tom’s best friend as you remembered from that pink book
  • I know you… you’re Harry… Howard?”
    Harrison, gosh. Who is she, Tom?”
    I don’t know… What’s your name?”
  • when you got on the passenger seat on what you supposed that was his car you started to feel worse
  • Harrison was in front of you and started to talk to Tom about something that you couldn’t focus 
  • your stomach felt funny and you just turned your face in the blonde direction and threw up
  • the last thing you remembered was you in a hospital bed and a man examinating you
  • his dark hand opened your eyelids and he just gave you a small smile
  • everything looks good”
  • then Tom opened the curtain in a hurry and gave you both a look
  • so she’s okay?”
    out, Tom, for God’s sake”
    “if I’m okay, why did I thow up?”
    “maybe it was something you ate or it was just your reaction to meet this douchebag”
    “it’s a curtain, Anthony, this means I can hear you”
  • you laughed a little and then asked if they knew each other
  • your doctor told you that he and Tom were old friends
  • when you were free to go, the actor received a call from his mother and told him that she needed him in the house right away
  • and he told you that he would drop you at your grandma’s right after
  • after rolling your eyes and arguing a lot you agreed
  • you’ve got to be kidding me. This house could have a small country living in!”
    yeah yeah, let’s go upstairs”
    why do you have so many pictures of yourself? This is so creepy”
  • he took you to his room and told you to stay 
  • bored again, you went to his balcony and watched the view
  • then you stared down and found Tom holding a paper in front of a big crowd and noticed that his hands were shaking a little bit
  • I know that you all came here to watch my new movie trailer, but I wanted to show you a piece of my poetry work… ”
  • as stubborn as you were, you had to admit that it was incredible 
  • it was hard to impress you but booooy
  • but as you watched everyone cheering him, you saw a couple that didn’t look very happy
  • what you didn’t know was that Tom loved to write poetry and always did but never showed anyone
  • it was a huge step to read it in front of a huge crowd
  • he was never scared to act ‘cause he always read what he was told to, but reading a piece that he wrote was a whole new thing
  • by the time he was finished you had already go downstairs and opened his garage door
  • why does he owns so many cars?
  • and he opened the door too, smiling genually 
  • you told me that you would take me home. When?”
    pick a car and we can go”
    “So how do you wanna get there? Walking?”
    “where do you live?”
    “ok, we can get there. On tuesday”
  • inhaling deeply you agreed with him and watched him opening the silver car’s door
  • but you were too stubborn and hoppend into the blue one
  • what’s the purpose of that?”
  • while he was driving you started to think about the whole night and felt the urge to roll your eyes
  • then he turned the radio on and a song comes playing on right at the end
  • next came an ad about a new movie and you heard the narrator saying Tom’s name
  • and he started to quote his lines and opened a big smile
  • really?”
    what? I thought you liked it”
    ok, you thought I would be dying to be in a car with Tom Holland listening to him quoting the lines of his new movie ‘cause it’s every fan dream, but guess what”
    I’m not your fan”
  • you could see his smile dropping and his face turning into a sad expression
  • god you felt like a monster
  • “you don’t like it?”
  • trying to fix the situation you responded quickly
  • no, I like your movies. I’m just not crazy about you”
  • obviously you added sass to your phrase
  • while Tom was driving he noticed that a black car started to follow them and knew that they were paparazzis 
  • when he parked he saw they getting closer and asked you to crash in your garage
  • you helped to pull his car into the garage and looked for some covers for him to sleep
  • he even asked you if he could find something to use to hide from the paparazzis and you told him to look into the boxes
  • he put on a blue hat and turned to you asking if it was fine
  • your heart stopped for a moment when you realized what hat it was
  • your grandpa’s hat
  • you remember him using it almost every evening when he went fishing by the lake near the house
  • okay… should I take it off?”
    “no, no. You should keep it. Looks good on you”
  • he gave you a weird look and picked up the covers
  • when you were about to leave, he grabbed your arm firmly and gave you a big smile and doe eyes and you felt your heart skip a beat
  • stop doing that”
    doing what?”
    giving me this… this fucking look. I bet you do it all the time, you give the girls this look and expect them to fall for you, but it’s not working for me so get over it”
  • so you fully turned away and closed the door behind you without knowing that he was smiling again
  • the morning after you came to the table to have breakfast with your family and say Mags looking a w f u l
  • she asked for the syrup and your grandma told her that it was in the garage
  • then you panicked
  • you ran after her and started to fight for the garage entrance control
  • and your father came right in and opened it revealing the empty room
  • you were relieved
  • when you two came back to the house, your grandma told Mags that the news were talking about “that boy you like”
  • the reporter was talking about his appearence in the Onyx club for his girlfriend Ella Marie’s birthday and left early
  • with a mysterious girl
  • you were frightened for a moment
  • but then Mags decided that she was going to follow Tom’s schedule again 
  • your mother told you to go with her again and you didn’t even had the energy to argue
  • when you got to the park, Mags started to walk around trying to find her idol
  • I wonder what his eyes looks like up close”
    “brown, like chocolate.”

  • you were lucky that she completly ignored that comment
  • you found a bench with a guy sitting on
  • then you saw the blue hat and smiled, sitting next to him
  • and you thought that it would be fun to mess with him a little and started to talk about the weather and the trees and he got really uncomfortable
  • what gave it away?”
    the hat”
    “it kinda smells like fish”
    “no, I’m pretty sure that’s you”
  • he told you that he never went home because there were 10 paparazzis parked outside his house
  • so he asked for your car and then you made a trade
  • you put his car keys on your sister’s bag and you two went to your grandmas car while hiding from the cameras
  • he gave you his sunglasses to hide even more 
  • when you escaped you started laughing and talking a lot
  • you know, I’m gonna need my sunglasses back”
    I don’t know… I kinda liked them”
    you can have it later”
    for reals? ‘Cause my friends won’t believe that I, Y/N Y/L/N, have actually got Tom Hollands sunglasses from Tom Holland himself! Would you autograph it for me?”
    haha, very funny”
    so how long do we have to stay away?”
    just till the paparazzis leave the park”
  • so Tom suggests for you to do something and takes you to a tour in Londons best places ‘cause you have never went to those
  • he showed you the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace and even bought a camera to take pictures of you and the guards
  • he wanted to take you to the London Eye but you told him you would throw up all of the toffee pudding you ate
  • then he took you to Madame Tussauds and took lots of pictures of you and his wax figure
  • you even picked at his wax figure nose
  • when you made a stop, you were sitting in Millennium Bridge and he snapped a picture of you 
  • ‘cause you looked so natural and pretty that he couldn’t resist and then he took one of you two together
  • at the end of the tour, you already knew all of his ad lines and were quoting with him earning a lot of laughs
  • you know, I really liked your poem”
    really? I-I… I don’t have much support to write them and-”
    why? That one was awesome and I know the others might be as well”
    my parents doesn’t like them at all”
  • you didn’t know what to say, then you put your hand on his shoulder and caress the spot, reassuring him that it was okay
  • until you spotted the paparazzis following you again
  • Tom drove in another direction while you gave him coordinates
  • when you disregarded them you found yourselves lost in a forest and the car wasn’t moving 
  • then you saw that you were in a big mud puddle sinking the car
  • for your lives, you two jumped into the puddle and swam to the surface and out
  • laying on the grass you inhaled deeply and started to panic ‘cause the car was gone
  • and a anger took over you making you throw everything at Tom
  • calm down Y/N, it wasn’t our fault!”
    yeah, it was mine, because I was so stupid to help you in the first place”
    what are you saying? Why don’t you like me? I thought that after today you would”
    that’s the problem! You think everybody likes you”
    it’s because they do”
    “no, Tom, they just want something from you”
  • you tried to wipe the mud off your arms and clothes and never saw the hurt look on his face
  • you know, your life is not real, Tom. You live in a house that looks like a five-star hotel, have a shitload of cars and money and a girlfriend that you don’t even like”
    “I like her”
    oh yeah? Then why you left her birthday to help a stranger?”
    I… I don’t know!”
    do you even want to be with her?”
  • After a deep exhale you saw the pain in his chocolate eyes 
  • “no. I don’t”
     can you even name two of your employees?”
    are you telling me that you think I don’t give a damn about them?”
    name them!”
    Rose, Darcy, Jude, Carl, Sierra, Marcus and Jeanine. Want more?”
  • you felt like shit after that, but didn’t let your anger go
  • and then,  while you were arguing, he fell into the tall grass and you screamed for him
  • out of nowhere, he came back and grabbed you, falling into a lake
  • the water cleaned all your anger and threw it away while you two were having fun together
  • after a while, you two came out of the water and sat in a wooden stump while admiring the sunset
  • I wish I could stay here forever”
    “’cause here is peaceful. Without paparazzis, parents, girlfriends…”
    and why do you say that?”
    just like you said, they all want something from me”
    “I didn’t mean it like that. I was angry about the car and…”
    “no, you were right, it is like that”
    “it’s just that your life is so different from mine and I don’t understand everything being so public”
    “not everything is so public”
    “like what?”
    “like this”
  • he started to lean in and his flushed lips found yours, sealing a gentle kiss that made it seem like everything else didn’t matter
  • nor Tom’s fame nor Y/N’s ordinary life
  • and you got goosebumps all over your body while his thumb caressed your cheek 
  • when you separated you looked deep into his eyes and noticed that look again
  • you like me”
    you wish”
  • while you two walked back to the park, your fingers were interwined the whole way, never breaking the contact
  • from time to time he kissed your cheek or pecked your lips, receiving smiles from you
  • but when two guys passed you running, he turned into a whole new person, putting your grandpa’s hat to hide from them
  • you feel bad to see that he keeps doing that
  • he doesn’t want to be seen with you and it breaks your little heart
  • back to the real world, this ends here”
    what’s ‘this’?”
    this, us. You can’t tell anybody about what happened today, not even your parents”
    “why? It’s not like they would post it on Twitter or anything”
    but you have to promise me. If anyone knows about this, the media will go crazy”
    why would it go crazy?”
    “’cause I’m Tom Holland and you’re just an ordinary girl”
  • back at it again with the ordinary and celebrity thing
  • you try to go away but he stops you again, saying that he didn’t meant it like that, but you don’t listen
  • you tell him to leave you alone but he stops you again
  • can you give me that camera? I wouldn’t want the pictures to get out”
  • you throw the camera in the grass and he picks it up
  • I don’t want it to end that way”
    how about this, Tom, we both forget about what happened today and live our lifes like before?”
    you don’t understand, Y/N. If the paparazzis sees those pictures they would make up stories and turn everything beautiful into an ugly thing. They ruin everything”
    “they don’t have to, you already did”
  • you get your grandpa’s hat back and turn around, leaving him there with your heart on his hands
  • the rest of the trip you feel empty and sick, not processing any of what happened
  • your parents even took you two to London’s famous spots that happened to be the same that Tom took you and you felt uneasy
  • but you faked it really well
  • while walking you saw the cover of a magazine that reads “Tom Holland and Ella Marie breaks up” and felt a little bit of hope, but it fade away when you remembered about what happened
  • it was so hard for you to forget about the butterflies in your stomach that he gave you when you two kissed
  • when your trip came to an end, you hugged your grandma so tight, never wanting to let go
  • oh darling, I know it hurts right now, but it isn’t as bad as it seems. Life has a way to make everything better”
    you sure, grandma?”
    take a look at me, I’ve been wanting to get rid of that ugly car since your grandpa died”
  • by the time you came home, there were lots of paparazzis in your front yard and you had to pass through them
  • your sister came running to the tv room and put on some channel that was showing Tom doing an interview
  • saying that he didn’t know you
  • I don’t know who this girl is or what she’s saying about me”
  • Gosh, can’t he break your heart a little more?
  • and then he looked at the camera with his look and you felt like crying
  • so you just left the room and ran to your bed
  • for a few days the paparazzis were camping on your frontyard and you got sick of it, coming right at them
  • Y/N, tell us about your weekend with Tom, we only want the truth”
    you don’t want the truth, you want a story. You take a good normal person and turn them into your own reality show. You build them up into a celebrity so you can turn them down in public”
  • you just keep throwing all of your emotions at them and the noise stopped right away, listening and feeling sorry for themselves
  • one more question, who Tom Holland really is?”
  • you wanted to tell the truth, to tell them all your thoughts, but you just couldn’t, so you lied
  • the Tom Holland you want so bad to know about, I never met him. And I never want to”
  • when all of those impostors left your house, you spent the other days reading your books
  • one morning, when you felt like the weather was pure and clear, you grabbed a big book from your shelf and opened the front door to read it on the porch
  • but it wasn’t like the other days
  • ‘cause that day, Tom Holland was in your porch, holding a piece of paper while his fingers were trembling
  • fuck no”
  • you closed the door and heard him calling you again, opening in a fast move
  • Y/N, please, listen to me”
    “why should I?”
    “you shouldn’t, but please, give me this chance”
  • you lick your lips and refuses to look him in the eyes, feeling uncomfortable in his presence
  • I know I messed up, big time, but I’m trying to make things right. I’m trying to be more like a person, just like you told me to”
    good to know, are you done?”
    n-no, actually, I wrote you a poem, and I wanted you to hear it from me, not to read or anything like that. I wanted to read it for you. And please, just listen for it and then I’ll leave you alone, I promise”
  • Again, you inhale for a long time and the exhale, biting your bottom lip, nodding for him to go on
  • “I’m no superman
    I can’t take your hand
    And fly you anywhere
    You want to go
    I can’t read your min
    Like a billboard sign
    And tell you everything
    You want to hear, butI’ll be your hero
    ‘Cause I can be everything you need
    If you’re the one for me
    Like gravity I’ll be unstoppable
    I believe in destiny
    I may be an ordinary guy
    With heart and soul
    But if you’re the one for me
    I’ll be your hero”
  • you almost felt the blood taste in your mouth from how hard you were biting your bottom lip by now
  • you look deep into his eyes and feel that connection again, but now afraid to fall and to be more broken than before
  • Tom, it was nice, but I’m already in pain, so if you could just go…”
    I talked to your grandma, Y/N. She told me to come”
    why does it have to do with any of this?”
    she gave me this”
  • he shows you the hat in his hands and you feel a weird sensation in your stomach again
  • some tears starts to fall from your eyes and burn your cheeks but you don’t mind them
  • I think I like you, Y/N. I’m not supposed to, but I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if you’re ordinary or not, to me, you’re special”
  • your heart skipped a beat and he takes off his sunglasses, placing them on top of your head and earning a big smile from your lips
  • hey, Tom?”
    you’re an asshole”
    it’s okay, you are too”
  • then, you smile at him and your lips meet again, in an embrace that you just wanted so much to feel again
  • how about you get in here and have some lunch with us?”
    that would be great”