mag 24

brazilask  asked:

Ohh~ Could you make a FE ver. for Brazil too? I really liked your AU idea •v• ~ You don't need if you don't want ^^;;

((I love doing these, even if they take me forever to sort out xD And he was so lovely to draw! More than I was expecting

I’m making him a Myrmidon, I thought his personality would suit the class pretty well.

Stats: (will not be as high since he’s unpromoted)
Str: 24 (capped)
Mag: -
Skl: 20
Spd: 25
Lck: 23
Def: 19
Res: 18

He’d have Critical +5 and Vantage as skills, and an A rank in swords. His weapon would be a Defender Sword, so those +7 to his defence would prevent him from getting one-rounded.))