Gymnasts like Hambuchen, Mariano, quite a few of the American and Chinese gymnasts come to mind.

The women never do this. They always walk/stand up straight and properly and respectfully salute the judges when being introduced and before and after routines. It’s very obvious they were properly educated by their coaches on how to act during competition, even while not performing. They don’t make huge noise that disrupts the people around them.

I find it ridiculous that the men are never called out for their behavior while the women receive constant criticism for keeping a neutral expression, staying a bit reserved, or shaking a competitors hand instead of giving them a bear hug. It’s also baffling to me that a lot of people say that they prefer the men’s behavior to the women’s, because I find the women much more respectful to the judges and the competion, much less disruptive, and respectful of other competitors’ boundaries.

In my opinion, male gymnasts acting like they’re on roid rage should be even more unacceptable than a female gymnast crying to herself.

(And for he record, I don’t like it when female gymnasts sulk and cry either, but the disproportionate focus and criticism they receive is just ridiculous.)