thefandomicaopens asked:

can i ask a meg/benny with meg as a female captain pirate and benny trying to woo her?

Okay so I got a little carried away with this one because I really like Meg/Benny. I hops this is what you wanted! I claim to know nothing about pirates or being shot, so overlook any discrepancies please. I also got a little fluffy…

I’m also putting this one under the cut because it got super long and I didn’t mean for it to.

The seas had been rough and Meg didn’t exactly have the best crew on her ship. She had to fight to get anyone to even join her. Most men wouldn’t hear about a woman captain, said it was bad luck to even have a woman on the ship. So she had to offer incentive to them, better pay, and a shorter term on the ship. Just one trip was all she asked of anyone. And that time was up for most of them.

A few stragglers who just needed the money stayed on board with her, but most of the others left, claiming that if they stayed on her ship too long the bad luck would rub off on them permanently.

Now Meg had never really ran into any trouble and the fact that everyone claimed bad luck always got to her. She’d almost given up a few times and just went back into some kind of normal life. But somehow she always ended up getting enough men for her crew to go back out again.

She’d been out on the waters for at least a year now, only setting anchor to board another ship and take what she and her crew could get their hands on and splitting it equally between them all. The only captain out there who didn’t take more than their fair share and still no one wanted to be a part of her crew. Their loss.

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tallybird asked:

"Benny, right?" Meg asked as she stepped over some corpses. "What's it to you, suga?" "Nothing, just thought I'd say hi." "Do I know you?" "No, my name's Meg." "Benny, as you know. Speakin' of, how do you know?" "Sam might have been bitching a bit to me about you and Dean." "So, you know the Winchesters?" "And Castiel." "You know, just cuz you're buddy buddy with the Winchesters don't mean I should trust you." "And I shouldn't trust you. What do you say we blaze Purgatory together?"

Dean nudged the remnants of their coffee table with the toe of his boot, another piece of IKEA brand fiber board snapping off and making him wince in sympathy. “Benny, dude, these things aren’t made to be fucked on.”

Benny chomped down on a big bite of cereal and scratched the back of his neck. “Don’t look at me, man, position was her idea.”

Dean glanced over to Meg on the other side of the living room, sitting on the window sill and blowing smoke out onto the fire escape. Her eyes widened, brows crawling halfway to her hairline. “Oh no, don’t blame me for this, gumbo boy. The position was my idea, round five on the shitty coffee table wasn’t.”

“Hey!” Dean crossed his arms and shifted his weight to one foot. He and Cas had picked out that table on their three year anniversary.

Meg ignored the offense in his tone, ashing her cigarette toward a pigeon with a vaguely threatening flick of her thumb. “No offense to your boyfriend, Dean, but Clarence needs to start picking out sturdier furniture.”

“‘Specially with the way you two get on.” Benny waggled his eyebrows and Meg laughed.

Dean sensed some really terrible impressions about to be done of either him or Cas and rolled his eyes, resigned to heading for the library Cas worked at so he could break the news about their sixth coffee table.