strawberry cupcake

For @iknowhowyoukisslass, happy birthday Rute, you are one of the best friends I have made on here and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Love you lots ♥ 

Smut and fluff, “one part of your otp is making awful breakfast for the other and the other is eating it because they appreciate it that much”  

1.4k words, post season 5 i guess, big thank you to koala @mermaidswans for the beta job ily ♥ 

A flicker of flight over his closed eyelids, a groan escaping his lips.

“Wake up, Killian. It’s almost noon and my parents have invited us over,” whispers Emma’s voice.

It sounds so very far away, it’d be so easy to drift again into to the warmth of his pillow and-

Her lips over his, and she tastes like chocolate and cinnamon and she smells so good, and her hair is tickling his beard and,…

“Come on, Killian,” she breaks the kiss, and he reluctantly opens his eyes.

She’s wearing a small pastel green dress.

“You look stunning, Swan,” he mutters, one eyebrow wiggling, as she puts down on his lap a crème tray.

She rolls her eyes, and it only makes him fonder. What a sight for sore eyes, his fiancée. With satisfaction, he gazes at the ring on her left hand while she opens the shutters.

A smile, and then the sun attacking his eyes. “Bloody hell, Swan. Do you want to kill me?”

A chuckle. “Shut up and eat what I made you, you ungrateful piece of shit.”

“Aye, and then will I get to eat something else?”

Oh the look she gives him, the murderous glimmer. He loves her so much.


“Now we’re talking, Swan.” Satisfied. he glances for the first time at the tray; it seems like his Swan has tried to bake him a cupcake, with strawberries, he assumes.

“I woke up early, so I thought, why not,” she starts, and he can hear her embarrassment even after all this time.

She comes to sit next to him on the bed, bare feet touching his knees, and he grabs her hand gently.

“Don’t worry Swan, I’m sure it’s ridiculously good.”

“You only say that to get into my pants,” she mumbles, rolling her eyes, and he laughs.

“Well, there’s that too.”

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Keep Your Wits About You

This silver tongue was my sharpest blade
Upon it did rest this world I made
An instant and I watched it unravel
Ny the end of my miles untraveled
I kept going
Let things take their course
But I healed broken
In aggressive remorse
Of things that feel stolen
And my twisted name
It’s all to late
Now nothing remains
Is it the past from which I run?
Or the future that I fear?
Pointless questions
Both are lurking here
I’m running on empty
I was sense the start
One more time
Count to three
And it all falls apart
I can’t regret this neglect
Of my foolish bleeding heart
It was me
My deceitful art

Instinct and impulse
My nature it seems
Change on a dime
Tear me apart at the seams
Doors left unopened
Things left unsaid
People still bitter
Who look better in red
Despite past mistakes
On my sharp tongue I’d made
My own little world
A perfect facade
In an endless loop
History repeats
Through these fingers they slipped
With reality I meet
Are these halls fated
To lead back to the past?
Bathe in its warmth
For it is quick to pass
Old habits die hard
But new ones form quicker
I knew you were twisted
But this is so much sicker
I’ll be your end
Like you were mine
For those I’ll defend
And what haunted my mind

writing idea:

a famous exorcist (shes a Lesbian™) has never failed a case at getting rid of a spirit. 

one day, though, she meets this hitchhiker ghost girl who thinks the exorcist is cute and wants to date her but she’s dead and also not a “”Sexy Hot Big Booby ™ ”” ghost and isnt humanoid

she’s maybe like some huge beast ghost or smth and instead of the human girl having to cure the ghost’s “”””Disguting Ugly Nasty beast form”””” to date her, the human has to die so she can be a cool ghost beast too

so they go on a Wacky Journey™ to become a Ghost

other things:

  • ghost mafia
  • cool hats
  • 0 straights (no heterostraights at all)
  • ghost can only possess animals, maybe possesses a huge fucking lynx or something so the human has a lynx following her around for some reason
  • ghosts have guns maybe? yeah
  • i literally have no idea i just thought abt this and immediately wanted to post it
Feanorian Mafia AU ??

ok so I really wanted a Mafia AU for Moryo, and then I realized like. it would actually work out pretty well cause they literally have a huge family like ??? idk what their name would be, like, noldorin maybe or smth idk

Feanor would be the Boss, and Maedhros or Curufin the Underboss or whatever probably. Finwe would be the Consigliere. Then the rest of the sons would be Capos (but probably with extra benefits and shit since they’re Feanor’s sons and all and they’re not just random people to Feanor yknow). 

For some reason I see Moryo as not just a Capo though?? like I think he would maybe help handle money and shit like that? Also (along with a few select other sons, like Maedhros, Maglor, and Curufin) handle some negotiations and stuff like that, like a consigliere. 

idk man i just want Mafia Caranthir

oh and also they’d be rivals or enemies or whatever you’d call it with the Angband family over some beef with these things called silmarils ?? idk man shit just hit the fan with that yknow………………..

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Bittersweet Reality


Summary:  “We’re able to help you, but you need to take the risk that you might die. And I also can’t let you go that easily after telling you that. So what will be your answer?“

Nakajima Atsushi starves for only one thing and that is survival. When he becomes Nakahara Chuuya’s apprentice he realizes one thing.

The mafia saved him in a way, but at the same time it lead him to his downfall.

Chapter: Cruel World

Notes: The first chapter of a Chuuatsu fanfiction I’ll work on. Though I want to finish Welcone to the Flower Shop before I’ll focus on this fanfic. I decided to post it on Tumblr as to fill the Chuuatsu tag and hopefully to attract some new shippers. Also this is based on a prompt found on @a-k-u-t-a-g-a-w-a‘s blog.

Warnings: Nothing, but a little mention of suicide.

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queenofthecrackpit  asked:

So what's bungou stray dogs about?? (forgot how to spell the first word) it looks good, but I have no clue what goes on haha

I tried to describe it the other day, and tone wise it’s if u took Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler and threw it in a blender with Durarara! and then covered it in a layer of Baccano! and microwaved it on high for 5 minutes. With the BAREST hint of Cowboy Bebop sprinkled on. That’s Bungou Stray Dogs.

It’s focused on a team of “special ability users” who form the Armed Detective Agency, and they basically work to protect Yokohama while battling it out with Port Mafia, which is….obviously a mafia. The cool thing about the series is that all of the primary characters are named for famous Japanese authors, and all of their powers are named for/correlate to their most famous works. 

It gets even better at the end of season 1/into season 2 because a third group shows up: The Guild, which is made up of all western/American authors (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Fyodor Dostoevsky, John Steinbeck, etc.) 

So all that with a lot of humor, lovable characters, and badass fights.  

anonymous asked:

Headcanons on Kikyo and Byakuran's backgrounds? Daisy's?


  • He was probably the son of a normal family, they weren’t rich but weren’t poor either.  They probably owned some sort of store, a bakery or tailor shop, something along those lines.
  • He probably lived in a small to medium sized town that was in between two larger cities and their armies.  
  • When the two started to fight, his town, being in the middle was destroyed and the people killed in the middle of the battle.


  • He never really wanted to be in the mafia, but his parents were so he was raised around it.
  • He never so much liked the mafia, but the things they made, like the rings and weapons.  
  • He probably hated the leader of the mafia his family was in and realized that with their weapons they could be a lot stronger so he started planning.


  • He was from a noble family in his original world, but a large war broke out between the countries that resulted in his smaller country being destroyed when he was a child.
  • He fought both sides in order to get revenge for his family and country but it was too hard.  
  • He had just about given up when Byakuran found him and brought him to his world.
Good Over Evil

Alrighty everyone, so we’ve all had our share of salty little jerks that are nothing but miserable and small spectacles of hopeless failure…

Here’s an example of the saying “what goes around comes around.”

I’m Lee the Doctor

> So Day 2 the Investigator is like SAM PARRIS IS SURVIVOR/WITCH/WEREWOLF.” No one actually believes him because we think he’s an executioner. On the stand, Sam Parris claims Retri and we’re like, alright then revive the Mayor.

> Day 3 arrives and we find out the Werewolf kills the Jailor and Escort and Mafia kills the Investigator. We lynch the Werewolf and they’re a salty jerk on the stand and are like “Town has no chance of winning now blah blah blah you better thank me, Mafia.” Just sayin’ mean things about how town is dumb and the usual stuff.

> Day 5 comes and Luna the good ol’ Veteran kills Nona the Mafioso. We end up lynching the Escort for some reason

> Day 6 For some reason the Jester died to Mafia (despite the fact he even claimed Jester lmao). I ask people their roles, find out Luna is Veteran and Willard is Amnesiac, who was waiting for a non unique mafia to become. I actually figured out Mormel and Johnthebetrayed were the last two mafia and I was actually pretty excited. We lynch the Godfather (Johnthebetrayed). I tell Willard the Amnesiac to remember Escort.

I literally then am like “Mormel (blackmailer turned mafioso) don’t even think of attacking me, I’m self healing tonight. (despite already using my self heal earlier).”

> Night 6 I heal Willard instead and he’s attacked

> Day 7 We lynch the Bmer turned Mafioso. GG

> Aftergame: Werewolf was pretty salty as you can see in the chat lol. We actually found out Willard (Amnesiac) had a change of heart after he realized town had a chance.

Moral of the story: Never give up because of other people’s salt levels being 99% ^-^