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Oh dear. I got the idea for one more prompt which would not leave me alone and it's really okay if you don't want to do this! I tend to get greedy sometimes >_<||| But uh... Detective Katsuki teams up with ex high-class-criminal and ex-crime organisation heir(he's reformed! :D) and all-around terrible flirt Victor (and his adorable pet dog) to discover who framed Victor in a serial killing. Can also star any pairing of your choice if you don't want to write Victuuri!

“You have got to be kidding me,” Yuuri mutters, staring into the meeting room. Instead of handcuffs and a grey one piece, Viktor Nikiforov, infamous head of the biggest Russian mobster family on this side of the city is wearing a bespoke grey suit and a shining watch in platinum, matching his equally shiny hair. Yuuri bites the inside of his cheek and ignores that thought, lest Phichit hear it and start grinning at him.

“He’s rather handsome, isn’t he?” Phichit says anyway, making Yuuri sigh in exasperation. Phichit is staring unabashedly into the meeting room, watching Nikiforov sip at his expensive coffee with his expensive smile and his very, very expensive freedom.

“No,” Yuuri says shortly and pushes past him into the room, closing the door on Phichit’s smirk. Nikiforov looks up and smiles, standing to greet Yuuri.

“Captain Katsuki! And doesn’t that have a nice ring to it,” Nikiforov purrs, clasping Yuuri’s hand when he reluctantly holds it out. Instead of shaking it, though, Nikiforov turns his hand over and presses a kiss over Yuuri’s fingers, winking at him when Yuuri turns red.

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OKAY So my friend and i had this really deep text conversation about your Mafia Au and it was about how Victor would react if Yuri got hurt under Victor's control (like say the police were attacking the mafia's territory and Yuri was one of the officers involved but Victor didn't know and he see Yuri just in pain) I said Victor would try get Yuri out but i have a feeling someone would intervene and Victor ould go crazy. My friend said he would turn himself in. What do you think Victor would do?

So, I might just be misinterpreting it, but if during a fight between the mafia and the police Yuri was hurt…I think Victor would try to stage a strategic retreat? :O
Like, he knows if he tries to help Yuri it will end badly for the both of them. The only thing he could do is try to disengage and retreat, knowing that the police will take care of Yuri.
But, if it was impossible for him to retreat, I do think he’d give himself up if it meant limiting the injury to Yuri :O
At the same time he’d try to make sure his Mafia members were able to retreat though, since he doesn’t want to drag them down for personal reasons.
Hope that was a good explanation ^^

Gravity vs Velocity by PaperAnn

Summary: Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two bodies.

Dean swears he feels an honest-to-goodness gravity (not any scent-true-mates-bullshit) pulling him to a mysterious omega and makes the worst mistake of his career… he only has one thing to say…

Fuck science.

Comments: 10/10. I love this, it’s glorious. It’s like a gangster movie, but so much better. The summary doesn’t tell you much, but Dean is a detective, and Cas is part of the Novak family, a mob. Detective Dean lets Cas go cuz he just smells sooo good, and nearly gets fired for it. Cas visits him again to pay him back, things escalate and soon Dean and Cas are together and trying to win a mob civil war. It’s awesome and there’s eventual Sabriel. I love the plot of this story, it’s amazingly original, and I just love it so damn much. The civil war story plot is similar and yet different from the civil war in heaven. The Soulless Sam tag means that the character in the story is like soulless Sam in the show, not that the Sam in the story is soulless. WARNING: Violence, grieve, mobs, dead bodies, character death (not Dean or Cas). SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: Jo dies.

The King of Spades 

by hazmesentir (109k)

Published : 2014-10-10

Undercover Metropolitan Police officer DC Louis Tomlinson has worked his way up the ranks of a prominent London crime family without raising suspicion, but when he finds himself pitted against a rising crime boss with a police background and a favoured employee by the name of Harry Styles, everything starts to unravel. Finding himself in the middle of an escalating war between two bosses whose bad blood runs deep into a violent past, Louis has to be even more careful where he steps in case his big secret catches up to him – and if it does, he knows he won’t survive it.

Not to mention he’s falling for someone he can’t have – whose earnestness and honesty is a bright spot in a dark world – he can’t sleep because his nightmares haunt him and he’s in way over his head, but it’s just a game, always just a game, and if Louis plays his cards right he might just make it out alive.

Explicit, Chaptered

Note : Graphic Descriptions of Violence

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What if you included yourself in the au? If you did, would you be on Victor's side or Yuri's side? This took me forever to ask! (Cuz I forget to easily)

Hahahaha, not really sure XD
But, maybe on Yuri’s side????

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First off, love your art. You are amazing. Truly a god amongst everyone. Second love the Yuri on ice mafia au!!! (´❤`) THIRD! Some Police are known to be involved with the mafia, it is not unheard of ;D ;D ;D

Thank yoooouuu <3<3<3
I am happy that you like me and my Mafia AU ^w^
even enough to compare me to a god O_O
And this is true! :D
Dirty cops who work with the mafia are definitely a thing o3o
Just, Yuri’s not XD

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How would MT Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys react to their S/O being a mafia spy in the police force and politics?


Doesn’t matter how hard you try to hide it, he knows. He knows everything, or at the very least, everything that matters. He never tells you about it outright, but he does drop hints now & then about you should take care of yourself. After all, you never know who’s spying on you, from the shadows.


He might know a little bit, but he never really brings it up. He doesn’t ask you where you go, or what you do, or why you always have to leave without warning. He trusts you. & it’s that trust that makes your relationship so solid. You can rest easy knowing that whatever happens, Papyrus will have your back. Metaphorically.


She is a police-officer, so at the first hint that there might be something more going on with you, prepare to get interrogated. She pulls out all the stops, light in your face, trying to play both Bad-Cop & Good-Cop, & eventually snapping because tHIS IS STUPID JUST TALK TO HER ALREADY!!! Just…just tell her what’s going on, babe. You can trust her. She just wants to know if she can trust you, too.


Oh, she knows, being an intelligence officer. Working from the background means that you’ve got perks to your job, & one of those is constant surveillance. She knows every secret in New Ebott. But despite how worried she is about you, she’s too nervous to ask you about it to your face. She just hints at it. If you ever have something you need to get off your chest…if you ever need someone to talk to…if you want to talk to someone who won’t judge you, no matter what. She’s there.

Rotten to the Core: Catch (Slice of Life/Dark Oneshot)

This oneshot is the first in a trio series, requested/inspired by @funkzpiel and @firebyfire. Criminal AU, Grindelnewt and probably Gramander.

The Blue Pegasus was a club, where the high society and shady people dined. It was laying in New York’s center, being the heart of the residing crime scene. A pulsating heart with blue, white and silver flashes. Whiskey, liquor and cocktails flew through its veins. Its skin was pearlmouth, leather and white powders. Rubies for eyes. The clothes it wrapped itself in were the security of all sorts of mafia bosses, corrupt polices and more, ready to fight with bullets, knives, darts and betrayal.

A band was playing a fast, wild song. Punk rock. Blue, white and silver lights ran over the floor. While most people were on the dance floor, enjoying themselves, there was a small section upstairs, which was reserved for the high elite. Seperated from the common folk by an elegant, dark crimson carpet. Only the best of the worst were allowed to sit in wild leather armchairs and couchs, drink long ice tea with pearls and eat tapas, made out of the finest pork filet.

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Oh oh oh WHAT IF Takeshi is part of the Mafia BUT Yuuko is Police Officer like Yuuri???!!!! Some Mafia has someone they trust to clean their mess after all. And only Police Officer with High Rank who can do that. And I have read lot of fic where Mafia people has 'Dirty Police' who works with them. Kinda.

Ooooh, interesting thought!!! :D
In this AU both Yuuko and Takechi just own a grocery store within Victor’s terriroty ^^;
And as for someone who cleans up the mess Victor makes, that actually falls on Otabek a lot o3o
He’s pretty good at what he does~

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Hi! Sorry for bothering! Uh, just that Vongola was founded 400 years ago as a vigilant group, right? I was researching on Cosa Nostra and Sicily, I found that Cosa Nostra was only active around 19th century and I was like, ???? But then Vindice was there since 400 years ago as Mafia police? So is it that the canon story goes with 'Yes Mafia Started 400 Years Ago' or I got /everything/ wrong? I'm so confused Help. [Sorry, it got too long]

(i haven’t re-read up on sicily/mafia in mONTHS so some of this might be vague/undetailed)

if you’re going true to RL history, the cosa nostra more or less ‘began’ in the 1800s due to feuadlism in sicily, with a combination of ‘our dumb feudal lords can’t do jack shit so let’s do it ourselves’ and…. actually i think that’s about it.

as for the 400 year thing i honestly cannot remember if it’s even canon? like i’ve seen it in maybe a million and one fics but i can’t recall it ever coming up in the manga?? where does this number come from i would Really Like To Know.

the basics of the cosa nostra was that they formed their own little economy because feudalism in sicily was apparently shit and no italian-sent authorities could be trusted on sicilian soil. this economy bubble happened to evolve in a way that encompassed more criminal activity than not (i mean, seeing as they hated dealing with the authorities). theoretically speaking, if you wanted to, you could explain it away the way it is in the manga; groups/gangs formed for the sake of vigilantism, only to be corrupted as per the usual and turned to crime instead, rather than going the ‘feudalism sucks’ route. i still wouldn’t know about the 400 years though.

tl;dr: cosa nostra began IRL in the 1800s. khr’s mafia history doesn’t seem to have begun in sicily and may or may not have started with vigilante groups. if you take into account the fact that bermuda only became mafia police because he wanted to get his hands on the trinisette, the vindice would have had to have been formed AFTER vongola / mafia formed, because otherwise they would have no way of knowing that the mafia would be involved in holding pieces of the trinisette.