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Mafia BTS reacting to you and your child getting hurt

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Reaction to their s/o and child being injured by a rival gang

Angry mafia BTS is a nice thought..don’t judge me. Enjoy!

Jin: Jin would be absolutely livid. It’s one bad move to hurt you, but when his innocent child, who is sheltered from the mafia life gets injured due to a group, he is ready to murder and show no mercy to any member of the rival gang.

“Are you that low of a human being to hurt an innocent child?!”

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Suga: You nor your child were seriously injured and you tried your best to talk Yoongi out of the fit or rage he was currently in, but he wouldn’t listen to you. He was ready to kill.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a scratch or a broken bone Y/N, you and our child was hurt. Someone is going to die.”

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Hoseok: He holds back his anger in front of your son because he doesn’t want to scare him more than he already is, but when your son is not around, he is planning murder and his expression and aura is enough to scare you shitless.

“If someone wants to threaten me, come face me like a man.”  

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Namjoon: Before he could even see you or your child, Namjoon already had his men out to get the men who hurt you and he requests to take care of your attacker personally.

“You think I won’t find out who hurt my family? Do you even know who I am?”

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Jimin: When he see’s you two, he immediately comforts you both and he tends to your injuries, but when night time comes and you and your child are sleep, he is out with his gun loaded.

“This bastard should’ve thought twice before touching them.”

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Taehyung: Of course Tae tended to you as much as possible, but he was a bit more worried about your child. She was traumatized and he cared for her every second of everyday and let her know that no one else will ever hurt her again.

“Daddy won’t let any more bad guys hurt you. I pinky promise.”

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Jungkook: The group already was having issues with the gang before you and your child was hurt, but your injuries gave him a perfect excuse to use some bullets.

“It’s bad enough you can’t pay your debts, do you really think hurting a man’s family is going to help you? You’re funny.”

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BSD Characters and their Real Prototypes
Port Mafia:

1. Ryuunosuke Akutagawa — Japanese writer, a classic of the new Japanese literature. Known for his short stories and novels. The style of his works was mostly casual and uncomplicated. Akutagawa suffered from mental disorders. One of his famous stories is ‘The Gate of Rashyomon’ (Rashyomon)

2. Chuuya Nakahara — Japanese poet and translator of French poetry of symbolism in Japanese. Is one of the most important poets of Japan of the XX century. Nakahara led bohemian lifestyle. He wrote in the style of tanka but he adhered to the Western canons of versification. Known for his 'Songs of Old Days’ (For the Tainted Sorrow)

3. Odasaku Sakunosuke (Oda Sakunosuke) — Japanese writer. He is often grouped with Dazai Osamu and Ando Sakaguchi. His characters often didn’t fit in what were traditionally considered appropriate forms, either in their frank humanness or in their stubborn individuality. Also wrote radio drama scenarios. Wrote many critical essays. Known for his 'Stories of Osaka Life’ (Flawless)

4. Ichiyo Higuchi — Japanese writer. Became famous as the author of short stories about the life of ordinary people. Known for her 'Life in the Wilderness’, 'Thirteenth Night’

5. Motojiro Kajii — writer, the author of two dozen autobiographical stories and several dozen student sketches. Kajii was called a representative of the genre of ego-fiction, as well as the author of poetry in prose. The only book published during his lifetime was 'Lemon’ (Lemon Bomb)

6. Ryuro Hirotsu — novelist. In his works he revealed the depths of human life. The heroes of his works belonged to the lower social classes that was suffering from poverty. Known for his short story 'Black Lizard’ (Falling Camellia)

7. Michizo Tachihara — Japanese poet and architect. Michizo struggeled to find a way for an urban poet to root himslef in traditional customs and still be 'modern’. He wrote openly about his feelings and was in his heart, allowing his verse to be both uncontaminated and genuine. Known for his 'Of Dawn, Of Dusk’

8. Ogai Mori — Japanese writer, critic and translator. By profession, a military doctor. His name is associated with emrgence and development of romanticism in Japan. Known for his works 'The Dancer’, 'Bubbles on the water’ and 'Messenger’ (Vita Sexualis)

9. Koyo Ozaki — Japanese writer. Mainly wrote historical novels. The language of his works was considered as conversational. He protested against the capitalist system. Known for his works 'The love confession of two nuns’, 'Fragnant Headboard’, 'Three Wives’ (Golden Demon)

10. Kyusaku Yumeno — was the pen name of the early Showa period author, Sugiyama Taido. He wrote detective novels and is known for his avant-gardism and his surrealistic, wildly imaginative and fantastic, even bizzare narratives. Known for his 'Love After Death’, 'Hell in a Bottle’, 'Terrifying Tokyo’ (Dogra Magra)

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Bungo Stray Dogs Official Art

Covers for DVD/Blu-ray Vols. 1-6 (Season 1)

*Vols. 7-12 Covers here

– Can I just say that the sensei’s and Bones make such lovely covers. I especially love #3 and #4. Plus I like the shadows in #5. And what about the cute Port Mafia boss you have in #6?


A friendly reminder for the people who thinks that Chuuya became a hoe after Dazai left the Mafia.

(DONTTTTTTTTTTTTT forget to spare a moment for Chuuya’s gorgeous hips sweetie!)

(I still do NOT understand the pic with chuuya leaning on sleeping beauty Dazai in a protective way. And what is with that face anyways?! )


well I finally finished this and Thank you for blessing me with such an AU that would tear me apart @nenufair :’D


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what if mafia yuri is just really possesive? but like in a subtle way. Like he'll glare at everyone who thinks of touching his Beka, and he eill kill everyone who actually does touch him. But he never says something, always makes sure Beka doesn't notice. So we have possesive Otabek showing everyone Yuri is his by marking him, grabbing his ass and telling people off, and we have possesive Yuri, who glares at people and get in fights behind Otabek's back ~Kitten

Omg bless you, kitten. They’re both terribly possessive for sure… Although I think it’s actually the opposite – Beka is subtle about it, probably by necessity. He wants to threaten every person who gets near Yuri, he wants to grab Yuri’s ass in public but he really can’t (except in dark club corners, yuris room or when the bosses heads are turned.)Otabek knows if they realized how well he takes care of the kitten, how close he keeps him, he’d be replaced. So he tries to play it close to his chest.

Yuri is the wild card, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t think what harm could come of him flying off the handle – he’s ready to scream at anyone who gets close to Beka or touches him, whines about how everyone looks at Beka. He’s the one grabbing Otabek in public, sticking his tongue out at whoever thought they’d try to talk to him.