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main?? cast for isn’t it beautiful? for now. made for my own reference at first but i like how they turned out so here we go.

yeah so japanese schools have A Thing about Not Looking Unique which means kakishima schools are either a) more lenient, or b) influenced by hibari ‘god of war’ kyouya’s absolute rejection of being told what to do. probably both. kokuyo schools are just weird, everyone’s throwing illusions around anyway.

so when i say ‘heavy au’ i completely mean ‘heavy au’. different ages, tweaked appearances. reborn, old(er) and grumpy and sporting ridiculous hair and clothing. he has no shame.

also inspired by ‘what if all of tsuna’s guardians fought In (Hyper) Dying Will Mode’, not that i hadn’t ALREADY been considering it, but now i have decided.

Consider: Crime!AU revolving around mafia boss T’Challa and his trophy husband/honeypot Bucky that has sex with criminals for information before killing them. 

Think guns and thigh holsters and post-mission/murder sex. Bucky getting pushed around on a mission and T’Challa just not having it and kills everyone that criminal has ever loved. 

Imagine him kissing and touching away all the bruises some other man left. Claiming, replacing those marks with some of his own. 

“Mine,” T’Challa whispers into Bucky’s skin.

I’ve been trying to explain the episodes of Ouran Highschool Host Club to someone who’s never watched it before, and so far I’ve got:

  • Harushe- the introduction
  • That One Beach Episode
  • Otaku Attack
  • That One Beach Episode 2
  • The Lesbians are here to steal yo girl
  • That one episode where they all think Haruhi lives in a shack
  • Obligatory Alice in Wonderland episode
  • The one with the mafia
  • Honey and Mori argue about brushing teeth and it’s emotional
  • Rich goths who love cats
  • The Lesbians II- the re-lesbianing
  • The halloween episode
  • The one where Ciel Phantomhive has mysteriously appeared
  • The one where they thought Haruhi had been kidnapped
  • Kyoya Has To Wake Up Early And Almost Kills People As A Result
  • Kyoya accidentally becomes Tamaki’s friend and is stuck with him forever
  • The one where Honey holds a cake seance every night and his brother has to fight him as a result

some doodles for your visualizing pleasure

i debated posting this for like an hour because there are au spoilery things, but w/e. why not.


La Forchetta - 350 N Main St in Wharton, NJ

Watch out Wharton. There’s a new champ in town. Only a week old and killing it, La Forchetta is as authentic as it gets. You can tell it’s a traditional Sicilian family owned restaurant but with a modern appeal. I entered right before closing and they were happy to serve me.

I started with the ham, chicken, and honey mustard. The honey mustard drizzle was quite pleasant on the taste buds. Toppings, as you can see, were far from skimped.

And that goes for the buff chick slice as well. Bleu Cheese to hot sauce ratio was on point. AND LOOK AT ALL THAT CHICKEN.

The tomato-ricotta-chicken slice was a piece of art. I’ve had slices with diced tomato where you can tell they were from a can. This was not the case here. Crisp and fresh. And the cheeeeeese, my god you would think it was from Vitamia & Sons!

Finally the plain slice. The size of this slice was reminiscent of the ones you get stumbling drunk into a Hoboken spot at 3am. THE SAWCE! Oh the sawce. It reminds me of my Grandma’s homemade recipe. I thought I’d never taste sawce like it again. THE CRUST. Definitely the best part out of all these slices. Waiting for me at the end of my pizza slice journey like a beautiful trophy at the finish line. It was perfected. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. So good I had to text Paul as soon as I left. This might just be a new contender in the best of the county title.

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~Sweet Lou