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Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia.

When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other.

Kintsugi by @witchsbane


jongyu / seaside au / 860 words
Jonghyun moves to a quiet seaside town, looking for a fresh start and maybe even a new muse for his next novel. He finds one in Jinki, his lonely and handsome next door neighbor who, just like Jonghyun, carries a past he can’t seem to let go. 

i’ve had this idea ever since i saw the teasers for jonghyun’s lonely mv and jinki’s lullaby mv because they seemed to match so nicely. this is just a small part of a very long au. thank you to @shitfics​ for reading this over for me! 

Jinki regards him carefully, eyes dark and reflecting the pale moonlight that rises over the waves behind them. “So why did you decide to leave Seoul to come out here, Jonghyun?” he asks.

There’s so many things Jonghyun could say. Family issues. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Betrayal.  He decides to go with the simplest one. “Writer’s block,” he replies. “My editor thought a change of scenery might help me get out of my funk.”

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