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Benny Kavido, young wiseguy of the Starry Night mafia.


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Day 12: 1920′s Mafia

“A-aren’t I a little young to be smuggling alcohol, Rick?”

“…Shut up, Morty.” 

Man, I had a shitty ass day and I wasn’t gonna draw, but I’m glad I did. I’m happy with how this one turned out, and it put me in a better mood. 

TORIS: But… why isn’t he wearing a mask? Romeo, was it? He wasn’t wearing one either.
NATALYA: It could be because he’s not a guest, but a host.
TORIS: And where are the other brothers?

NATALYA: I can’t locate them in the crowd, could they be late?
TORIS: But isn’t this the celebration of one of them’s birthdays?
NATALYA: It is. I wonder what happened…  
NATALYA: Hey, quit staring at the bodyguard.
TORIS: He looks worried about something…


It’d take me forever to give a decent explanation for my 3 month disappearence, so I’m just going to silently start uploading again xD ))

TORIS: Miss Arlovskaya…?
NATALYA: Toris, see if you can still find the youngest brother in the crowd.

TORIS: There, I see him! I think he’s phoning someone.
NATALYA: Alright, please let me be wrong.
TORIS: I-Is something going to happen, or what?
NATALYA: No, Toris, even worse.

TORIS: What do you mean by-
NATALYA: Hush. Now, follow me.