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hi, can you rec some mob/mafia AUs? Thank you so much(:

Family by rlnerdgirl (complete | 4,094 | Rated T)

The one in which the Hales were once the most prominent family in New York, brought down by the psychotic actions of the oldest daughter of the Argent family who manipulated her way far enough into the family to light their home on fire–single-handedly nearly extinguishing the Hales completely. Now the only thing Derek Hale will find himself in charge of is scheduling the shifts of his bartenders and chefs, the only violence he sees is kicking out the too-drunk riffraff that need booting, and the closest thing he has to a friend is a steady customer named Stiles.

Consigliere by neil4god (complete | 7,042 | NR)

It’s been years since Danny left Beacon Hills behind and everything that happened in it. He moved on, joined the FBI and forgot all about his junior year of High School. At least he tried, but with Stiles Stilinksi leering at him from the FBI’s most wanted board, well that makes it kinda hard to forget, and now they want to know all about it. They want him to talk to Stiles, worse still, they want him to wear a wire while he does it.

GOOD WOLVES DOING BAD THINGS series by littlefrog1025 (3 works |  297,624 | Rated E)

A wolf pack is surprisingly a lot like a mafia family…

Quit Playing* by RIShan (19/? | 28,748 | Rated M) *non-con, threatened miscarriage, graphic birth

Stiles stared at the wooden box with intricate designs carved into it and an unrecognizable crest on top. A rusted lock, aged with the many years spent in the vault, comes undone with the careful turn of the equally old key given to him by the man he loved before he passed. He never thought he would be alone in the world, never even thought of the possibility of losing his only remain parent.
For the second time in a long while, he cried in despair.


I have two Arrow AU fic ideas but I only have time for one (oh no!) and since I’ll be posting it to Tumblr, I wanted you guys to pick!

Should I do a 1920s Bratva/Mafia Smoaking Billionaires fic?


Arrow Sense8 fic with Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Tommy, Barry, Roy, Tatsu and Nyssa?

Reblog with your pick in the tags! Anyone can vote! I’ll be announcing the winner on Friday!

Tagging my Fantastical Peeps who enjoy reading my stuff!

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I'll Love You Right; bowlerrootx
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Chansoo

Rating: Nc-17

Genre: Mafia!au

Summary: A rival gang, Kalvosa, has sent an extremely lethal psychopathic killer to assassinate Kyungsoo. But as the heir to one of the most prominent mafia groups in the country, Kyungsoo did not go through 22 years of painful training just to be murdered in his own bedroom. He’s going to make Kalvosa regret this so much by taking away one of their most valued assets. If only this asset is a little more cooperative, like if it can stop trying to kill Kyungsoo every five minutes, or actually talk to him for a change.

Warnings in tags

2015.07.04 - no idea for the back ground so…i’ll end it here…?


PSS. someone asked whether it is a warehouse but i cant find who it is now <didn’t reply immediately ahahah mistake>, ya it should be a warehouse but i didn’t think thorough enough for what kind of warehouse and it just ended up like this kk

I mafiosi non sono i mafiosi: sono tutti gli altri.

1) Un funerale di un boss mafioso in pieno centro a Roma. Con tanto di poliziotti che deviavano le auto per permettere il transito del corteo (a Roma i cortei per i funerali sono vietati), carrozza trainata da cavalli, Rolls Royce, manifestanti in processione e elicottero senza autorizzazione che spargeva petali di rosa (anche questa cosa è vietata). 

2) La questura e la prefettura hanno dichiarato di non sapere nulla della morte del boss (sarebbe suo dovere monitorare le attività dei clan mafiosi)

3) Il prete ha acconsentito a fare il funerale al mafioso, nonostante le disposizioni contrarie della Chiesa e del Papa (tra l’altro lo stesso prete che in passato negò i funerali a Welby per motivi etici). Sull’esterno della chiesa era affiso il cartellone con scritto “Hai conquistato Roma, adesso conquisterai il paradiso”. Essendo ateo non sono pratico di cattolicesimo, ma direi che è anche abbastanza blasfemo.

4) Una folla di gente in corteo omaggiava e inneggiava al boss, accompagnato dalla musica de “Il Padrino”, giusto perchè fosse chiaro che nessuno era li per sbaglio.

Quindi ricapitolando: Stato, Chiesa e popolo romano tutti d’accordo per fare questa genialata in spregio alla legge e al buon senso.

I mafiosi non sono i mafiosi. Sono tutti gli altri.