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Second year Mafalda Prewett and fourth year Poonima Shah of Slytherin House c.1994 

“Your last name is Prewett?”

“Yes! Two e’s and two t’s, what is your name?”

“Shah - my name is Poonima Shah-Fenwick.”


“My father was Benjy Fenwick.”

There’s a rebellion brewing down in the dungeons 

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Does anyone else find it weird that despite constantly being told that the Weasleys have a huge extended family we never actually meet a single Weasley cousin? The one family member shown in the books that doesn’t live at the Burrow is Muriel and she’s Molly’s aunt so she’s a Prewett. Where are all the Weasleys? Why are none of them at Hogwarts?

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um do you have any thoughts on squibs? like I wondered how they could integrate with wizarding society? because I think there are subjects like herbology and potions that don't necessarily need wandwork (also astronomy, studying magical history... archiving? care of magical creatures) so they could be present somehow? I don't think that someone who is born into a magical environment would be completely ignorant. what do you think? (also I am working on my articles still! I'll submit them soon)

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My headcanons on squibs:

- How squibs happen and how variations happen: genetic replications end up all dodgy, with some Squibs landing up with what muggles would call psionic abilities, some Squibs being not discernible from muggles at all (but still able to clearly see ghosts and some not even very clearly, just a hazy mass) and some Squibs looking almost like wizards, only unable to get their magic under control even with a wand (making them dangerous both in the wizarding world & muggle world), or being able to perform only very basic spells - but not enough to get a Hogwarts letter.

- However, the wizarding world is basically like, if you can’t do magic you can’t sit with us or you can take our very worst jobs. Like don’t tell me that even if they do qualify for good jobs as archivists etc. that the tendency is to offer the job to someone who can do magic. (Also an archivist who can do magic can do spells to make archiving happen faster. And spells may be needed to subdue some magical creatures etc, which leaves basic jobs like tending gardens and cleaning up after kids).

- If you’re an intelligent squib, you’re not going to take this because you’re just as smart as everyone else, maybe even smarter. You’re going to drop out and find somewhere that appreciates your brains.

- Muggles. They live as muggles. Because muggles are into the whole “brains is the new sexy” thing. Muggles also dig them for their awesome party tricks and their TK abilities - like whoa you can lift a table without breaking a sweat. (But the wizards still don’t want you, whatever, here’s a place where people respect you and love you and don’t call you dirty words or try to kill you, lock you up or get rid of you.)

- Take over the muggle world.

- Have awesome kids who go on to be snotty spies in Slytherin for the good guys and are amazeballs talented with magic enough to make the brightest witch of her age feel insecure.

- Mafalda Weasley, they have Mafalda Weasley.

- But yeah if you want a positive deconstruction of how a Squib could function in the wizarding world I’d recommend looking at journals and ice cream by estora, because that’s influenced a lot of how I think a Squib could possibly rise to a position of power, especially in the post-war cultural milieu.

- Er yeah, so less to do with not being aware of knowledge, but being systematically excluded from a system bc they can’t access the same knowledge (by going to Hogwarts) which automatically precludes them from participating from the wizarding economic system in any sort of job that requires formal qualifications, making them fit either for charity or menial jobs - unless they come from a ridiculously rich pureblood family who accepts them (and that’s pretty rare).

- (but omg squibs being the dudes who help muggle-wizard diplomacy because they operate between the two worlds and know exactly which card to play to make people do what they want because they’ve never had a crutch to fall back on to, just brains. A whole diplomacy unit made up of squibs. Squibs spies. I don’t know. They could exist, is all I’m saying, all working the muggle liaison office.)

This about sums up my headcanons on squibs. Hopes this helps!

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heya there..just been wondering about this for a while but: why is it rare for muggleborns to be in slytherin?

Well, that’s complicated. 

Salazar Slytherin didn’t believe muggleborns or half-bloods should go to Hogwarts at all, and he decided they wouldn’t get sorted into his house. But that was 1000 years ago, right?

And according to the canon, the Sorting Hat doesn’t really take that into account anymore. You’ll find evidence of half-bloods being sorted into Slytherin; Tom Riddle and Severus Snape, for instance. Harry was almost sorted there as well. And there are mentions of muggleborns being sorted there as well, even though they are indeed rare.

The hat takes into account not only someone’s traits, but also what they want in life. I think most muggleborns wouldn’t feel welcome there, so it might be a reason, since your house is your home.

I think it’s wrong to say the hat care about someone’s opinion on blood purity, even though that was important to Slytherin himself. Otherwise, Snape wouldn’t have been sorted there. 

Also, JKR mentioned a character called Mafalda Weasley, daughter of a squib and a muggle, that never made into the books, who was supposed to be as clever as Hermione, and would eavesdrop on Slytherin kids and tell the trio about what she heard.

I think JKR’s views on Slytherin are very complicated and she often contradicts herself. The canon is very harsh to my house, but it also has a lot of redemption, even if JKR doesn’t really talk about it as much as we deserve.

So all in all, I don’t have an answer. Probably something to do with how the students would feel in a house that doesn’t think they belong. Those who managed to get sorted into Slytherins were probably tough cookies.

Anyway, I love my house even if its founder was a piece of shit, because if you remove the blood purity shite, we’re pretty awesome.

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OC 5) Mafalda Weasley was the first person in her family since her Squib grandfather to have red hair.

She was also, of course, the first witch. This made Hermione theorize that the gene for magic somehow boosted the genes for red hair. This theory would later be proven true by Fred II, in his Healing research.