I love him. He loves me. but i love him more :) after thinking that the sunny days were gone forever, you came along and brought it back. Thank you for looking pass everything that’s happened in my past. You’ve done it. You’ve caught me like you always have. What would summer of 2011 feel like without getting to see you everyday?

the first night.

I remember the first time i met you, i was sitting on that blue couch, reading my book. You walked into the kitchen with your brother and said “hi” i ignored you since well, i didn’t know you. My mom called my name and i refused to reply. Then again, she called out my name and told me to come meet you. Imagine what could have happened if i didn’t listen to my mom. Would i have ever gotten the chance to talk to you and meet you? I’m so thankful i did. It’s a pleasure to have someone as special as you in my life :)

A Girls Night Out.

Two girlfriends have gone out on a girls night out and had way too many cocktails. Incredibly drunk and walking home, they both realized they needed to go pee. They were close to a cemetery and one of them figured that since it was night, they should do their bussiness behind a gravestone. The first woman had nothing to use to know what, so she took off her panty and used it instead and threw them away. Her friend however was wearing an expensive set of underwear and she didnt want to ruin them. She was lucky enough to salvage a large ribbon from a boquet of flowers beside the gravestone and used it to wipe herself with it. After finishing, they made their way home.

The next day, the first woman’s husband called the other husband and said “these damn girls night out needs to stop. Last night my wife came home without her panties”. The other husband replied and said “Thats nothing. Mine came back with a sympathy card stuck between her butt cheeks that said, ‘From all of us from the Fire Station, we will never forget you.”


Honestly, i may have a few best friends but if i were to choose one i would say it’d be my Kimchi, her name is Kirstin Macmurchy. We’ve known each other ever since i got here in Canada. I love her to death and even though we may have our days when we just piss each other off, we have had our stupid fights and misunderstandings, we never left each other’s side. She’s always been there for me through everything. She knows me better than i know myself sometimes and she’s always looking after me. Yes sometimes she over does it but it’s because she loves me too much even though sometimes she doesnt like to admit it. I love love love love love her and so does my family. My mom is so ready to give her a key to the house because she looks at her like her own daughter. through out the years we’ve had our goodtimes..lots of them..and bad times, even more of them but till now.. we’re as close as we were 4 years ago, and even though we’re both so busy now, nothing has changed between us. so im looking forward to summer 2011, cause i get to spend lots of time with her and her family :) <3 i love you CaptainKirt !!!