Documentary of Hyadain--interesting.

This is interesting documentary on TV featuring Hyadain (Maeyamada Kenichi)

For those who don’t know him. He’s a successful composer/arranger. After graduating university, he was apprenticed to a composer. He belonged to an office, but his song didn’t sell well. He began to post his game song arrangement and singing on Nico Nico Douga–it was a huge success. He became one of the most successful young composers now.

Interesting part of the video.

2:00- He has been deeply involved with Momoclo since the group was not big. Kids are dancing during the concert of the group.

6:56 “He's helped them (members of MomoClo) with school work”

8:57 He was amazed by the big crowd in the concert hall of Momo Clo.

10:39 He gets offer from gravure aidoru. It’s an interview time. This woman thinks Hatsune Miku is her rival.

After talking with her, he mused about 3 minutes. Then he goes “my ideas are fixed”. Takes out his voice recorder, and record the catch line.

He says that’s about 30% of his work done.

Next day he gets down to his composing work. In a short time he’s completed his work.

He also records women’s voice part for himself. He shuts out TV crew while recording it. He says it’s embarrassing!

The woman’s voice for his songs, it’s known ひゃだる子 (hyadaruko)

He offers songs to a lot of anime OP/ED and aidoru, such as Momo Clo, Yui Kaori, Shiritsu Ebichu, Aso Natsuko etc.


Hyadain (ヒャダイン)/前山田健一 (Maeyamada Kenichi) - クリスマス?なにそれ?美味しいの? (Christmas? Nani Sore? Oishii no?)

Released in 2011, ‘Christmas? Nani Sore? Oishii no?’ is Hyadain’s 3rd single.

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New Hyadain Song!