[ENG TRANS] Daesung on でぃらいと (diraito) Interview by EXCITE MUSIC


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Q: Concept mini album “Diraito” was fun to listen. How did you think of this concept? 

D: During D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan D’SLOVE Tour, I sang Furui Nikki (Old Diary originally by Akiko Wada) and Japanese version of Nalbwa Gwisoon which I received a great reaction, and I personally had so much fun singing them. It’s almost the end-of-the-year party season so I thought it would be a great idea to make an album that people can sing at karaoke and have fun. My music video shows the fun choreography so I want people to sing and dance at parties.

Q: So the “fun project in fall” you mentioned during the tour was about this.

D: Yes it was. Nalbwa Gwisoon and Daebakiya were the two trot songs that were perfect for the concept of the album and I wanted to put additional 2~3 songs.  I sang Furui Nikki during the tour so I decided to include that, then I chose Dounimo Tomaranai which I listened to when I was searching for songs.


Q: Nalbwa Gwisoon was translated by Kenichi Maeyamada (a.k.a Hyadain). The lyrics are very unique.

D: I’m very thankful because Hyadain is the only one who can express like this.  The original Korean version was full of humor.  I kept worrying “What will happen when this gets translated?”, but I was relieved when I saw his lyrics. So I decided to let him write Daebakiya too.  I tried rap in Kansai (Western Japan) dialect for the first time.  I never even talk in that dialect so it was difficult, but Hyadain made a guide vocal for me. I used that and listened to it so many times to practice. Recording took a while.

Q: Furui Nikki turned out to be a rock style that you like?

D: Yes. I really like rock, and also the original song sounded rock-ish to me.  That’s why I wanted to make it rock style. I thought it would suit my character.

Q: Not only the HA! shout but also different kinds of fake-souds were included. Were you able to add them naturally?

 D: No. I record them beforehand. We make different kinds of fakes and try them during recording. Then I receive opinions from staffs and choose the good ones.

Q:  You prepare carefully. 

D: Yes. By the way, I heard that Akiko Wada (original singer of Furui Nikki) played my version of Furui Nikki in her radio show yesterday.  I was so scared (laugh)

Q: That is nerve-wracking (laugh)

 D: I really wanted to know her reaction…. Staffs told me she happily said “I’m very thankful~” and I was relieved! Because the most important thing for me is that I want the original singer to enjoy listening to my version and not to lose the original appeals.

Q: Did you know Dounimo Tomaranai by Linda Yamamoto from before?

D: No. I found out about this song while I was trying to find songs for this album.  I thought I wanted to sing it right away the moment I saw the performance by Yamamoto.  Its “power” was great and it was a little different from Akiko Wada’s power. The concept of the arrangement was “marching.” I had this image in my head of people singing it and marching forward, so I arranged it with that style.  I put in the part in the interlude where people can sing along, because it felt like many people would be able to sing it together.  I thought it would be a great idea.  Then I actually made it in and it suited perfectly than I was expecting.  I listen to it when I go running and it gives me power. 


Q:  Singing these old songs is a chance for young generation to listen to it for the first time. How do you feel about that?

D: Isn’t it great?  I wasn’t even born in the 70’s when these songs were made.  I know that many people already know these songs because they are famous, but there will be young people who would listen to it for the first time.  I want for those people to listen to the original songs.  I really want to tell them that they are great songs.

Q: Not only as a singer but you also have so many ideas as a song arranger.

 D: No, not really (laugh) I have to listen to soooo many songs, be concerned, think a lot, then finally get new ideas. I don’t know when those good ideas come so I keep thinking and thinking.

Q: About ideas. You planned the ideas for Nalbwa Gwisoon MV.  I laughed so hard; it was very comical!

D: Thank you (laughs) My ideas weren’t organized so I really want to thank the director who put them in order and made this MV.  I had an inspiration from this one commercial I saw a long time ago.  I’ve made so many MVs until now, but I feel disappointed when people don’t understand the concept of them.  Even though we put so many messages into it, people don’t understand it watching them only once.  So this time, I didn’t really think of the overall flow but simply tried to express the lyrics.  I wanted to make the MV like a commercial; just showing funny short scenes for 5~10 seconds that anyone can laugh at.

Q: I think you successfully managed it (laughs) Which idea do you have the most confidence?

 D: I personally felt confident in that scene where I break the crackers. But I wanted to express that scene more clearly.  When I watched the MV, I thought the funniest scene was that part with G-DRAGON.

Q: Did you personally ask him to appear? 

D: No. I felt bad to ask him so I couldn’t.  But G-DRAGON said that he will be in Japan when I was filming the MV and wants to be in it. It was nice of him to say that so I really wanted him to give him a handsome character and a great scene for him.

Q: You are so nice! That scene was funny but you probably felt sad…

D: Yes. I had no confidence after shooting that part (laughs) I just had to forget all my handsome side in this project. I named this album “diraito” in hiragana (simplest Japanese character) so people can feel closer to me.

Q:  You wanted to have the comical role so the fans can enjoy?

D: That’s right. I feel that I have to when I have to.  I didn’t want to worry about my past impressions on people. When I have to be funny, I would change myself 100% completely, then I go back to the past image.  That way, I think fans will enjoy it more and they will be able to look forward to my next album.

Q: I see. By the way do you have end-of-the-year parties in Korea?

D: End-of-the-year party is also popular in Korean culture; people in our Ent do it too.  We have been busy these recent years but until 3~4 years ago we had them every year.

Q: So do you guys drink and talk about how the year was?

D: In Korea, we don’t talk.  Only drinking (laughs).  We just say “Good job~! Now let’s drink!”

Q: Do you have any party plans this year?

D: No~. Wait! There is a party that would be great.  BIGBANG Dome Tour would be the great end-of-the-year party!

Q: BIGBANG Best Album will be released soon . 

D: There will be 50 songs included in that album so you will be able to know everything about Bigbang.  Please look forward to the new concept pictures.

Q: How did you feel looking at the list of 50 songs? Was it long or short?

D: The time felt so short.  We debut in 2006 in Korea and it would be our 10th year in two years.  I could never imagine BIGBANG will have its 10th anniversary.


Q: So you thought BIGBANG wouldn’t last that long when you debuted?

 D: I just didn’t have the time to imagine about our future. We were so busy every day…

Q: You are probably still busy these days, but you are successfully building up on your career and doing well on both solo and group activities.  What are your goals now?

D: The difficult topic that BIGBANG have on our minds now is “What and How are we going to remain?” We must make better things and we must achieve higher goals. This idea is making us difficult to make an album and the process is becoming time consuming.  Also the fact that so many people listen to our music now compared to when we debut is making us take our time to make new music.  But we all have in mind that we want to make music that people can listen to and feel fresh even after 10, 20 years. 

Q: What comes in mind when you hear “autumn/fall”?

D: Fall is the season of “preparation”.  I love winter, so fall is the season to prepare to go skiing, hot springs, and parties.  I think everyone should listen to my mini album and get ready for parties (laughs)  I sing Nalbwa Gwisoon at parties.  We had an after-party after we performed for Incheon Asia Games.  We went to Karaoke and G-DRAGON put Nalbwa Gwisoon and called my name.  I had to ran to him; he handed me the mic and I sang.  I’m always prepared to sing it (laughs). 

Documentary of Hyadain--interesting.

This is interesting documentary on TV featuring Hyadain (Maeyamada Kenichi)

For those who don’t know him. He’s a successful composer/arranger. After graduating university, he was apprenticed to a composer. He belonged to an office, but his song didn’t sell well. He began to post his game song arrangement and singing on Nico Nico Douga–it was a huge success. He became one of the most successful young composers now.

Interesting part of the video.

2:00- He has been deeply involved with Momoclo since the group was not big. Kids are dancing during the concert of the group.

6:56 “He's helped them (members of MomoClo) with school work”

8:57 He was amazed by the big crowd in the concert hall of Momo Clo.

10:39 He gets offer from gravure aidoru. It’s an interview time. This woman thinks Hatsune Miku is her rival.

After talking with her, he mused about 3 minutes. Then he goes “my ideas are fixed”. Takes out his voice recorder, and record the catch line.

He says that’s about 30% of his work done.

Next day he gets down to his composing work. In a short time he’s completed his work.

He also records women’s voice part for himself. He shuts out TV crew while recording it. He says it’s embarrassing!

The woman’s voice for his songs, it’s known ひゃだる子 (hyadaruko)

He offers songs to a lot of anime OP/ED and aidoru, such as Momo Clo, Yui Kaori, Shiritsu Ebichu, Aso Natsuko etc.


Hyadain (ヒャダイン)/前山田健一 (Maeyamada Kenichi) - クリスマス?なにそれ?美味しいの? (Christmas? Nani Sore? Oishii no?)

Released in 2011, ‘Christmas? Nani Sore? Oishii no?’ is Hyadain’s 3rd single.

External image



New Hyadain Song!