Dr Spencer Reid. Resident nerd and unlucky in love. Even the concept of children freaked him out before, never mind having his own. It’s a ‘happily ever after’ he may have secretly wanted but must have believed is for other people, given his dating history and fear of hereditary mental health issues. A couple of years later he unexpectedly falls in love with someone who not only returns his feelings, but has connected with him on a level no one else has before and he didn’t think ever could. That “I would have” means he’s dreamed and knowing Reid, already started planning for a future with Maeve. The idea of children wasn’t so scary anymore because of the person he was going to share that experience with. Now that reality has gone and he mourns not only for the loss of Maeve but their life together and what should have been. He no longer sees children in his future because the only person he could ever see himself with has been taken from him. How could he possibly still have all that without her by his side?