maeve faye

George: *rocking Malcolm in his arms as the little boy fussed and gurgled. He had dismissed the wet nurse he had hired after she had fed Malcolm, insisting on putting him down for a nap himself. George was already tired, with Malcolm having woken up six times during the night, crying as loudly as his little lungs allowed him*
Maeve: *knocking softly on the door to George’s chambers, thoroughly avoiding the introduction that Aldous wanted to do, she waits for George to mutter a quiet ‘enter’ and she opens the door, closing it behind her softly as she sees him with Malcolm in his arms. A sad smile on her lips, she looks up at George first, asking in quiet concern* How is he?
George: *nodding as Maeve enters, he notices she’s wearing black in mourning and he looks away and back down to Malcolm, exhaling softly under his breath before he answers quietly* Asymptomatic. It allowed me to make him a potion, he’ll have to take it every day for six months but, he’ll be fine. *the lie came easily to his lips, but then again it always had, especially when it kept someone he cared for safe, in this case Adelina*
Maeve: *nodding, glad to hear her nephew was going to be fine, that they had at least saved one of them* What about…everything else? How’s he adjusting?
George: *lips twitching, he gestures to the still fussing Marcus in his arms* He knows he’s not home…but he seems to like when Adelina or Leanne hold him. Oliver held him for two seconds and he was already crying his eyes out.
Maeve: *lips flick upward briefly in a small smile* Which one, Oliver or Malcolm?
George: *chuckles under his breath* Both.
Maeve: *mmhs silently, going silent for a moment before she takes another step forward, holding her arms out* May I hold him?
George: *nods once, rather immediately* Of course, Maeve *handing Malcolm to Maeve gently*
Maeve: *her smile widens softly as she takes Malcolm into her arms, holding him against her shoulder as she supports the back of his head, speaking to him soothingly* Hello sweetie, you’re getting so big already. You’re going to be just fine, Malcolm. *she sighs, looking up at George momentarily* So are you, you know.
George: *he smiles softly to see Malcolm calm down from his fussing, looking back at Maeve as she speaks to him and then nods once, lips pursing* I know. I just never really thought…*exhales once in a soft chuckle* I’ve never thought about being a father before. I know I was always going to be one, eventually but…
Maeve: *placing a soft kiss on Malcolm’s forehead, she nods softly at George* I understand, it was sudden. All of this was…*exhales, looking down at the ground for a moment* So sudden. *she stays silent for a few moments, George not feeling the need to fill up the silence with any words until she speaks out again* I just wanted to thank you, George. I know very well you didn’t have to do this…
George: *he shakes his head immediately* Nonsense, I would have done the same even if she hadn’t asked it of me…*he licks his lips, looking back down at Malcolm* He’ll want for nothing.
Maeve: *exhales shakily, eyes closing briefly as she nods, smiling up at him* And for that I’m glad….I know you’ll be a wonderful father, George. You’re a wonderful person in general.
George: *lips twitch briefly, shaking his head* I won’t be wonderful any more if he keeps waking up six times during the night.
Maeve: They sleep most of the day, problem is, they sleep while we’re awake. *smiles, turning to look at Malcolm* Is that right? You don’t like sleeping? Mhm? Just tell your dad 'I don’t want to sleep. Sleep is boring.’ *grins a bit, kissing Malcolm’s cheek as he gurgles happily and then she turns back to look at George*…what?
George: *shakes his head briefly, looking down at the floor momentarily before meeting her gaze* Nothing, I just…being referred to as a dad is going take some getting used to.
Maeve: *her gaze softens and she nods briefly, a smile on her lips* It won’t be long before that, you’ll see. Though I have it on good authority that no parent ever gets used to the interrupted sleep.
George: *chuckles softly, snapping his fingers* Damn.
Maeve: *smiles again, looking back at Malcolm as he tries to suck on a piece of her hair and she moves it out of the way, before giving Malcolm back to George as he calms down, only to chuckle under her breath as he starts fussing as soon as he’s back in George’s arms*
George: *chuckles, shaking his head from side to side* Alright, I’ve come to a conclusion. *lips twitch* He just likes women better.
Maeve: *chuckles again, beaming slightly as he passes a soft hand through Malcolm’s hair, brushing the strands back* Must be. *her smile falters briefly before she recollects himself, stands up straighter* In any case, I just wanted to see how he was doing. I know he’s in great hands.
George: *pauses a moment before he puts a hand on Maeve’s shoulder* It won’t hurt forever, Maeve.
Maeve: *she nods quickly, pursing her lips as she inhales through her nose silently, exhaling* I know…I miss her. *her bottom lip quivers for a moment before she bites down on it to stop and then sighs, looking back up at George* Thank you again, George.
George: *nodding once, he speaks out softly* Of course.