Eureka: “I have people… that are dear to me. Linck, Maeter, Maurice… and Renton. I like them a lot; I love them. People dear to me… my family… they taught me all sorts of things, when I really didn’t know anything. They accepted everything about me, before even I did… they let me be who I am. … I want to be with those that I love; that I want to protect… I want to be with Linck; I want to be with Maeter! I want to be with Maurice! And of course… with Renton… but, if wishing so causes those that are dear to me to be lost… if wishing so makes the planet where they all live disappear… I will stop wishing.

But… if it can be allowed, I would like to see them one more time. I want to see you… I want to see you, Renton!”

[Episode 50: Wish Upon a Star]


I’m working on a speech for one of my classes. The speech is about the decrease in bee population and I’m using a quote by this guy

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“If bees disappeared off the face of the earth, man would have four years left to live.”

The guy’s name is Maurice Maeterlinck.

And I kept being like hmmmmmmm there’s something funny about that name…

and more than a week later I realize…

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Maurice, Maeter, and Linck

Age: 5, 4, 3
The three annoying, insubordinate, trouble-seeking, accident-prone kids who live aboard the Gekko and call Eureka their “Mama.” Maurice is the shyest of the three, but is still quite adventurous. Maeter is strong-willed and quite precocious. And Linck is curious about everything single detail and never stops asking questions.