Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood



First batch of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood portraits! I don’t know what I’m doing these for but they are such fun! *edit because Hughes makes more sense in this bunch


“Let’s just make a quick drawing to cheer ourselves up”

*Me, three hours later* “Fuck.”

Yesterday I was looking at the FMA artbooks by Arakawa (I desperately want to buy the 3rd one but the shipping is so expensive to Chile T_T ) and there’s one photo with Riza and a huge smile? I was like “Bless this picture forever” like, we don’t get to see her smiling that much, most of the time she’s serious.

Also, I thought that maybe Hughes was carrying around a camera to take photos and he was the one who took some of them. (It’s very plausible, I mean, look at all the photos he has of Elycia)

Bless her smile.