A Maerklig Studio

Yes its true. At last , after all these years longing for a studio place I’ve finally found a studio that is 1. big enough for my needs and 2. have a price that will not ruin my economy. And I decided yesterday that i would take it so I signed the contract and can move my stuff there the first of October. Can hardly believe it! I’m so excited!
I know the timing is probably not super regarding that I live of saved money right now. But I feel like I couldn’t miss the chance and to be honest it’s starting to get unsustainable to work from home now when I’ve started to sew. I have threads and fabric everywhere. It’s a total mess and I feel sorry for my partner who have to live in this chaos I’ve created.
The studio is so neat, 22 square meters and its a corner room so I have so much natural light coming in from the two window walls. And a nice view. It’s gonna be perfect. 
Enough about that now thou , have to get back to work. Only 3 weeks to go until Rome!


So lets start over again!
Since I wasn't so active posting my art here and it was impossible to change my other blog to the primary blog, I’ve decided to give this one a bit of a clean up and start using it for writing instead. Writing has been a secret passion for me for a long time but never seen the light of day. From now on you will find short texts and maybe bits and pieces from other art projects I might have on the side. Starting the end of this month I’ll go from being a 3D artist in the game industry to working full time with my own experimental brand, Maerklig Design. I’m heading out for an adventure and it feels hella good.

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