“I pushed the button. :) Aaaand it’s out! Thanks guys for sticking around and supporting! Really means the world to us! We have lot of shows coming this year and next too, so hope to see you there celebrating with us! We have also new really cool merch coming soon, so stay tuned!

Listen with good speakers or headphones and crank it up!!! (And maybe open ONE if you feel like it!) :)

Hope you like it! It’s not the debut or TIME I and you shouldn’t compare any of those albums. Each different experiences.

Enjoy The Forest Seasons!”

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2004. Wintersun

 is the debut album by metal artist Jari Mäenpää of Wintersun. The style presented is somewhat of a departure from the more folk-oriented sounds heard on Ensiferum, the band in which Mäenpää was previously a member, though traces still remain. Instead, Wintersun’s approach is more rooted in melodic death metal, mostly through the genre’s inherent harmonies, mixed with the blast-beating speed and atmosphere of black metal and the riffing approach of power metal.

Wintersun was a project eight years in the making. Jari Mäenpää began writing the music for Wintersun in 1995, before joining folk metal band Ensiferum in 1996 as lead singer and guitarist. In 1997, Mäenpää served in the Finnish military as part of his national defense duty, during which he contracted tuberculosis. The diagnosis was late, and Mäenpää required surgery to remove part of his lung, hospitalizing him for months. The song “Beautiful Death” would later be inspired by this event.

This is one of the best melodic death metal album, and this band is synonym for melodic death metal. So much talent and creative work here. buy this album , and help Järi make more perfect songs faster.

The production is great on this album. Very clear,  and the guitar solos sound great. The drumming is just as fantastic, Mixing is also great, there are many less important melodies and lines that can be heard in the background that are not very apparent at first, but after several listens are a nice enhancement and definitely help the replay value.

                   Jari Mäenpää             Kai Hahto