Done as a belated birthday gift to both jay-song and chocolatechiplague! Sorry it came so late…….. I actually wanted to finish it before the end of June but it ended up taking longer than expected…. (It’s 1/7 here I missed my deadline by 16 hours *sobs*)

Boston as Alice

Mael as the Hatter

Mitch as the March Hare

Matt as the Dormouse

Nat as the Chesire Cat.

All characters belong to their respective owners!

About that guy who can't swear for shit

I’m just following up on this little incident.

So the goddamn idiot still can’t fucking swear to save his life. I’m not sure why he even gives a shit about it or why he decided to ask me to fucking ‘teach him’ when there’s literally a whole school of other assholes who actually have the time to spare, but whatever. Fine. I’ll humor him.

But that guy… Maelstrom? Taylor? Maelstrom Taylor. He probably thinks that Owens is a fucking moron. Seriously, what the fuck…

… Hmm… but yeah, the two look good together. Eh, they’ll probably hook up or some shit like that in a month’s time, give or take a fucking week.

((This is belief about Jay-Song’s OC, Mitch Owens and psych0-olll3city’s OC Maelstrom Taylor, is canon))