maelstrom art

If you thought I was going to do a Trenton/Cornelia Valentine’s Day pic…guess again!  I thought I’d tease you guys more with Trenton and Mystery Lady instead.  Don’t worry–you’ll find out the identity of this gal within the next two chapters!

Happy Single’s Awareness Day!  Eat lots of chocolate!

My InkGoretobers are getting out of hand….
Uh… well okay. InkGoretober Day 12 - Fire / Explosion Damage
Victim: My future Revenant Toy Jaidee
… Crawling out of Mount Maelstrom after beeing thrown in and… I think he died and now returned from the Mists as Revenant. And he is quite uncomfortable with the Lava and such.

I so look forward to making him! 11 more days! *AUGH*
I’m habing a majority of sylvari. I need more asura & charr I: